Lucky Seven starring Matsumoto Jun and Eita releases a Trailer and a Teaser

Hang me upside down if I don’t watch this drama. It has my Eita in it! And Matsumoto Jun! Topless and kickboxing and beating the crap out of each other! And staring in each other’s eyes and getting on each other’s nerves and posturing and all. BROMANCE, COME TO ME! Hahahaha! Lucky Seven is about a detective agency with seven members who have clashing personalities and quirks. I love it already. MatsuJun is the rookie and Eita is the calm and collected type. Together, they fight evil and bond over kickboxing. Haha! Anyway, I am incoherent so let’s  end this quickly. It also stars Matsushima Nanako, Naka Riisa, and Oizumi Yo. Lucky Seven premieres on January 16 at Fuji TV. I know I’m watching this! A shorter teaser can be found below. Enjoy!


Matsumoto Jun and Eita to star as detectives in Fuji TV’s Lucky Seven

Matsumoto Jun and Eita will star in Fuji TV’s next Monday night drama series entitled Lucky Seven. The story revolves around a team of seven detectives who work together to solve difficult cases, with Matsumoto as a rookie named Tokita Shuntaro and Eita as the cool and calm guy. Oizumi Yo was also cast as part of the team as a senior detective who will act as an intermediary with the butting heads that is Matsumoto and Eita, while the remaining cast members are still unknown. It is said that the team consists of four men and three women.

This detective drama is said to be full of action and comedy. (snerk) Lucky Seven will be directed by Sato Shinsuke and filming is scheduled to start early in December. Lucky Seven will be broadcasted on Fuji TV on Mondays at 9pm in January.

credits to tokyograph


I’m afraid that Tumblr might suspend me

So here’s the thing. I made a FUCKYEAHEITA and my game plan ever since has been like this on every fyeah I made: drain Tumblr of all things related to him and reblog it. Once I’ve done that, I’ll start posting original content. Not original, or whatever, but content that I found myself. Now, I did that to My Generation and Masaki Okada. I guess, they weren’t that popular so there were many but manageable amount of content that I had to reblog and reblogged. But then, Eita. I underestimated how many posts are tagged with Eita. You see, I’ve reached the maximum number of queued posts. I put the reblogs in the queue since I want a constant frequency of posts even I’m busy. My internet connection is not acting up today so I decided to finish that. But it was too many and I’m getting tired. But still, I did it since it is rare that my internet is not throwing some tantrums. Since I’ve reached the maximum number of queued posts, I just reblogged them all, resulting to a spam. Now, I’m just on Page 60 and Tumblr showed this Content Policy and that they’ll be sending me an email if I commited slash violated the rules. So, redundancy is not allowed. Gah, I just reblogged everything and so that makes fuckyeaheita redundant. Spam is also not allowed and hello, look at what I just did, 100 posts continuous and 300 in the queue. Isn’t that spam? Gosh. If they do send me an email, I need to explain myself why I’ve been doing this and if not, or if I can’t convince them, MY ACCOUNT WILL BE SUSPENDED. It will disappear. And all the tumblelogs I handle, it will all be eaten by the Tumblr black hole. I don’t care about my own tumblr, I care about the FYEAHS TUMBLELOGS THAT I HANDLE. Seriously. I can afford losing fuckyeahmatsudashota since I haven’t really updated that. allsignsofdeath as well as nicholasdagosto. But my first and BELOVED, BETHROTHED WHATEVER SYNONYMS fuckyeahokadamasaki with around 1500 posts that I crawled into suffering, I WON’T LET IT DISAPPEAR. The sheer amount of effort I placed on that, all the Ctrl C Ctrl V of image URLs, all EVERYTHING. If something happens to that, I won’t be eating for days. Seriously. fyeahmygeneration will come in as second since HELLO that one was really tiring. Or fuckyeaheita. I’VE DONE A LOT FOR THAT TOO.

What I’m even more afraid of is I may not be able to check my email these days since I’ll be going for some fun with my friends. And that my internet is very unstable, making me absent on the webs most of the time. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Please Lord, do not let this happen to me. T_T

Eita already married to Kaela Kimura

HAHA SORRY. It’s just that, it slipped my mind that any time, they will be married. So this was posted last September 1 on tokyograph so this news is so OLD.

Eita (27) and Kaela Kimura (25) are now officially husband and wife. They both announced on their websites that they submitted their marriage registration on Wednesday.

The two surprised everyone in June when they revealed that they were engaged and that Kimura was five months pregnant at the time. In their messages on Wednesday, they declared that they are looking forward to soon raising their child as a family of three. Kimura is due to give birth in November.

Source: Sankei Sports

I think the Wednesday reported is September 1, 2010. Gah, my Number 1 Japanese Actor married. Oh well, at least he’s happy. NOW I NEED TO WATCH SOMETHING WITH EITA ON IT. Btw, I made a FUCKYEAHEITA. HAHA! I’m getting used to handling tumblelogs! Stop me from making another one!

Eita and Kaela Kimura to marry; Kimura Kaela 3 months pregnant

Eita (27) &  Kimura Kaela (25) are getting married. Eita  & Kimura Kaela met in 2005 during the filming of the movie Kiraware Matsuko no Issho. They later reunited in August of 2009 and since September of 2009, rumors of their relationship have been publicized. As of this moment, Kimura Kaela is currently 3 months pregnant and is expected to give birth in November. The news of their marriage and pregnancy was first reported by Nikkan Sports on June 1st and both agencies have commented that an official announcement will be made soon.

credits to aramatheydidnt@lj for the translation from the news from TV ASAHI.

Okay, it was a bit of a shocker for my fangirl heart but after a few seconds of breathing time, I accepted it. I’m not in a possessive fangirl territory over Eita and being married won’t affect your acting, Eita’s glorious acting. ❤ And well, Eita is on the talented side of many Japanese actors so I don’t think this is bad publicity and will cause him to lose projects. Definitely not. Haha! And uhm, after watching April Bride with Eita and Eikura Nana (I promise I’ll post a review as soon as I feel like screencapping)

Anyway, I dunno but I was not shocked as I was shocked with Hiro’s wedding to Ayaka since I love Eita for his talent while I love Hiro for his physical appearance and charm. I’m so sorry Hiro but I hope your acting gets better! 🙂

I dunno anything about Kaela Kimura but she looks pretty enough so I’m not disturbed. Haha! Best wishes for them and a healthy baby!

Voice – First Impression

I was planning to do this post before I watch Episode 2. But I was so bored awhile ago that I watched Episode 2 already. So, there.

Voice was quite different from what I expected, but it’s okay as long as there is Eita and Toma in it. XD

As I think that every fangirl or every person interested in this has read its synopsis, I won’t place any synopsis.

I think it is quite obvious why I’m watching this. Aside from Toma being in here, this is Eita’s first major role. As in MAJOR role so I can’t just let it pass. (I haven’t finished the dramas of the last season and here I am watching another drama. Hahaha.) And so, I am watching it. Continue reading →