Cho Sei Hyun releases Behind-the-Scenes Photos of the 9th Letters to Angels Campaign

Future twin sons Vito and Viko, meet your father. Hahahaha! More aaaaaawww-inducing photos! I especially like Minhyuk’s and Yoseob’s!

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2PM’s Hidden Camera for Coca-Cola’s Open Happiness Vending Machine

Above is the full version. It’s absolutely CUTE! Nichkhuuuuuun ❤ And Taec, poor boy. Below is the short version, which is DEFINITELY cute too!

And this last one is of normal and civilian people trying out the double-story vending machine. It’s so touching how they help each other reach the buttons and how they smile while doing it and after getting their prized Coca-Cola. What a great marketing strategy. ❤

Open Happiness!




I was too busy this week (busy at sleeping, that is) that I wasn’t able to post birthday greetings! I was busy sleeping to compensate for the other days that I didn’t get some sleep. So I was busy at practically everything! Haha!

January 15! Happy Birthday to Daegu Man, 2PM‘s Junsu! When I say “2P”, you say “M”. TUPIEM!

January 17. Happy Birthday, Super Junior‘s Kang In! *I should probably finish SUJU’s variety shows.*

January 18! Happy Birthday to maknaes, KARA‘s Jiyoung and 2NE1‘s Minzy! I hope KARA will move past this issue, whole and happy. Minzy, keep rocking!

That’s it for the birthdays I missed! I hope not to miss any birthday next time! 😛

Dream High Cast Dances to SNSD’s Genie

I saw this before but didn’t bothered to watch it because I didn’t know that Kim Soo Hyun danced in this! OMG. Taecyeon, Suzy, IU and Kim Soo Hyun danced to Genie and was caught by fancams. So excited to see the actual clip from whatever episode this will appear. I don’t care about the idol’s dancing because they do that for a living but KIM SOO HYUN DANCING TO GENIE, this I must see! OMG he’s so cute shaking his thang. HAHAHAHA =)) And I dare say he nailed it, although he’s in the back.

Rainy Days – One Way featuring 2PM’s Junsu MV

And now I regret not venturing into One Way and not seeing them when they came here in the Philippines. I really like this type of song, this genre. Ugh, I need to slash myself. Kidding! But seriously, I have to have some punishment for not being a One Way fan earlier. Ballad with rap or whatever genre is this has a sure spot for my Rainy-Days Playlist. Same with Epik High. I love love their music but I haven’t really ventured completely because of time constraints and of fandom constraints. Seriously, too much fandoms going on!

The MV was your standard MV, with emoting while walking and angsting. But I don’t really care because their music is <3. I really really need to download their discography and get to know them. ASAP.

Dream High Fourth Teaser Trailer

I know, I know, the first episode already aired. But I just got to know that there’s a fourth trailer so I’ll just post this for the record.

My Internet connection died on me when the airport scene was starting. I’m guessing that’s Wooyoung’s first appearance. And what’s wrong with the soompi thread of Dream High? There are no spazzing people whatsoever. And I can’t find (as of now), a live recapper/transcapper so I’m a sad fangirl. T_T I hope I’ll find one soon enough or girlfriday will post a recap asap since she’s so hyped about this. But I’ll be downloading it! Can’t miss English-speaking Wooyoung! 😀

Dream High Releases OST Part 1

Less than 24 hours into the premiere of Dream High (AND YES, IT’S 2AM AND I’M IN NO WAY SLEEPY), Part 1 of the OST has been released. Part 1 of Dream High’s OST contains two songs sang by the idol cast members. Listen to it here! Excited for Dream High although afraid that my Internet will disappear later. *worried*

Dream High – Wooyoung, Suzy, JOO, Taecyeon

Someday – IU

Enjoy! 😀

Junho Guitars His Way Into My Heart

Junho is in my heart forever but he has poked and discovered new lands in my heart unbeknownst to me when he sang Ain’t No Sunshine while playing the guitar. Ain’t No Sunshine is one of my fave songs and anyone who sings it makes his way into my heart. Haha! And this newfound talent Junho shows that I never knew – playing the guitar – goodness, I have a weakness for musicians. ❤ He’s so cute! His English is also improving. The days of “HI MY NAME IS 2PM” are long gone. Bwahahaha! So adorable! He performed this on the New Year’s Special of MBC’s Bouquet. Enjoy! (Shoutout to Cel who adores Junho soooo much!)

Dream High 5-minute Preview

Here’s the 5-minute trailer for Dream High! Weehoo! So. Excited. Wooyoung’s part was SO FUNNY. Wooyoung as a Korean-American? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Is it my turn already? I said, is it my turn? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I didn’t recognize IU, omo. Eunjung is so cute! And Kim Soo Hyun, just perfect, even with that hair. Taec and Wooyoung dancing OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG ❤ Yeehoo! January 3!