KDrama Review: Strongest Deliveryman

This post has been long overdue but I’m trying to post reviews of every kdrama I’ve seen this year before the year ends and I just need to let this draft go! Anyway, my thoughts on the last thirds of this show under the cut! (By the way, I’ll be dropping spoilers in this so if you haven’t seen the show, please be careful in reading. I’ve included spoiler “tags” so just scroll down really fast! Hahaha.)

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Checking in on: Strongest Deliveryman Episodes 1-12

I’ve seen all available twelve episodes of this show and MY HEART IS SO FULL. I was supposed to write this right away, while my feelings were fresh, but I ended up unable to because MY FEELINGS WERE SO FRESH. Seriously, I was so giddily happy last Thursday and it’s been a long time since I’ve felt that due to a kdrama. (JDramas excluded!) The last was probably during Suspicious Partner. Anyway, I’ve seen all twelve episodes in three days (Tuesday to Thursday) and I’m still too giddy to talk about this one. But I’ll try. My thoughts under the cut! (Needless to say, there will be some spoilers!) Continue reading →