Plans for this Blog :D

I realized that people are linked to my blog when they search for “ikuta toma”. And that made me feel bad and look back. I was so into Toma when I made this blog so I made it with his name in the URL. I didn’t mean to make this a Toma blog, if you know what I’m trying to explain. I just used Toma’s name because I was so addicted to him but his blog is in no way dedicated to Toma. This is my blog and if you’ve been reading ever since, you’ll notice that I never posted anything substantial before and treated this as my personal blog when my plan was for it to be a blog wherein I put reviews of dramas and movies.

That sentence was really long.

Anyway, I am still trying to post reviews because as you know, I’m the laziest person. HAHA! Recently, with my semestral break giving me some time, I’ve been updating this blog. With news and everything. I’m trying to be a well-updated blog of news about Korean and sometimes Japanese dramas and everything I’m interested in. Be it Kpop, American TV series, anything. But I felt like I’m misleading everyone with that URL. Oh well.

So, I’ll TRY to post news about Toma every now and then, when there is actual news, okay? And I’ll also urge myself to update everyday. You see, I’m really updated with all the news and everything, it’s just that I don’t post them. So, let’s see if I can keep up with that.

I feel really sorry for Toma and my Japanese fandoms. I was so into Japanese stuff before. Jpop, jrock, jdramas, all sorts of Japanese things. But my interest took a different path and now I’m onboard on the Korean craze. I’ve been into Korean dramas even way before I was addicted to Japanese ones but when I got into Kpop, I can’t stop. So now, my main fandoms are Korean. I still love YUI and AAA and Aqua Timez and Veltpunch and I still love watching Jdrams although that has been onhold for a very very long time, but as of the moment, I’m totally out of the loop. So, I’m really sorry, especially to myself.

I hope I can look back at this post and see that I really did these plans. The plans again are:

  • Post news and everything about Ikuta Toma
  • Post reviews of everything you’ve watched. (THERE ARE TONS.)
  • Update regularly. As much as I can. Everyday. HAHA!
  • Try to rekindle my love for things Japanese.

And hey, I manage a lot of fyeah in Tumblr so just click those links in the blogroll. Good luck to me! 😀


Aqua Timez

Aqua Timez

Aqua Timez

Aqua Timez is a japanese pop band signed to Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

The band formed in 2000 after two of the original members met on the internet and discovered that they attended the same university. At their formation with all their current members in 2003, the band’s name was Aqua Times, the correct spelling of their current name. No major releases came from the band during this period. The band renamed themselves to Aqua Timez in 2005. Their first release under this name was Sora Ippai ni Kanaderu Inori, a mini-album which charted well on the Oricon.

In 2006, the group would go on to release Nanairo no Rakugaki, their second mini-album with seven songs. Their first single, Ketsui no Asa Ni, was then used as a song in the movie adaptation of Brave Story. Later in the same year, it was announced that they would provide the theme song to Bleach: Memories of Nobody, the movie version of the anime and manga series Bleach. [1] The song, Sen no Yoru wo Koete (千の夜をこえて; Passing Over a Thousand Nights?), entered the Oricon singles chart at number 5 and would go on to sell over 100,000 copies.

Later that year, the full first album for the band was released. Kaze wo Atsumete was their first full length album and reached a peak position of 3rd on the Oricon charts. Since its release, the album has sold over 200,000 copies. Shiori, their third single, was used in commercials for a brand of soft drink known as Mitsuya Cider and was number 5 on the Oricon.

The following year in 2007 the band would return to Bleach. Their fourth single, ALONES, was used as the 6th opening song for the anime and climbed to the #3 spot on the Oricon. [2]

More recently in 2007, the band has produced their 5th single Chiisana Tenohira (#5 on the Oricon), and their second full-length album Dareka no Chijoue was released on November 21.[3]

After half a year had passed from their last single, they released their 6th single Niji, which was used as the theme song for Gokusen 3.

On October 1st, their 7th single (8th, including their indies one, “Itsumo Isshou”) called “Natsu no Kakera” was released.

On January 14, 2009, Aqua Timez released a single called Velonica, which is currently being used as the 9th opening of Bleach.

  • Vocal:(太志 (ふとし), aka Futoshi; born May 10, 1980
  • Bass:OKP-STAR (おーけーぴーすたー); born March 25, 1977
  • Guitar, Programming:大介 (だいすけ), aka Daisuke; born April 12, 1977
  • Keyboard:mayuko (まゆこ); born September 18, 1977
  • Drums:TASSHI (たっしー); born August 21, 1978


I first encounterd them on my classmate’s blog. The first song of them that I really liked is Alones. Although the vocalist’s voice sounds like he’s drunk, I can’t stop liking this band. The lyrics and the tune are just lovable. I’m currently downloading their whole discography. XD

Side-Note: Why do I have soooo many fandoms? Like 3472901246 fandoms. These fandoms are definitely killing my hard drive space. And as if this laptop and computer are mine. Oh well. I guess I need lots of DVD where I can burn them. Haven’t finished downloading Veltpunch’s discography due to Japanese Actors Photobooks and now I’m so eager to download Aqua Timez’s discography. Aaaaack.

Anyway, I need to sleep! It’s almost 2AM. signing out!

[all information from wikipedia]

niji by aqua timez. :D

i knew aqua timez from their song alones used in bleach. and i can say, i pretty loved them from then on. this song is the theme song of gokusen 3. and i love the lyrics. :)) enjoy! 😀 romaji and english translation, that’s it! 😀

Romaji Niji

daijoubu dayo miagereba mou
daijoubu hora nanairo no hashi
yatto onaji sora no shita de waraeru ne

kutsu himo wo musubi naosu toki kaze ga bokura no senaka wo osu
sora ga koboshita hikari no mukou ni ano yume no tsuduki wo egakou
hidari mune no oku ga takanaru kitai to fuan ga myaku wo utsu
hontou ni daijoubu kana subete nori koete yukeru kana

daijoubu dayo miagereba mou
daijoubu hora nanairo no hashi
namida wo nagashi kiru to sora ni kakaru
nee mieru desho haruka kanata ni
boku nimo mieru kimi to onaji no
futatsu no sora ga ima hitotsu ni naru
yatto onaji sora no shita de waraeru ne

betsubetsu no sora wo motte umareta kioku wo utsushi dasu sora
kimi niwa kimi no monogatari ga ari boku no shiranai namida ga aru
moshika shitara boku ga warau koro ni kimi wa naiteta no kamo shirenai
nita you na yorokobi wa aru keredo onaji kanashimi wa kitto nai

yakusoku de mirai wo fuchidori kotoba de kazari tsuke wo suru
kimi wa tashika na asu wo kitto dare yori hoshigatteta

meguru kisetsu no hitotsu no you ni
kanashii toki wa kanashii mama ni
shiawase ni naru koto wo isoganai de
daijoubu dayo koko ni iru kara
daijoubu dayo doko nimo ikanai
mada hashiri dasu toki wa kimi to issho

namida no nai sekai nimo sono hashi wa kakari masu ka ?
kabe ni kizamareta rakugaki wa dareka no ji ni yoku niteta
kanashimi wo toozakeru koto de kimi wa hashi wo kakeyou to shita
keredo ima kasa wo sutete me wo tsuburu


daijoubu dayo miagereba mou
daijoubu hora nanairo no hashi
namida wo nagashi oeta kimi no sora ni
nee mieru desho iro azayaka ni
boku nimo mieru kimi to onaji no
kizuna to iu na no niji ga kakatta ne
futatsu no sora ga yatto yatto hitotsu ni natte
bokura wo hashiraserun da

Translation Niji

It’ll be okay, just look up
It’s okay, do you see the seven color (rainbow) bridge?
We can finally smile beneath the same sky

When we re-tie our shoelaces, the wind pushes us forward
Let’s continue our dreams beyond the light that spills from the sky
My heart beats within my chest, hope and fear pulsate through my veins
I wonder if it’s really okay, I wonder if I can make it through it all

It’ll be okay, just look up
It’s okay, do you see the seven color (rainbow) bridge?
It’s formed in the sky by the tears you shed
Hey, I know you can see it in the distance
I can see it too, same as you
Our two skies now become as one
We can finally smile beneath the same sky

We were born with different skies, skies that reflect our memories
You have your own story and tears I know nothing about
I might have been smiling at the same time you were crying
There may be similar kinds of happiness, but I doubt that for sadness

You place a border on the future with ‘promises’ and adorn it with words
I’m sure you wanted a guaranteed tomorrow more than anyone

Like a single season that goes by
Let your sad times remain sad
Don’t rush to turn them into happiness
It’s okay, I’m here for you
It’s okay, I’m not going anywhere
When it’s time to run, I’ll still run together with you

“Would that bridge form in a world without tears?”
The graffitti scrawled on the wall resembled someone’s handwriting
You wanted to build a bridge to get away from sadness
But now I close my eyes and toss my umbrella away

It’s okay

It’ll be okay, just look up
It’s okay, do you see the seven color (rainbow) bridge?
Look up in your sky that has cried all of its tears
Hey, I know you can see it shining brightly
I can see it too, same as you
The rainbow of our bond has formed
And now
Our two skies will finally, finally become as one
And get us to run

and i just love the album cover. 😀 wait, i’m searching for it. 😀 found it. HERE.



ja! 😀