KDrama Review: Be Positive + Momo Salon

KDrama review web drama edition! Since 2017, I’ve been into web dramas. They’re usually short and sweet, with the occasional WTFs thrown in between. And sometimes, you watch two consecutive ones that are all about PPL (product placement). Which is what happened when I saw Momo Salon and Be Positive around the same time. Haha! Anyway, thoughts and rambling under the cut! Continue reading →

Cast of film With the Gods for High Cut Korea Vol. 211

Oooohhh, the star power in this photoshoot! With the Gods is the film adaptation of a popular webtoon, scheduled to release this December. And seriously, JUST LOOK AT THAT CAST! Continue reading →

Film Review: So I Married an Anti-fan (2016) + My Annoying Brother (2016)

exoIt’s an EXO edition for this film review post! There was a night when Lianne and I saw both movies one after the other. She watched for Chanyeol and I was there for Kyungsoo (D.O.). My thoughts on both movies are under the cut!

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