I miss my pre-2011 kpop girl groups T_T

I got into a T-ara blackhole last Monday and I’m still in that blackhole. I’ve been listening to their old songs (pre-2011) and I just miss them so much. I loved this girl group and felt like they were severely underrated. Their songs were such bops!

Then I read on them to try and rediscover them but learned that they’re more or less disbanded. Which made me so sad. And what made me sadder was that I realized that all the girl groups I liked back when I was a kpop fan were all gone.

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4minute for High Cut Korea Vol. 75


Pfft, 4minute for High Cut? More like HyunA for High Cut. HyunA gets two solo photos then there’s a photo of her with Ga Yoon and then this group pic. Ga Yoon has been featured in High Cut before here so it isn’t a surprise she gets a sort of individual photo. Oh well, HyunA is the famous one so I get it but I just feel bad for the other girls. Anyway, I’ll try my best to put the brand of the clothes since I have nothing better to do. Haha!

From left to right:

On Ji Hyun: Feminine white dress by H&M, beige sandals by Michael Kors
On HyunA: Top with ripped sleeves with white skirt (I don’t know the brand), brown sandals by Manas, silver bangle by Risako
On So Hyun: White tunic dress by Sandro
On Ga Yoon: Sheer ivory dress shirt by Alexander Wang, white zip-up jacket (I don’t know the brand), brown sandals by Nine West, gold bangles (I don’t know the brand)
On Ji Yoon: nude pleated shirt dress (IDK the brand), brown Tory Burch sandals, gold rings (IDK the brand)

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4Minute’s Gayoon for High Cut Korea Vol. 71

I love Gayoon! She has an amazing voice and a nice body. Heehee. Anyway, enjoy more photos under the cut!

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Bubble Pop – HyunA

Why so sexy, HyunA? I mean, gah. You were once sorta fat and now you’re thin and sexy as hell. It’s sorta awkward for me that she’s tanned because I’m so accustomed to her super fair skin. And this video has over 9.6 million views already after 2 weeks! And the comments section is full of perverted comments. It’s also sorta weird that summer’s over here in the Philippines and summery songs are the thing in Korea.

Anyway, the only regret I have is watching a performance of this after watching Mona Lisa. Because, this is the one stuck in my head right now! Yeah, it’s bubblepop and cutesy and HyunA just mixes the cute and sexy right off the bat. How?! I dunno. Anyway, this song is so cute and it will surely get stuck in your head too. MWAHAHAHA! Join the club!

Let’s Go (G20 Seoul Summit Song) – Various Artists MV

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG. I dunno why I haven’t posted this. And G.O! ❤ Just listen to this song because this has been stuck to my head and Cel’s head. 😛 ❤

Gyuri (KARA), Seohyun (SNSD), Junsu (2PM), Changmin (2AM), Jaekyung (Rainbow), Jonghyun (SHINee), Sungmin (Super Junior), Kahi (After School), Luna (f(x)), JiEun (SECRET), Junhyung (B2ST), Gayoon (4minute), Min (miss A), G.O (MBLAQ), Bumkey (2wins), G.NA, Son Dambi, Seo In Kook, IU, and Anna.

It didn’t hurt that I love almost everyone singing, if I do know them. ❤

Aaaaawww, HyunA.

I know, this is somewhat old news but still. I’m back from my vacation and so I’m still catching up on news. XD

cr: YelloPhase@youtube

Yonsei AKARAKA 2010. Okay, so HyunA performed a lil bit of Change when fans started chanting and wanting it when the music played. It wasn’t planned at all! She was really shy! Okay, I know I hated HyunA before but it’s in the past now! I love it that she’s really shy deep inside but she’s oozing with charisma and awesomeness onstage. She’s such a pro. Prolly the next Hyori as some people say. Anyway, she was really shy but Jinwoon backed her up and started rapping to ease her nervousness and tension. OMG, I love Jinwoon. And then she started dancing in those HEELS and in THAT SHORT DRESS. I wonder how the heck can she do that. Anyway, she was really great. And I bet, she’s really tensed and she encouraged the audience to cheer for her, maybe to ease her and remove the nervousness. HyunA fighting! Even though I don’t watch Invincible Youth, I’m a fan (?). 🙂

Catching up with 4minute’s comeback and everyone else. Too many performances to watch, too slow internet connection. Gah.

4minute Fan Account

Okay, so I went to 4minute’s mall show here in the Philippines with my friends. Three mall shows, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I went to the Saturday (February 6, 2010) one because that’s when I’m free. So yeah. Whew. This will be long. 😀 Sorry if there will be personal stuff like why I was late etc because I can’t help it. This would be like a diary entry of some sort XD pictures and fancams available under the cut! Scroll down to view the vid where HyunA lifts her shirt Haha! although the video of muzik is not complete. Read long story to find out. Haha! (I’m actually still uploading them and in the process of getting them from my friends so do come and check regularly if you want haha!)

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Kpop Fandoms

I said in a post before that I’m not yet a fan of 2NE1. Well, I’m a fan now. :)) I don’t know when I officially became a fan but it just came naturally especially when they released I don’t care. :)))) When they released I don’t care, it’s been on loop forever. :)) Exaggeration but I’ve been listening to it always. :)))

So what groups am I a fan of?

First of all, Big Bang. Big Bang is my stepping stone to the Kpop world as I mentioned in my emo BB post. Oh yeah! Big Bang rocks tonight, oh eh oh! :DDDD Although my BB phase’s already done, I’ll love them forever and ever. :))) I’m still anticipating their new releases and keeping an eye on them. 😀

SHINee. Became a fan since January 2009. My first song of theirs is Love Like Oxygen then Replay then Amigo then ohmy. :DDDD My SHINee phase’s done too but like BB, I’m always keeping my eye on them for their new releases, photos and guestings. :DDD I have many vids to catch up on still. Idol Army guestings and many many more. 😀

Super Junior. I have a lot to catch up! Haven’t finished Adonis Camp and haven’t started on EHB! Ohmy. And and many many many vids. Aaaacccckkk. Music videos and guestings and VARIETY SHOWS! Variety shows are just love so I need to watch all of SJ’s guestings. My SJ phase is so short-lived because it collided with my 2PM fandom. Not short-lived since it’s still ongoing but it was paused by 2PM and will be resumed latuh.

2PM. Blame Prince Nichkhun the bait! Hahahahaha. :)))) I have many vids to watch and yeah, I’m on my 2PM phase. :)) I don’t wanna elaborate on this since I might just mention Wooyoung. Oops, I mentioned him. :))) But ya know, I can’t rank them properly. HAHAHAHA =))) Because every member is getting better in my eyes. :))

And yeah, 2NE1.

The groups I know but I’m not yet a fan. When I have the time, I promise to know them and be a fan so I can say that I’m a Kpop fan in general. :DD

SNSD. I envy their figures! :)))) Hahahahaha. Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby.

Wonder Girls.

2AM. Seulong! ❤ Hahahahaha. Because of Mnet Scandal 😛

4minute. I like their song but I haven’t watched their performances.

To be continued…