Teasers for Yamapi’s New Drama, Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~

I’m not even a wee bit interested in this drama. I love Yamapi, I do, and I adore Eikura Nana but it’s just not my cup of drama. Yamapi plays the head of a funeral parlor, which he reluctantly inherited from his father. He begins to mature as he learns about the lives of the deceased people brought to him by the police. As for the romance front, it involves a rookie female detective which I assume would be a bumbling Eikura Nana. Do tell me if you find this drama good. Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ premieres on January 12 at TBS.

The Cast of Yamapi’s New Drama, Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~

It has been announced that Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi), he of Proposal Daisakusen, will be having his new drama with a very long title, Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~, premiere on January 12 9:00pm at TBS.

“Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata” stars Yamashita as a young man who inherits his father’s funeral service shop. The story is a human drama about his growth as he deals with the various bodies that are brought to him. (tokyograph)

The rest of the cast has been revealed and the drama now stars Eikura Nana (Mitsu no Aji, Mei-chan no Shitsuji, Proposal Daisakusen) as the heroine/love interest and plays a rookie police detective. Sorimachi Takashi (Great Teacher Onizuka) stars as Yamapi’s older sibling. To complete the cast is AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko (Hana Kimi 2011), Ono Ito (Koukou Debut) and Hey! Say! JUMP’s Chinen Yuri (Scrap Teacher, Sensei wa Erai!) as his younger siblings.

I’m not sure if I’ll be watching this, we’ll see. I’ll read reviews first so if you guys have any feedback about this drama anytime in the future, do drop me a line! 😀

Antoki no Inochi starring Okada Masaki and Eikura Nana Trailer

Why am I only seeing this now? WHYYYYY? Anyway, here is the trailer. Two of my most favorite people in J-ent together. /giddy Masaki’s acting just keeps getting better with every project! That’s right, good job, ~mah boy~. ❤ And the projects just keep coming! I think he hasn’t rested last 2010 and this 2011 because the number of movies he just did is insane! I am so proud! Onto the trailer, those tears and the way he just broke down. Then when he smiles, it’s as if it’s connected to my lips and mine also curve upwards. He seriously has a contagious smile. And I love it! And let’s not forget Nana who’s crying bucketloads too. When this girl cries, I cry too. I remember wailing while watching April Bride. *sobsob* Anyway, before I get too emotional (from pride and happiness for Masaki and from sadness due to April Bride), I’m gonna stop blabbering. Enjoy!

Koibumi ~Love Letter~ – GReeeeN PV starring Okada Masaki

Above is the shorter version of the music video (PV as the Japanese calls it) to GReeeeN‘s new song, Koibumi ~Love Letter~. It features Okada Masaki as a young doctor (yeap, he’s even too young to be a doctor) who has romantic feelings for his patient.

This new single from GReeeeN has been previously announced as the theme song for Okada Masaki and Eikura Nana‘s upcoming movie, Antoki no Inochi (Life Back Then). The movie is directed by Zeze Takahisa and won the Innovation Award in the 35th Montreal World Film Festival.  Antoki no Inochi is set to be released on November 19 on theaters.

The single Koibumi ~Love Letter~ will be released on November 16. Below is the longer version of the PV. That means… more Masaki! ❤

And under the cut are stills from the music video and the album jacket for the single. Enjoy!

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Okada Masaki and Eikura Nana promoting Antoki no Inochi at the Tokyo International Film Festival

I love these two individually so it is just natural for me to love them together. Uhm, I’m sort of doubting that hairstyle on Masaki and what’s with the jacket but he still carries everything perfectly. I think I miss long-haired Nana. I dunno why but I love her long hair as Erika in ProDai. Not that I don’t love her Mei-chan hair since I love that drama to bits. (Mizushima Hiro, I miss you SO MUCH. HUHU) Anyway, credit goes to tokyograph for the pictures!

Antoki no Inochi Wins at 35th Montreal World Film Festival


Zeze Takahisa’s Antoki no Inochi (Life Back Then) won the Innovation Award in the 35th Montreal World Film Festival. The film stars Okada Masaki and Eikura Nana. The story revolves around Nagashima Kyohei (Okada), who works for a small company whose job is to look through, sort and dispose articles of the deceased. He meets Kubota Yuki (Eikura), who helps him with his work. Nagashima, who locked up his heart due to an incident during his high school days, slowly opens up to her until one day he discovers her shocking past. Antoki no Inochi will open in Japanese theaters on November 19.

So proud of Masaki! He absolutely chooses the best projects out there. Either they win awards or they rake in money and/or fans. He hasn’t done a movie that has failed. Matataki (Piecing Me Back Together) has been in the top 10 movies in Japan for several weeks within its opening. More power to Masaki! ❤

*The picture above is HQ so you guys can use it as your wallpaper. Like I did last last week? 😀

Antoki no Inochi starring Okada Masaki and Eikura Nana in 35th Montreal World Film Festival


Read about Okada Masaki and Eikura Nana starring together in a film a while back but wasn’t able to blog about it. I mean, how couldn’t I blog about it? Two of my favorite Japanese people together in a movie? That’s just more than I could ask for.

Okada Masaki and Eikura Nana stars in Zeze Takahisa’s film, Antoki no Inochi, which is based on a novel by singer Sada Masashi.

The story revolves around Nagashima Kyohei (Okada), who works for a small company whose job is to look through, sort and dispose articles of the deceased. He meets Kubota Yuki (Eikura), who helps him with his work. Nagashima, who locked up his heart due to an incident during his high school days, slowly opens up to her until one day he discovers her shocking past.

Aside from that, GreeeeN has lent the movie their awesomeness by letting them use one of their songs, “Koibumi ~Love Letter~” as the movie’s theme song.

Antoki no Inochi has been selected for the World Competition segment of the 35th Montreal World Film Festival, which will be held from August 18 to 28. Antoki no Inochi will premiere on August 19 and it is still being decided whether Zeze, Okada and Eikura will be attending the screening.

“Antoki no Inochi” opens in theaters in Japan on November 19, 2011.

credits to tokyohive and tokyograph

JDrama Review: Mei-chan no Shitsuji


Mei-chan no Shitsuji was a hella fun watch! At first, I thought it would be some sappy drama and my only reason for watching it is Mizushima Hiro and the other ikemen butlers. But as I wait for the next episode release, the hype of watching each and every episode is getting higher and higher. i was VERY WRONG to think that it will be like other dramas. This drama touches my love-story-sucker heart so much. And the love for the characters even made me wait for each episode and download it immediately. I resolve to only watch TimeLesSub releases since I like their subs. But my friends had already finished it so I can’t stand it anymore. I end up succumbing to streaming sites.

Starting from Episode 1, there was no dull moment in each episode. And as many people say, Episode 10 was the best episode ever. 😡 😡

Character development was really good. And I really like Mameshiba’s character. If everyone would be like him then the world will be a much better place. (WAHUUUT? XD)

I can’t really make a good review for it even though I have an unending praises for this drama. Just watch it and you will not regret. XD

And the OST, ftw! It was really cool. Aitakute aitakute. Hoshi no kazu no yoru no koete. Itsumademo itsumademo. Kimi no kitto boku no hikari.

And I need an SP. I seriously need one. I’ll miss the whole Mei-chan no Shitsuji cast for sure. XC

rihito-sama ftw!

a semi-summary. a semi-review. a semi-filled of screencaps post. 😀 mei-chan episode 5.

more under the cut since this will be slightly image-heavy. 🙂 doing the summary thing while waiting for my upload in photobucket to finish. XD this post contains spoilers and finally, caps of rihito-sama. i won’t hide anything now. :p i guessed i’m not that selfish. :p

this episode is a miruku arc. the story for the episode basically centers around miruku and daimon, which by the way, touched my heart. aaaawww.

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mei-chan pwns!

this is sort of an impression but i’ve already watched the first three episodes so i can’t say this is a first impression.

mei-chan no shitsuji is insanely good!

i downloaded the raw file for episode 1 and 2. i waited for so long for the torrent to finish. but when i started watching it, VLC player won’t display the sofsubs. but when i play it in media player classic, it has subs but the video is inverted. i was so irritated so i didn’t try watching it for some time. i asked my classmate to download episode 3 for me (hardsubs) while my episode 1 and 2 raw weren’t done yet. and when he gave it to me, i watched it. so i watched episode 3 first. hahahahahaha! i guess i still understand the story since i read episode 1 and ep 2 summaries and saw caps. and this week, i managed to make the raw file work (FINALLY!) and i was able to watch the first 2 episodes with the softsubs. it was great! i felt giddy and c;ldsgnpweoihtpewjfpon while watching it. endorphins are running in my veins when aoyama (played by mayama akihiro) is shown. and who am i to forget, the almighty rihito-sama (played by mizushima hiro) and mei-sama (played by eikura nana, who BTW, is really pretty imo). i just go KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~ everytime i see them. woohooo!

and now, i am waiting for the episode 4 to finish downloading but i think it will take a long time for it to finish. i asked my other classmate to download ep5 for me since their internet connection are waaaaaaaaaaay better than mine. and after 2 hours, episode 5 was done. holy omg, i mean i wait for weeks for mine to download and it only takes him 2hours. he asked me what’s the drama is all about and he tried watching it but he stopped. he said they’re freaking creepy. i know right, shinobu-sama (played by my mukai osamu) is really freaky with his white anime hair. but he looks good with it so no problem. yeah! after i realized that i might be watching episode 5 first before episode 4, i am now succumbing to streaming sites with crappy quality. can’t believe i was able to stand them before.

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