Okada Masaki casted in Live-Action Movie Adaptation of Himitsu no Akko-chan

Okada Masaki was casted as the male lead to the live-action movie adaptation of the manga, Himitsu no Akko-chan, a classic manga by Akatsuka Fujio. It was first published in 1962 and will celebrate it’s 50th anniversary next year.

Ayase Haruka was also casted as the lead. (Actually, it was more of Ayase was casted but I made Okada the highlight of this article. Haha!) Himitsu no Akko-chan tells the story of an elementary school student, Kagami Atsuko, who receives a magical compact mirror that lets her transform into anything she wants. The film will be an original story in which she turns into a 22-year old woman, in a variety of roles such as a figure skater, police, cabin attendant, office worker, bike racer and many more. Okada plays her first love, an elite salaryman.

Filming starts this October and the movie is slated to release on September 2012. Directing the movie is Kawamura Yasuhiro.

Hotaru no Hikari Season 2!

The popular 2007 drama series “Hotaru no Hikari” is returning for a second season, it was learned on Sunday. Haruka Ayase (25) will once again play the starring role.

Originally based on a shojo manga by Satoru Hiura, the first series told the story of a young office lady named Hotaru, who has no interest in romance and instead prefers spending her time lazily at home. However, her life changes when circumstances lead her to live under the same roof as her boss. Although the first series focused on Hotaru’s reawakening to love, “Hotaru no Hikari 2” will be more about her path towards possible marriage.

Naohito Fujiki(37) will also return for the new series. NTV plans to broadcast the show on Wednesdays at 10:00pm, starting in July.

cr: tokyograph; source: Sports Hochi (this is in Japanese, fyi)

CAN I GET HAPPIER THAN THIS? (Well, technically yeah. But okay. Killjoy self aside.) Hotaru no Hikari Season 2! Fujiki Naohito! I’m not that into Ayase Haruka but a season 2 of the amazingness and awesomeness of Hotaru no Hikari and Buchou-sama~, I NEED IT. It’s been years, ya know, since Hotaru no Hikari. Definitely watching this!

(Sarah, Buchou-sama~ part 2!)

JDrama Review: Hotaru no Hikari

no screencaps since i only watched this at crunchyroll. and i dunno how to make screencaps. so, i finished this drama in like 5 days only. i know, i’m so slow but consider that i’m in school. i have tons of requirements to pass and each day is packed with quizzes and long tests. so it is a really big achievement for me to be able to finish a jdrama in a week. 😀 i’m waiting for boku dake no madonna to load and i will try watching it later. ici recommended it to me so im’ma watch it. heehee. 🙂

so how was hotaru no hikari? i watched it because jaycee05 really liked this drama. this is her favorite drama and so i was curious about it. another factor was that fujiki naohito is part of the cast. i hate him in ProDai but i oh-so-love-him in 1LitreOfTears and so i wanna watch his dramas.

i started watching this with the expectation that it will be funny. and it was hella funny, dude. my roommates keep glancing at me whenever i laugh so loud because i look like some girl from the asylum. HAHAHAHAHA. :))

even though ahomiya overreacts sometimes, it is so fun watching her being an himono-onna. i’m really lazy to explain everything and so please just read the synopsis at d-addicts. :D:D buchoo was my favorite character. he is just the MAN. :)) i also like what yamada-neesan says. it’s really true. :D:D i just hate kato kazuki, who acted as teshima makoto. he’s not a good actor but ohwell. i thought futatsugi-san was gay. or is he really gay? anyway, tadokoro-kun is an eyecandy. teehee. 😛

i knooooow. this is not a review. this is a mere post about my reaction after watching it. ohwell face towel, i’m not really talented in making reviews but i really do know how to rant. bwahahahaha! and so, i declare that i will not provide reviews and summaries. i’ll just share my impression.

although many people praise this jdrama so much, it is still not my favorite drama of all. i actually don’t know what’s my favorite drama. hahahahaha! :D:D

i recommend this for all fujiki naohito fans and for those who wanna have a good time. a light-hearted drama. 😀

8/10. 😛