Recap: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 7


Someone’s walking around in kissy-kissy shoes! And kissy-kissy shoes equals happy me! Jin-wook hasn’t realized it yet but his body is showing signs of L-O-V-E. Jealousy, spitting nonsense phrases strung together, telltale signs we’re gonna get there soon! We are also teased with the real-age discovery multiple of times which makes me sit on the edge of my seat! Read on! Continue reading →


Recap: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 6


We can see the love sparks between Jin-wook and So-young in this episode! The two seem to worry about each other beyond what normal friends and co-workers do and they’re getting more comfortable with each other. I love this stage in a love story, the creeping awareness of that someone’s presence and how that someone affects you more than what you’d allow yourself. We also see many jealous facets of Jin-wook. Jealous Jin-wook, for the win! BABY-FACED BEAUTY Episode 6 >>

Recap: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 5


Hey, guys! This has been sitting in my drafts for so long. I was supposed to recap Baby-Faced Beauty for Dramabeans but then I wasn’t able to because of school. I became so busy that I wasn’t able to do the recaps on time. I’ve done recaps until episode 7 and I don’t think I can finish the full drama. So I’m just posting episodes 5 to 7 since they’ll just be rotting here so better to let the world see. And if ever someone reads this, maybe s/he will be interested in BFB, or better yet, kdramas, and watch the show or more dramas. So, enjoy!
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I Think I Fell for You – Page (Baby-Faced Beauty Soundtrack)

I was editing subtitles for the 11th episode of Baby-Faced Beauty when I heard this song. So naturally, I have to time and place the lyrics to the song. I already got the English translation but I don’t know which part was playing. So I youtube-d it and found this video. But since my Internet sucks if it’s not in the wee hours of the night/morning, it took such a long time to load. So I ended up listening again and again to what’s loaded. So it got stuck in my head!

This song is all sorts of cute, as well as the lyrics. And the best part? The fanmade video. Gah, BFB is just so cute and underrated. I was so giddy after watching the full fanvid. Jang Nara x Daniel Choi! The video has the romanized and English lyrics embedded so you can sing along and squee along with the lyrics and its meaning. Heehee.

Now, I am so energized to edit Episode 12! Yey!

Baby-Faced Beauty’s Second Teaser Trailer

Seriously, this drama looks super duper cute! And I can’t resist Daniel Choi! I don’t like Jang Nara because I don’t like My Love Patzzi and how cutesy-patootsy she is but whatever, this drama is heart and I hope someone recaps it or I’ll go cuhrazeeehhh. Over! 😛

Baby-Faced Beauty’s Trailer

This is the cutest trailer I have seen for a drama! Like, seriously. So quirky and cute and I’m running out of adjectives! I’m sure that I’ll be reading the recap for Baby-Faced Beauty. I just hope it gets recapped. As for downloading it, we’ll see! My external hard drive is all maxed out so I need to buy for my new dramas and TV series and movies. Gah, life of a downloading, video-hoarding, can’t-let-go-of-videos fangirl is really really hard. 😛