Premiere Watch: Reunited Worlds (Episodes 1-2 Recap)

Yesterday saw the premiere of Reunited Worlds, the newest drama from SBS this week, which replaced Suspicious Partner on its Wednesday-Thursday line-up. I’m here to weigh in on the first hour and judge it to determine if I’m going to continue on with it week per week or binge it near the end or completely pass on it. We’ll see. Continue reading “Premiere Watch: Reunited Worlds (Episodes 1-2 Recap)”


My June 2017 Playlist!

It’s the last day of the month so it’s time to share the tunes that I were into!

This month saw me driving alone for the first time so of course I had around an hour of alone time in the car at least three days a week. Which means most of the songs here are the ones played on the radio so a lot of EDM, which honestly I don’t really listen to slash seek out? But since listening to the radio calms me down while driving (I AM VERY PANICKY BUT THEN AGAIN, DUH, I AM AN ANXIOUS PERSON), I chose to tune in to the station that plays current pop songs. I end up belting and singing along too much when I tune in to the ~oldies~ station that I get distracted from driving? Maybe I can finally tune in to the classics when I become better at driving. Hehe. (In other news, I over-reversed last night and banged my car on a wall. Damn.)

Anyway, here it is!

Even though LANY just released their debut album today, it has a lot of LANY tracks because I LOVE LANY AND I’M SO HAPPY THAT WE HAVE NEW SONGS!!! And of course I also love Mating Ritual and he finally released his debut album so YAAAAAAAS HE’S HERE DEF.

I practically put all of the songs Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato are featured on this playlist. And ugh, Selena Gomez with Bad Liar, I tried so hard to resist it but it’s so addicting! Anyway, favorite discovery is Daniel Caesar’s Get You featuring Kali Uchis, all thanks to Sarah. And Lou Lou by Albin Lee Meldau care of Dawn.

Sadly, no Bleachers because I gave up halfway with the album. It just wasn’t clicking with me. Maybe next month I’ll try listening to it again and maybe I’ll end up liking it better?

Hope you enjoy! And do share songs you think I should listen to!

My June 2017 Playlist!

KDrama Review: W-Two Worlds

I finished this drama in only four days and given the limitations of my watching schedule, that was quick. In fact, I didn’t go to work last Wednesday just so I can finally binge it until the end. (What can I say, I excel in truancy!)  W-Two Worlds was exhilarating, but confusing. And I knew I was being manipulated (FEEL THIS! FEEL THAT! BE SHOCKED! ANOTHER TWIST/PROBLEM JUST SO I CAN THROW YOU IN FOR A LOOP!) but I was complicit in the manipulation. I knew it had faults but I was too into knowing what will happen next that I didn’t mind the things (everything!) being glossed over. And here I am trying to make sense of what I really feel about it. Do I like it? Do I hate that it pulled a bag of tricks on me and then left me hanging? (I won’t be careful about spoilers so read at your own risk!) Continue reading “KDrama Review: W-Two Worlds”


Your love was handmade for somebody like me

This post has been sitting in my drafts for so long I almost ended up not writing it because it’s not relevant to my headspace anymore. But when I was about to delete the draft, I felt sad (and mostly like I’d disappoint Jay because I told her I’ll write it) and now here we are, spouting possible word vomit. You’ve been warned. (Jay, you’ve been warned. Nothing fruitful in here.) Continue reading “Your love was handmade for somebody like me”

Your love was handmade for somebody like me

My May 2017 Earworms AKA An Unintended MOMOL Playlist

It’s the last day of May and I thought I’d share my monthly playlists from now on!

This one has 26 songs in it and is mostly composed of new releases from artists I already follow (San Cisco, Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, Ed Sheeran) and new discoveries (Wolfie: I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO WOLFIE FOREVER AND EVER, DEFINITELY A NEW FAVE).


I didn’t plan it but the general vibe of this playlist seems to be a MOMOL/make out one. I only realized it last Saturday when my friend Sarah was at my apartment and she was taking a bath while I was cooking and this mix was playing. I suddenly felt awkward having someone listening to the mix with me because it felt like there was a ~mood~ I was perpetuating??? HAHAHA Putting Wolfie in there definitely skewed the playlist in that direction because THAT VIBE!!!!! But then again, any playlist with The Weeknd on it feels like it’s for make out sessions, right? Hahaha!

Of course there are exceptions such as 7 Things and Malibu by Miley Cyrus (ended up revisiting some of my faves from hers after the release of Malibu) and the Kendrick Lamar tracks, although I can even argue that the Kendrick Lamar ones definitely fit with the mood. Haha!

Hope you enjoy this one!

P.S. Since I wasn’t able to share my playlists for the other months, I’m gonna include them here now too! Continue reading “My May 2017 Earworms AKA An Unintended MOMOL Playlist”

My May 2017 Earworms AKA An Unintended MOMOL Playlist

Recap: My Secret Romance Episode 1

Sung Hoon with a cat, I can’t deal

Heya! I’m trying my hand on this recapping biz again. Sorry if this is weeks late though. Hope you’d still appreciate it and fangirl with me. Also, if I get lazy as I get through this post, it just might turn into an opinion-cap and not a detailed recap. We’ll see. Here goes!

(All of the gifs courtesy of my dear friend Charlie!)

*** Continue reading “Recap: My Secret Romance Episode 1”

Recap: My Secret Romance Episode 1

KDrama Review: Noble, My Love

I started Noble, My Love because I had serious Sung Hoon withdrawal after watching the first two episodes of My Secret Romance and just needing more MOAR MOAR. (Recaps for My Secret Romance as soon as I get my lazy ass working!) It didn’t help that Noble, My Love was available in Netflix and was only 20 episodes long, with each episode only clocking at 15 minutes. That’s what, only 5 hours of my life? So it didn’t seem like such a big commitment. And let’s be real, 5 hours of Sung Hoon is going to be worth it.

I mean, the drama introduces Sung Hoon’s character with this? Right? All worth it. Read on for my word vomit on this web drama! (Not exactly a review.) Continue reading “KDrama Review: Noble, My Love”


So I did a thing…

This blog was supposed to be a new start and a personal blog at that, compared to my book blog Oops! I Read A Book Again and the blog I started back in high school (almost a decade ago) whoopeeyoo. But I suddenly had the urge to merge this one and whoopeeyoo. SO I DID JUST THAT. Hahaha!

So you’re gonna see posts from way back in 2008 in here and please forgive immature Dianne and clueless Dianne for whatever you’re gonna read prior to 2015. I was obsessed with Asian pop culture back then so there’s going to be lots of those in the past.

I’m slowly returning to ~my roots~ and I’ve started watching and caring about kdramas again (I was once a fansubber, that’s how obsessed I was) and I’m planning to post more recaps and reviews of things I watch so I decided to just merge the two.

I’m also wishing to post more personal stuff, such as my Beatles series (more on that soon!), and other life stories. This blog was supposed to be an outlet because I couldn’t tell my friends whatever I was feeling but now that I have friends to tell them about, I ended up not using this as an outlet. But I feel like I should still tell my stories in here, right?

We’ll see! For now, feel free to laugh at teenage Dianne. And and please don’t get mad if there are dead links because obviously, it’s been years. If there are dead links like, please just change the to and you should be fine.

I’m planning to put my old blog on private so I don’t have redundancies??? And so people who end up on my old blog searching stuff would now be redirected here! And that means more views so I’d feel more encouraged to post because when no one reads it, I just feel meh about posting because why do I even bother, right? HAHAHA kidding, sometimes I love anonymity.

So, enjoy? *sweats through my shirt*


So I did a thing…

Thoughts on Thoughts

Some thoughts come to you fully-formed. Swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fireyou know the drill. Blatant in its aim, assertive in its direction.

Some thoughts come unbidden. Hiding inside the deepest crevices of your mind, toppling the structure once it comes out and disrupts the precarious balance you have tried to haphazardly form and keep over time.

Some thoughts you chase, harder the more fleeting it is. Some you are able to commit to writing, others you catch in your dreams, forgotten upon awakening.

Some thoughts you repress to keep the skies clear and blue. Belatedly, you realize that they were comforts in their own terms, as you’re more accustomed to this dark, lumbering cloud of doom and gloom than any bright sky might make you think otherwise.

Some thoughts you burn, desperate to be forgotten, buried, but still, the ashes remain.

Some thoughts feel like a reprieve.

Some thoughts feel more like sensations, surprising in their vividness and confounding for the mere senses.

Some thoughts feel like they’re not yours at all. As if some entity formed it and gifted it to your mind, completely foreign, unexpected, and not you. Sometimes reckless, most of the time brave. Or maybe stupid? After all, bravery can just be the lack of ability to assess and manage risks.

Some thoughts are irrational but when did logic even win out against the stubbornness of the mind? As if being aware that these thoughts are illogical ever helped.

All these thoughts and how come they are all about you?


Sorry! I didn’t know how to end this “piece” so I opted for the cheapest trick in town, the lovesick route. Hehehe

Thoughts on Thoughts

It could have been you

I’ve dreamed about you so many nights I could swear those dreams were memories and not my brain fulfilling my deepest desires. God knows I have had daydreams of you where it felt too real to have been make-believe. I sometimes wake up thinking you had an arm draped around me but when the haze lifts, I realize that there was nothing. You’re like a phantom limb I keep on feeling even if you weren’t actually there. You’re the first person I look for in a crowd, the first person I look at for a reaction when I tell a joke, or say something, or hear something, in the hopes that you’d find me hilarious or that we’re in the same wavelength and maybe sort of kind of perfect for each other. I don’t know when I became this pathetic, pining for a man who doesn’t see me that way. Why do I do this to myself? Why is it easy to fall but herculean a task to move on?

I have spent an inordinate amount of time imagining how I’ll tell you how I feel but as Gloria Estefan crooned, the words got in the way. I could never say the words. My guarded self wouldn’t let me. I keep looking for clues, even just a hint, that maybe you have been thinking about me as much as I think about you. No, I don’t even need you to think of me as much. I think about us enough for the two of us. But at least think of me? Do you do that? Do I sometimes cross your mind? Better, do I sometimes sneak on your mind and you don’t know why? I guess I just need something concrete before I go take a risk. I’m like that, I’m safe. This heart is a fortress.

Do I have to say the words? (Do I have to tell the truth? Do I have to shout it out? Do I have to say a prayer? Must I prove to you how good we are together? Do I have to say the words? Thank you, Bryan Adams.) Can’t you feel it with every little thing I do for you? With how much I text you? Need you? Consult you? With how much I spend time with you? Include you? Can’t you? Are words really the be-all and end-all?

I guess friends cook for friends. I guess friends make cakes for friends. I guess everything I have done can be construed as me being nice and such a great friend. How would you know anything, when I do this for your friends too? I mean, my friends too, since I’ve befriended them just to try and be closer to you. I guess it was wrong of me to expect you to get inside my fortressed heart and know it. I guess words are indeed the be-all and end-all.

It could have been you. Alas, I didn’t let you. No, that’s inaccurate. Not so much as inaccurate but incorrect. It could have been you but I didn’t let it.

Edit: And now, I know, that it would have never been you because I did say the words and you don’t like me that way. Heh. And now I’m over you. Funny how angsty I could be, in retrospect.

It could have been you