Changmin Random Post #1


So frickin’ handsome. Sarah can’t believe that this ain’t from a photoshoot but just a candid shot at the airport by a fan. I mean, yeah, so gorgeous, mah Changmin. *drools forever* Another friend, who knows nothing about Kpop suddenly asked me who’s my wallpaper (this picture is my wallpaper ever since last week) and spazzed at me. The powers of Changmin. Enjoy!

TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin for 1st Look

Super sleepy, can’t think of anything to type. Good night! Btw, more under the cut!

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Yunho and Changmin models Lacoste for W Korea

Mighty slick, may I say. Blacks and darks, love those on a guy. Heehee. Especially if those guys happen to be Yunho and Changmin. I’m not a DBSK fan and I’ve mentioned before that they’re actually the only people I care about in DBSK. Haha! Really sorry. They attended the New York Fashion Week in Manhattan and W Korea had an exclusive four nights and five days documentary of them. Anyway, more yummy pics under the cut! ❤

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