Minhyuk Cut Episode 2 It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl


Minhyuk cuts in Episode 2! At last, he appeared for more than a minute! He was seen for sorta 3 MINUTES (back seen, side profile seen, from faraway, not necessarily his face, SADLY)! As usual, our Minhyuk is so cute, no one deserves him but us his fans. HAHAHAHAHA KIDDING. I mean, he’ll just have this one-sided love so don’t make him suffer anymore. HAHA! Okay, enough with my nonsense, the video!




Download link!


Go watch it and download it as well! 😀 Minhyuk is so cute in it! And I love his hair here! Well, I love him anywhere, anytime. HAHA! I love his perm here. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I’M GOING CRAZY. And he isn’t painful to watch. Sure, we can’t judge if he’s a really good actor but at least he delivers his lines well and he’s not awkward. OMOOOOOOOO, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HIMMMMMMMMMM! And now that I know his voice, his speaking style doesn’t resemble Onew’s. 😛 Minhyuk, saranghae ❤


I am guilty that those pictures were not needed but I just had to post these. Haha! ❤

Minhyuk Cut Episode 1 It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl

The title of the drama used in soompi is It’s Alright, Daddy’s Daughter. Ugh. I prefer Daddy’s Girl more because it sounds better and sounds more right than Daddy’s Daughter. Oh well.

Anyhoots, why bother thinking on what to write when all we want to see is Minhyuk dearest!

A streaming link of his 26-second short appearance. I know, if this drama keeps doing this very short Minhyuk appearances, I think it will move a lot back to my To-Watch list. Minhyuk, show yourself more. Oh well, it’s bound to be this way because he has a one-sided love for his noona. 😦

Streaming Link

Download Link

I hope Minhyuk will be shown more on Episode 2. Sigh.

C.N. BLUE Sony Ericsson Xperia 10 Mini CF

Okay, really cute CF! The cowboy part and everything! Everything is so cute! CN BLUE dancing and all! Just watch it! 😀

Kang Minhyuk is not the main second lead (what?)

So there are A LOT of “second” leads in Minhyuk’s new drama, It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl. I don’t even know if it’s okay to call Minhyuk a second lead because as far as I know, he’s in a one-sided love with his noona, played by Moon Chae Won. There is the male lead, the second lead I think who’s MCW’s sunbae played by Jeon Tae Soo (INSOO IN SKK! HA JI WON’S LITTTLE BROTHER!) and then Donghae is another second lead. Minhyuk is another second lead. GAH, I DO NOT KNOW. Ohwell, will still watch the first ep? And try it! Since I adore MCW and Jeon Tae Soo!

C.N. BLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk in a drama!

(OMG GUYS, I’LL BE WATCHING TONS OF DRAMAS. Just a little background info. Minhyuk is one of my love-at-first-sight Kpop fandoms. When I first saw him, I knew right then and there that I’ll be into this guy differently and longer and FOREVER. Haha! So there you go, if anyone’s excited, IT IS ME. To the news!)


Guilty as charged. I am not putting the pictures posted by the source, I am pulling my own sources. HAHA! Guilty as charged. There will be more pictures than needed because I love love love him. :)) Look at that face, HE IS SO CUTE. I’m so envious with those people that were able to hug him. Seriously, to the news!

credits to codenameblue@wordpress for this!

Brief summary of today’s news about MinHyuk and his new drama (by saturn.@soompi)

His name in drama is Hwang Yeon Du (cute name) and his band is Oh Hap Ji Jon (funny name). He is younger than the girl he loves. He will show younger boy’s charm, will appeal to many nuna fans. He is drummer and singer, will show fantastic drum performance in drama.

News from 10asia.com

Korean rock band CNBLUE member Minhyuk will be making his debut on the small screen through a role in an upcoming SBS drama.

A press release from the show’s promoter J Story announced that Minhyuk will play the role of Hwang Yeon-doo for the new Monday and Tuesday series, whose title is translated into “Dad, Your Daughter is Okay.”

“Dad” is about Eun Chae-ryong (played by Moon Chae-won) who makes sacrifices to help her family after her father’s accident. Minhyuk’s character is a drummer of an unknown band feeling one-sided love for Chae-ryong.

“I am excited to be making my small screen debut. I will try to do my best in putting on good acting skills and even though I may lack in some areas, I hope the audience will watch my acting with an open mind,” Minhyuk was quoted saying.

“Dad, Your Daughter is Okay” will premiere on November 22 after current series “Doctor Champ” ends its run.

Minhyuk made his debut as the drummer of the four-member rock band CNBLUE, releasing two singles in Japan before their debut in Korea early this year.

He recently attended the Pusan International Film Festival with bandmate Jonghyun to promote their film “Acoustic.”

Reporter : Lucia Hong luciahong@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

I love Moon Chae Won. She was amazing in Shining Inheritance. I seldom like villains or second FEMALE leads (that is not really case with second MALE leads because I LOVE them and I suffer from Second Lead Syndrome) so me liking her means that she was awesome. So, a leading role is truly for her! So, I’ll be watching this drama! Although I can feel that my heart will be crushed because Minhyuk is a second fiddle and I’m betting my Second Lead Syndrome will manifest again. I hope he’ll be just cute and everything and not pathetic and heartbreaking so I’ll keep my heart sort of intact. 😛

I read about this in dramabeans and was so happy for Moon Chae Won but I didn’t know that Minhyuk will be in it. I just read it at kaedejun’s blog and so YIPPEE!


According to kaedejun, Minhyuk will be playing a DRUMMER. Oh come on guys. Well, at least it’s not that of a cross over to acting. There’s room for not failing since he’ll be in his natural state. 😛



Happy Birthday, Minhyuk <3


Dear Minhyuk,

Your planet has just finished  its 18th revolution around the Sun. Your 19th year is starting. Happy birthday, Minhyuk! ❤

Minhyuk is just the cutest and tallest fake magnae ever. XD ❤ He is also a good speaker as he’s the one who talks in CNBLUE during interviews and awards aside from Yonghwa. And that’s why he’s such a great MC!

Minhyuk = noona-killer. Tsk, flocks of noonas all over forums and fandom are in love with Minhyuk. Okay, his skin is so smooth HAHA :)) Anyway, I’m in a daze right now. HAHA :))

And let’s not forget his drumming skills. WOOHOO! Drummer boy ❤ And how cool is he when he flips and twirls his drumsticks? Oh boy, ❤

I really love it that he’s not interested in girl groups before and he’s just getting interested in them recently since he’s in showbiz already. And I love it that he’s so into food that he eats and eats. HAHA :))

Minhyuk is one of my love-at-first-sight. It’s like when I first saw him, I knew that he’ll be my bias forever. Because of him, I got addicted to soompi-ing CNBLUE and making icons and saving tons and tons of pictures. He’s just too much to behold and handle. ❤

I wish that they’ll feed you when you’re hungry. I wish that you’ll be awesome-r and cuter. 😛 Be healthy! Stay away from Mnet Scandal and We Got Married! 😛



And since I love him so much, a lil (or not) picspam. 🙂


I think I enjoyed posting his pictures so much that I ended up with lots of pictures. HAHA! I don’t wanna kill your computer from loading all the pics even though they’re just thumbnails. But in case you want more of Minhyuk, there are lots of pictures behind the cut. 🙂


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C.N. BLUE Singles Magazine June Edition

Okay, I’m on a CNBLUE streak!

Vampire Jonghyun is back <333


On my count, drool. OMG I love life :))

Yonghwa Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 CF

This is Yonghwa’s version and the 20-second version. I haven’t seen the other members’ version so I guess it’ll be coming. As it is Yonghwa’s birthday today, this is in theme! I’m sorta Yonghwa spamming :))




Cr: Xperia website 🙂

Happy Birthday, Towel Guy!

Happy Birthday, Yonghwa! Be awesome and fail-y and funny forever. Take care of Minhyuk and Jonghyun for me. HAHA =))



The Cool Yonghwa

But we know that this is his true faily funny self:

Seriously, that facial expression =))

Love ya, Yonghwa! ❤

credits to FTI Jonghoon’s twitter for the first pic. Second pic is already tagged. And the third pic is a fantaken pic. 🙂

Happy Birthday Lee Jonghyun! <3

Happy birthday to the awesome vampire-esque guitar-vocalist of CN Blue, Lee Jonghyun! Oppa, I’m so excited for your comeback. See ya soon! Love love love your voice. ❤