Recap: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 7


Someone’s walking around in kissy-kissy shoes! And kissy-kissy shoes equals happy me! Jin-wook hasn’t realized it yet but his body is showing signs of L-O-V-E. Jealousy, spitting nonsense phrases strung together, telltale signs we’re gonna get there soon! We are also teased with the real-age discovery multiple of times which makes me sit on the edge of my seat! Read on! Continue reading →

Recap: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 6


We can see the love sparks between Jin-wook and So-young in this episode! The two seem to worry about each other beyond what normal friends and co-workers do and they’re getting more comfortable with each other. I love this stage in a love story, the creeping awareness of that someone’s presence and how that someone affects you more than what you’d allow yourself. We also see many jealous facets of Jin-wook. Jealous Jin-wook, for the win! BABY-FACED BEAUTY Episode 6 >>

Recap: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 5


Hey, guys! This has been sitting in my drafts for so long. I was supposed to recap Baby-Faced Beauty for Dramabeans but then I wasn’t able to because of school. I became so busy that I wasn’t able to do the recaps on time. I’ve done recaps until episode 7 and I don’t think I can finish the full drama. So I’m just posting episodes 5 to 7 since they’ll just be rotting here so better to let the world see. And if ever someone reads this, maybe s/he will be interested in BFB, or better yet, kdramas, and watch the show or more dramas. So, enjoy!
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Red Carpet Photos of Mah Boys in 2011 Busan International Film Festival

aka Yoo Ah In, Park Shi Hoo, Daniel Choi. Honestly, I haven’t watched a Park Shi Hoo drama but every time I see his smile, I just go weak. ❤ And I need not elaborate on my love for Yoo Ah In, yeah? Now this reminds me that I haven’t watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal too! Just read recaps yet I still love him so. That’s how intense I am with my second male lead syndrome. XP So, photos yey!

More under the cut! 😀

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The Musical Long Trailer

I know The Musical has just premiered but I just saw this trailer and I wanna post it. I haven’t read recaps or reviews yet but let’s hope it’s good and so I can start downloading it. But, who’s subbing this? Oh well. Now, I so want to watch What’s Up. Im Joo Hwan ❤

Trailer of The Musical starring Gu Hye Sun and Daniel Choi

Funny how I can’t refer to Daniel Choi as Choi Daniel per Korean name syntax. I dunno, maybe since he’s using Daniel, I like it when his first name goes first. Haha! /random

Anyway, here’s the teaser trailer for The Musical starring Gu Hye Sun and Daniel Choi. It’s a 100% pre-produced drama and it had been searching for a broadcaster for so long (a year, I think), that Daniel Choi was even able to film a drama (Baby-Faced Beauty) after filming The Musical. Finally, it will be aired! It premieres on September 2 10 pm on SBS, a Friday I know, an unusual timeslot for dramas. I think it won’t get high ratings due to the timeslot but I’m just happy to see it picked up by a network!

Gu Hye Sun’s character, Eun Bi, is a aspiring musical actress whilst being a medical student. Daniel Choi stars as Jae, a songwriter from Broadway. He reportedly learned how to play the piano for this role and Gu Hye Sun practiced her singing and dancing as well.

And as a bonus, three pictures of Daniel Choi under the cut! Seriously, I love adorkable boys! ❤

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Baby-Faced Beauty’s Second Teaser Trailer

Seriously, this drama looks super duper cute! And I can’t resist Daniel Choi! I don’t like Jang Nara because I don’t like My Love Patzzi and how cutesy-patootsy she is but whatever, this drama is heart and I hope someone recaps it or I’ll go cuhrazeeehhh. Over! 😛

Baby-Faced Beauty’s Trailer

This is the cutest trailer I have seen for a drama! Like, seriously. So quirky and cute and I’m running out of adjectives! I’m sure that I’ll be reading the recap for Baby-Faced Beauty. I just hope it gets recapped. As for downloading it, we’ll see! My external hard drive is all maxed out so I need to buy for my new dramas and TV series and movies. Gah, life of a downloading, video-hoarding, can’t-let-go-of-videos fangirl is really really hard. 😛

Daniel Choi for Allure

Love love love dorky!Daniel!Choi! Haha! He’s so cuuuuuute!


More pictures under the cut! 😀

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