Happy 23rd Birthday, G-Dragon! <3


Continue rocking! Your swag is the best, GD. And continue being cute and adorable, with the fanning of your face and hiding your face in your palms when you’re embarrassed and the pouting here and there. And I seriously think you’re the most fearless fashionista ever. And your songs, so awesome. You are so talented, so proud of you. Love you, always and forever! ❤


Happy 18th Birthday, Yoo Seung Ho <3!

I was planning on doing this post yesternight and just scheduling it but I was TOO BUSY, TOO TIRED and TOO SLEEPY to actually do it. Really sorry. And now, I got home late. Anyway, it’s not about me, it’s about him. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOO SEUNG HO! You’re 18 now! (And I’ll be 18 soon too! XD) I hope you’ll just continue being awesome and handsome (it rhymes!) forever. I am a fan of yours now and forever. Haha! Happy Birthday! 😀

Happy 22nd Birthday, Okada Masaki!



(And yes, he’s mine. XD HAHAHA!) 

Around four years ago, back in 2007, I saw him in Hana Kimi and immediately loved him. Which a few years later, will make me do a rash decision of putting up a tumblog dedicated to him. Therefore, it is very obvious how much I love this guy. Back then, he was just the ikemen Sekime or the Gundam guy. But now, four years after that, he has headlined tons of dramas and movies. Do you need me to enumerate? Might as well just check his DramaWiki page. He has also done tons of CFs, even one with Ken Watanabe. And just this year, he again has an onslaught of movies coming up. There is no stopping this guy to be the top star of his generation. He is certainly the “It” star in Japan, also proven by tons of surveys. He just gets you with his earnest look and how can someone resist this eyecandy? He has starred with Aoi Yuu, Inoue Mao, Kitagawa Keiko and a lot more female leads. And can you believe he’s just 22? Even I who knows he’s just 22 is shocked at the success he’s basking in now. Makes me feel so unaccomplished. Haha! I hope things will just get better for ~mah boy~ from this moment on. I do wish he perm his hair more. Haha! I love curly Masaki. ❤

And since it’s his birthday, let’s have a mini-feast of Okada Masaki! More pics from Vans Magazine Shoot after the cut! This set is one of my most favorite (’cause I love everything) set of pictures of him.
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Happy Birthday, @Chris_Gorham!

Can’t wait for Covert Affairs to come back! Happy birthday! 😀

Happy Birthday, JGS!


Happy happy birthday to one of my pioneer and biggest crushes, Jang Geun Seuk! You just turned 24 and yet you’re so successful! So proud! ❤ My love for JGS transcends all hairstyles. Gah, love his voice. Gonna listen to the Marry Me, Mary OST. ❤

Please cut your hair. Haha! Don’t be depressed (like the news stated) and take a break once in a while.

Hope to see you in more projects! /selfish ❤

Guess who just turned 17 today?

Well, ME!

I was browsing for a photo to include in this post but realized that I am not actually okay with posting my picture. Haha! :))

Hmmm, so although I slept at 4:30 am, I woke up at around 9am. A surprise since I’m still on my semestral break. But I don’t know, maybe when it’s your birthday, it makes you wake up early. And all I did today was to be in front of my laptop. HAHA! Reading blogs about kdramas and kpop and practically squealing in glee when I found a blogger who’s into same things. Weehoo! I love reading blogs, GAH. Most of my time in the Internet were spent reading blogs. I actually haven’t accomplished much from my goals this semester. I missed my Internet connection so much that I preferred it than watching some series. And I was reading books! I just downloaded I am Number Four! :))

So why did I just post now? Because I was lazy awhile ago. HAHA! When I had the will to thank everyone who posted on my Facebook wall, I did it and kinda felt that I should make a birthday post! And because I am so INTO shoes, although I don’t have the money to buy lots, I browsed at this online store, Lovely Shoes. Gah, the shoes are really lovely! I’m the type of person who would choose shoes over clothes. HAHA, I know, I know, kinda weird but the joy filling me when I have new shoes, ❤

I have no regrets spending my birthday on reading everything about Yoo Ah In <333333 and kdramas and kpop and variety shows and actually improving this blog. I started editing the posts to put tags in them. Yay! At least I was productive! Teehee!

I’m excited for later because my Aunt will be cooking some spaghetti and Daddy will bring home pork barbeque, cake and grilled chikkin! ❤

I’m eating Shamrock’s Otap now, WHAAAATT, this post is going nowhere. Haha! I have to take a bath, though. Soon. :)) Hmmm, what else should I blabber about? I love my life! Although I would prefer getting higher grades, I’m perfectly fine! ❤ Thank you Lord for another year and for everything! <33333 HEART HEART HEART!

One thing I could wish for would be, or maybe two. :)) Complete That 70s Show DVD/Burned DVD. I’ve been dreaming to get that and I’ll probably will in the near future. I just love that show. I would love to get other DVDs to but I then concurred that I prefer downloaded ones because I love HIGH QUALITTTYYYYY. Yes, I am blinded by HQ. ❤ Or shoes from Lovely Shoes or any other shoes on that but my supplementary credit card will take care of that, I guess. :)) I think I have a lot more wishes up my sleeve but I cannot remember them right now, which is weird. Well, those that can be done. Wishes? You say, wishes? To meet Wooyoung, G-Dragon, ALL OF MY FANDOMS, these are my wishes. HAHAHAHA =)) Go to Korea or Japan but that will be taken care of when I earn money. Haha!

This post is going nowhere but that’s how I like it. Besides, what does a birthday post must include? Those, insert-age-here list? I’m too lazy for that now. HAHA! Although I absolutely adore lists! I remember listing and ranking SuJu. Those were the days. ❤

I can talk more about nonsensical stuff but maybe you’ll get too tired. Haha! So, yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE NOT-SO-AWESOME-BUT-TRYING BLOGGER THAT IS ME! ❤ to myself! 😀

(I’m 17! I can’t believe it! I’m getting old, slowly. Honoes!)

Putting this in Birthday Post because it’s a birthday post! HAHA!

Happy Birthday, Minhyuk <3


Dear Minhyuk,

Your planet has just finished  its 18th revolution around the Sun. Your 19th year is starting. Happy birthday, Minhyuk! ❤

Minhyuk is just the cutest and tallest fake magnae ever. XD ❤ He is also a good speaker as he’s the one who talks in CNBLUE during interviews and awards aside from Yonghwa. And that’s why he’s such a great MC!

Minhyuk = noona-killer. Tsk, flocks of noonas all over forums and fandom are in love with Minhyuk. Okay, his skin is so smooth HAHA :)) Anyway, I’m in a daze right now. HAHA :))

And let’s not forget his drumming skills. WOOHOO! Drummer boy ❤ And how cool is he when he flips and twirls his drumsticks? Oh boy, ❤

I really love it that he’s not interested in girl groups before and he’s just getting interested in them recently since he’s in showbiz already. And I love it that he’s so into food that he eats and eats. HAHA :))

Minhyuk is one of my love-at-first-sight. It’s like when I first saw him, I knew that he’ll be my bias forever. Because of him, I got addicted to soompi-ing CNBLUE and making icons and saving tons and tons of pictures. He’s just too much to behold and handle. ❤

I wish that they’ll feed you when you’re hungry. I wish that you’ll be awesome-r and cuter. 😛 Be healthy! Stay away from Mnet Scandal and We Got Married! 😛



And since I love him so much, a lil (or not) picspam. 🙂


I think I enjoyed posting his pictures so much that I ended up with lots of pictures. HAHA! I don’t wanna kill your computer from loading all the pics even though they’re just thumbnails. But in case you want more of Minhyuk, there are lots of pictures behind the cut. 🙂


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Khunnie, Happy Birthday! <3

Happy Birthday, my dear (insert all positive and cool adjectives here) Nichkhun! I hope you won’t get smitten by Victoria and end up liking her. I wish that they’ll let your hair rest before dyeing it again. I would love if you’ll come to the Philippines, we sure have tons and tons of dried mangoes that you love. ❤ But it’s not my birthday so I think I’ll wish again soon. 😛

Khunnie, you’re so great and cool and kind. Oppa, saranghae~



Happy Birthday, Towel Guy!

Happy Birthday, Yonghwa! Be awesome and fail-y and funny forever. Take care of Minhyuk and Jonghyun for me. HAHA =))



The Cool Yonghwa

But we know that this is his true faily funny self:

Seriously, that facial expression =))

Love ya, Yonghwa! ❤

credits to FTI Jonghoon’s twitter for the first pic. Second pic is already tagged. And the third pic is a fantaken pic. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Wookie!

Happy Birthday, Ryeowook! You’re still cute as ever! But you’re getting manlier these days! Fake!Magnae ❤