This was a previous sticky post of mine but I decided to just remove it. And now that I’ve removed it, I realized I’ve never updated it! Well, there’s really no updating to do since I was and still drowning in school work, extracurriculars, subbing and everything a student, fangirl and kdrama, series and movie junkie like me do. I haven’t watched a movie in months! So I decided to make a page instead so I can see it ALL THE TIME and edit it right after I’ve watched a movie. A great idea, if you’d ask me. Haha! And since I’ve just watched two movies, I decided to do this. And since there’s this, I won’t be updating the actual post. Here it goes!

This is where I’ll be posting and updating about the movies I’ve watched. Referring to my earlier post, I said that I will watch 10 movies a month. So I’ll keep track here! 😀 I’ll still update the Drama, Movie and Book List Page of my blog, maybe at the start of the month to add entries. Here’s to hoping I can keep up with this project! 😛 (I hope I can post reviews if I’m not that busy lazy!)


1. Leap Year (2010) starring Matthew Goode and Amy Adams [Starting the year right with a rom-com!]

2. Pride and Prejudice (2005) [I love you. Most ardently. <3]

3. Gulliver’s Travels (2010) [Whatever with the US showing this last 2010 but I just watched it this 2011, yo.]

4. Love at First Hiccup (2009) [So cute and embarrassing and cute. If Eyes Could Speak makes my heart flippant. <3]

5. Post Grad (2009) [No. Comment.]

6. Couples Retreat (2009) [Comedy is always welcome in my life. 😀 OMG I wanna go to Bora Bora or wherever in French Polynesia. It’s PARADISE.]

7. I Love You, Man (2009) [I love this movie! I didn’t expect anything because I knew nothing about the film but it turned out really great. Jason Segel never fails. HAHA]

8. Killers (2010) [Ashton Ashton Ashton *say it with meh* Ashton Ashton Ashton. Ashton’s back is one sexy, gorgeous back. Ashton Hotcher HAHAHAHA =)) Okay, Imma stop. :)) Enjoyed the movie ENOUGH to finish it. Okay, having Ashton ensures me finishing the film but it really wasn’t great. Ashton in a V-neck ❤ Ashton in a dress shirt with denim. GAH, I shoulda stop. :P]

9. The Tourist (2010) [BLEH. SNOOZEFEST.]

10. The Green Hornet (2011) [So funny! JAY CHOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUU! Yey, 10 movies in January!]


1. Faster (2010) [I thought this movie was good. I actually liiiike itttt.]

2. Eat Pray Love (2010) [Wasn’t able to start this film! Will do that ASAP. James Franco! ❤ And I wanna be a world traveler!]

*The Office Season 1!*

3. 127 Hours (2010) [James. Franco. You. Are. So. Awesome. The. movie. was. awesome. I. love. life. <3]

4. How to Train Your Dragon (2010) [I love itttt! And Jay Baruchel voicing Hiccup. I mean, what can go wrong? <3]

5. 3 Idiots (2009) [I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH. It spoke to me! Passion! And I can’t resist musical numbers. Funny! Complete package! GAH, three hours well spent! <3]

6. I Am Number Four (2011) [CALLAN MCAULIFFE YAR SO FIIIIIIIIIIINE. Haha! Forget about my unconditional i-love-him-whatever-form-his-jaw-will-take-i’ll-just-look-past-it love for Alex Pettyfer because of Stormbreaker, Callan takes the cake… and me. Haha! And he’s funny! Kidding, Alex, I still heart you but seriousleh, what happened to ya? Tsk.]

7. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2010) [Mario Maurer is one good-looking species. Gah. Giddy heart! Although some things in the movie made me frustrated and the ending was not satisfying enough, my heart tumbled and fluttered while watching. Heehee *shy girl smile*]

8. Lola (2009) [Pinoy Indie film by Cannes-renowned Filipino director Brillante Mendoza. Watched it in one of my classes this sem. Forgot to include it here!]

Okay, sadly, I wasn’t able to finish my self-imposed requirement of 10 movies. Oh well. This month was so busy. I’ll just watch extra 2 for March! Woohoo! School is ending SOON!

EDIT (March 20, 2011)! I just remembered that we watched a film in class last February! So I just missed a single movie!

9. Il Postino (1994) I like the film. The scenery and all. And it was actually funny. Just sad what happened at the end. But that made the film, you know, good. 🙂


1. The Social Network (2010) [OMG. THIS. FILM. SO. GOOD. Plus Andrew Garfield is so GOOD. It took me maybe 3 hours to finish the film because I keep on rewatching Andrew Garfield’s parts. He’s the only actor who can make me care about the chicken he’s taking care of. I am so into him now. I’m on my Andrew Garfield phase. ❤ So hyped about Spidey 4! Andrew Garfield + Emma Stone = me following a tumblr dedicated to them heehee]

2. The Break-Up (2006) [Why do Jon Favreau, Jason Bateman and Vince Vaughn appear together on movies? Gah, I have nothing to say about this film. Not even funny enough. Waste of time. I should have just watched Across the Universe. Bleh.]

3. Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) [Oh, Hugh Dancy. ❤ Giddddddyyyy.]

4. I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009) [Again, nerd/geek gets the girls. The speech was excruciating because I don’t want anyone being embarrassed in a film but yeah, the film was actually funny. And how much do I love Rich?]

*FlashForward Season 1*

5. The Back-up Plan (2010) [I like this film! And Alex O’Loughlin is so yummy in this film. He really isn’t that handsome but he’s so smooth and honest and sincere in the film. ❤ And J.Lo is so funny! Everyone was funny! Haha! :)]

March was a really busy month but if we consider that I finished FlashForward this March (as in I started watching this March and finished it), that’s a lot of movies! 22 episodes times 45 minutes each! Haha! It’s April now and imma spend my time watching shows! Yeeha! :))


1. Red Riding Hood (2011) [Cute guys plus lots of plotholes = movie with just cute guys :P]

*Pushing Daisies Season 2*

2. Letters to Juliet (2010) [Sorta regretting only watching this now. I like/love this film! Now I get it why my friends absolutely like it. I cried too! Tsk tsk, girls and our tear ducts. But, why so lovely, film? <3]

3. Bolt (2008) [This was really touching. I am so angry at those producers. Bolt! <3]

4. Old Dogs (2009) [Caught it in my dentist’s TV and just finished it. I like this film! I’m such a sucker for comedy and dad-child/children and bromance. HAHA!]

5. Date Night (2010) [Oh, Steve Carrell. HAHAHA! There was a lot of loopholes and the movie made it seem like searching for thieves and whatnots is an easy feat. And James Franco looked so un-ripped, so un-toned here and Mila Kunis so stressed. But seriousleh, Tina Fey not knowing what a flash drive is and calling it a computer sticky thing made up for all of it. And the bloopers, how can I forget. HAHA!]

6. Going The Distance (2010) [Justin Long isn’t handsome but I like him! I dunno why! So, this film was really funny! I cracked up a bunch of times HAHAHA! I keep on replaying funny stuff! Geez Dianne, you just love romcoms so much. :P]

7. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) [So why did I downloaded the Unrated Version? GAH. I think this is the only movie I didn’t replay some of the scenes because I was afraid I’d make a mistake and go over the unrated parts. HAHA! But oh my gosh, Jason Segel is so freaking funny. HAHAHA! And two of my fave girls here! Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis!]

8. School of Rock (2003) [Okay, I know, I’m so laaate. I’ve watched the ending over HBO but I just watched the whole thing last night. I think I have the biggest crush on the kid who plays the guitar, Zach. HAHAHA! :)) Since this came back on 2003, I am not a pedophile since we’re probably of the same age. 😛 Heehee]

*The Big Bang Theory Season 1 and 2 and 3!*

*The Vampire Diaries Season 1 and caught up with Season 2*

9. Pathology (2008) [I like this film and the lead was handsome-ish. Whatever, I really like his physique. As I said, I love psycho shows and this is one though I’m not really comfortable watching blood and bones and organs though I’m not afraid of blood. That’s why I’m not going to med school because I can’t stand open wounds and whatever. I really like this film, so twisted. HAHAHA. Glad I have friends to watch it with. There were just  ALOT OF UNNECESSARY X-RATED SCENES that could have been removed and the movie would still be great. :P]

10. Tron: Legacy (2010) [Okay, fine. Garrett Hedlund! ❤ Don’t date Taylor Swift, please. Haha! Anyway, my friends and reviews were right. The graphics were awesome but the story was not really developed. Oh well. Garrett Hedlund! ❤ I have some trouble recognizing Olivia Wilde with the hair and everything. Heehee! And as celebration for my 10th movie this April and so everyone will be happy, a Garrett Hedlund gif!]




*Breaking In* [ME WANTS A SEASON 2 T_T] <–I am getting it on March 2012!

*Cougar Town Season 1*

1. 50 First Dates (2004) [Okay, I finally watched it! I feel like a fool because I think I’m the only one among my peers who haven’t watched this! The movie was cute and sweet and endearing though the cynic in me isn’t buying it so much. It’s good for the fluff but I don’t know, I admire the guy if this is a real story. Hands down.]

2. Management (2008) [I finally finished this! I started watching this after watching The Break-up but I can’t finish it then because I feel so embarrassed for the guy! So I keep on pausing! And due to The Break-up, I can’t stand Jennifer Aniston for a while. Okay, parachuting from the sky was sweet and cool and I love the Asian guy! As in, he might be one of my fave Asian dudes in movies. But overall, an okay movie. Not great but serviceable. :)]

*Numb3rs Season 1*

3. Dirty Deeds (2005) [Milo Ventimiglia, I love ya forever!]

4. Just Like Heaven (2005) [Aaaaww, this film. Though not much sense present. IDK.]

5. Miss Congeniality (2000) [The start of Sandra Bullock movies for May. I finally watched this sorta classic for my generation! Heehee, Benjamin Bratt! <3]

6. Miss Congeniality 2 (2005) [No Benjamin Bratt! 😦 At least there’s Enrique Murciano. ❤ Liked the previous installment more. Though I liked this too. :P]

7. Love and Other Drugs (2010) [So, it was really full of Anne Hathaway’s boobs. But then, Jake Gyllenhaal. I have this REALLY HUGE crush on him and it took me a long time to finish the film because I keep on rewinding and pausing and staring at him. And he’s so charming! I cried at the end because seriously, who wouldn’t? <3]

8. If Only (2004) [Since I watched Love and Other Drugs and it made me cry, I had a fleeting (only lasted for the day/night) craving to watch something depressing. So I thought, imma watch If Only since my friends were telling me to watch it but I kept on refusing since I was not in the mood to watch tearjerkers. Since I expected that the girl will die and that the movie is heart-wrenching, I didn’t cry when the girl died. I had high expectations that I’ll cry so I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t make me cry. Little did I know that I will cry like a baby stripped of its milk bottle. I SERIOUSLY BAWLED LIKE MAD. My sister said that I was crying so loud she had to put earphones on to not hear me. I cried for so long and so hard. I love this movie. <3]

9. Once (2006) [I thought this was sad so I watched it. And I really wanna hear “Falling Slowly” directly from the movie. I thought there’s a love story so I was a lil disappointed but gahd, didn’t the songs made up for that wee disappointment. The songs were fantastic! <3]

10. Jack and Jill vs The World (2008) [This movie was so sweet! I want those “Stupid” stickers! I didn’t expect much because I didn’t know a thing about the movie but I liked this movie. Heehee. I like uptight guys losing their cool when falling in love so yeah, perfect for me!]

11. All About Steve (2009) [Yeah, Sandra Bullock again but how I love Bradley Cooper! It’s not a love story but I thought it was. Still, I liked it. Individualism!]

12. Meet Bill (2007) [I thought it’s a comedy from the title! Apparently, far from it. It was a nice surprise though that Logan Lerman was in this since I have a huge crush on him. Heehee. But I seriously didn’t understand the point of the film. A man who knows what he wants and pursues what he wants in the end? The movie has random scenes too so I dunno. I seriously didn’t hate or like it. Indifference.]

13. Miss March (2009) [It’s Josh from Breaking In! I love that midseason replacement series so much! So I was surprised when Trevor Moore was here. The movie was funny though a bit nonsensical but whatever! Zach Cregger’s so handsome and the movie funny! That’s what’s important!]

14. Superbad (2007) [Okay, I have this love-hate relationship with Michael Cera and I’m starting to dislike Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen and their usual roles. I dunno. At least there’s Christopher Mintz-Plasse who I adore. McLovin! ❤ Seriously, he saved the movie. Now I understand why everyone loved McLovin in that and why everyone loves Mintz-Plasse. 😛 And Emma Stone! My fave line was from Hill’s character when he was complaining to his Home Economics teacher that he has no partner. “I wash and dry. I’m like a single mother!” I dunno but I really laughed for a long time!]

And I watched those 14 movies in 4 days! Woah! Not bad for someone with a short attention (more like sitting) span! I was spurred by the “deadline” since May was coming to an end soon so I watched all of these. To more movies! Cheers!


*Greek Season 1*

*Veronica Mars Season 1*

*The IT Crowd Season 1*

*How I Met Your Mother Season 6*

I was so busy that I wasn’t able to watch even a single movie. And yeah, wasn’t in the mood for movies. I devoured series, instead. 🙂 I’ll try to watch more in the next months so my movie count total for 2011 would be at least 120. 😛


1. Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa (2011) [Perfect first movie in two months. Indie films are <3. I wanna watch more indie films. This movie is just great. <3]

2. Ligo na U, Lapit na Me (2011) [Indie film! Goodness, Mercedes Cabral! Edgar Allan Guzman <3]

HUHU. I am too busy, I’m so sad. I study then I read recaps then I watch some series then I sub then I troll the Internet. HUHU


1. San Lazaro (2011)

2. Ang Babae sa Septic Tank (2011) [It was hella funny!]

3. Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington (2011) [AWARD!]

4. Senior Year (2010)

August = hell month. I go home so late at night I just end up sleeping and go to my exams completely unprepared. Yeah, I was THAT busy with extracurriculars. It’s a miracle I was able to watch these movies. 😛


*Awkward Season 1*

September is another hell month for me so there you have it. But I did watch my shows and some more new shows and got addicted to Awkward. Like, really addicted. I marathon-ed it. HAHAHA. I hope come my semestral break aka October, I can make up for the lack of movie watching. My current total for 2011 is 51 and my goal is 120 so I have to watch 49 this October. OMG, am I kidding? Do I seriously believe I can do that? But I must!


1. No Strings Attached (2011) [I liked it! Sort of on the verge of loving? I’m not sure. Sorry, I’m a sucker for Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman!]

2. Friends with Benefits (2011) [This, is really, funny. And I absolutely have a girl crush on Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake is so ripped. Haha!]

3. You Again (2010) [Oh, I’m such a sucker for Kristen Bell and those bullied kids looking FAB after some years because I just keep rooting for underdogs, ya know what I mean? Anyway, it was a generally sweet and funny and a lil bit embarrassing (I just wanna hug Marni!) at times.]

4. Beastly (2011) [Finally! Anyway, the movie was okay, I mean you know that right from the start that the movie wouldn’t be groundbreaking. But it was good for an afternoon lazy watch. Alex Pettyfer, you’ve matured and aged so much since I fell in love with you in Stormbreaker and I really wanted to shun you out but I guess my heart’s loyal like that. Whatever happened to your face (you got so square-jawed it freaked me out a lil bit), I can’t help but still love ya. *sigh* Neil Patrick-Harris is as always, AWESOME. I can’t help but see Barney since his character here is so jokey.]

5. Petty Romance [Lee Seon Kyun’s voice is <3.]

6. The Prince and Me [Made me want more! But the sequels aren’t with the same cast so NEVER MIND. I’ll just live in my Eddie wonderland haha!]

7. Ahjusshi [OH MY GOD, Won Bin and his soulful eyes. He just rocks this role so much. Actually, everything he does is magic. He is plain too awesome (and handsome).]

8. Chasing Liberty (2004) [MATTHEW GOODE <3]

Oh no, with my going to Hong Kong and Macau and officer duties in my org and my overall laziness and obsession with blogging, I think I can’t do 120 this year. HUHUHU


*Outsourced Season 1* [One of the funniest comedies EVER. Seriously, my tummy hurts every episode.]

1. Submarine (2010) [See THIS POST for my full-on spazz and the soundtrack for this movie. I heart this movie. <3]

2. License to Wed (2007) [John Krasinski, heart! “I promise to fight fair and always make up. I vow to trust you no matter how jealous I get. I promise to be out of the ordinary. I vow to tell you what I feel without waiting for you to ask. I promise to be the best dad to however many kids we have. I vow to never ever let you go again.”]


*Suits Season 1*

*caught up with Revenge Season 1*

1. Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011) [Was Ryan Gosling’s voice like that before? And I totally thought he was gay. I mean, with Steve Carell’s character comment and the way he speaks and the way he moves, I dunno. Anyway, as usual, Emma Stone is just plain lovable. The peak of the film wherein the four guys were fighting, EPIC. It just came too fast and all the conflicts rushing in, which is a way to go! Yey! Anyway, overall I enjoyed this flick. :)]

2. Life as We Know It (2010) [Finally watched this! I just found it really, REALLY FUNNY when they played on the meta of Josh Duhamel’s receding hairline and his rebuttal that it’s a widow’s peak. Well, granted, it’s really a widow’s peak I think but it is so damn obvious that his hairline is also receding. Hahaha! I was on the floor laughing then. You know, Hollywood keeps on criticizing Katherine Heigl movies and while I mostly agree, you can’t deny you just need some love and some rom-com and some laughs sometimes in a year and it’s just there, waiting for you. Haha! Anyway, enjoyable for me at least. :D]

3. Something Borrowed (2011) [This is unfair for Colin Egglesfield because I love John Krasinski so much that he had no chance with Ginnifer Goodwin for me right from the start even if he’s so, so HOT. Well, I actually wanted his character and Ginnifer’s to get together in the end because I hate NOBLE IDIOCY but I didn’t buy them together at the end. For me, when he said that he can’t cancel the wedding outside the bar, it was the end for me. Coupled with John Krasinski’s character’s confession, I was completely onboard the Ethan (Krasinski) line. But oh well. Kate Hudson looked absolutely crazy here and it’s so commendable. Btw, how does Ginnifer Goodwin age and become more beautiful and Kate Hudson get saggy fats and all that? Sigh. I remember not thinking Ginnifer Goodwin to be really pretty in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton and with He’s Just Not That Into You but when I saw her in Once Upon a Time, I can’t believe my eyes because she looks so pretty and slim and everything. I wanna be like her! Haha!]

4. Love Wrecked / Temptation Island (2005) [I haz the biggest crush on Jonathan Bennett! ❤ Anyway, this movie was cute and funny and soooooo feel-good. You know, like every other early-2000 chick flick. <3]

5. From Prada to Nada (2011) [I LOVE THIS MOVIE. It’s really simple but everyone’s just endearing and I feel for them and Nicholas D’Agosto is here so HELLOOOOOOO, new fave movie! Haha! But seriously, it was really simple, low-budget too I think but though not a fresh concept (it’s a latino version of Sense and Sensibility), you just root for them all. And you get your happy ending. And quotes. And Nicholas D’Agosto. Haha! <3333]

See, even with this list, I forgot to include some shows that I finished this year! For example, as you can see, there’s no Raising Hope anywhere. Shucks, because I love that show! Maybe because I marathon-ed it when Season 2 was coming so I sort of watched it continuously. /excuses And I wasn’t able to post the shows I was actually following.

And since I wasn’t able to watch 120 movies this year, I wanna include the shows I’ve watched to count as movies. Haha! Just to see (and prove) that I watched A LOT and enough to be deserving to be called a success. Haha! So here goes the unlisted!

For the 40-minute shows:

14 episodes of Chuck Season 4, 3 episodes of Vampire Diaries Season 2, 9 episodes of Vampire Diaries Season 3,  7 episodes of The Secret Circle Season 1, 2 episodes of Teen Wolf Season 1, 1 episode of Burn Notice Season 1, 1 episode of Grimm Season 1, 7 episodes of Once Upon a Time Season 1, 1 episode of Body of Proof Season 1, 17 episodes of White Collar Seasons 2 and 3, 16 episodes of Covert Affairs Seasons 1 and 2, 11 episodes of Hellcats Season 1, 12 episodes of Glee Season 2, 8 episodes of Love Bites Season 1, 2 episodes of My Generation, 1 episode of The Ex List, 1 episode of Lost Girl = 113 episodes x 40 minutes = 4,520 minutes

+2 hours of The Hour + 1hr of Necessary Roughness + 1hr of Royal Pains= 240 minutes

For the 20-minute shows:

12 episodes of How I Met Your Mother Season 7, 12 episodes of 2 Broke Girls Season 1, 32 episodes of Raising Hope Seasons 1 and 2, 3 episodes of Community Season 1, 12 episodes of Happy Endings Season 1, 9 episodes of New Girl Season 1, 1 episode of Wilfred Season 1, 1 episode of Suburgatory Season 1, 24 episodes of Modern Family Season 2 and 3, 2 episodes of Undeclared, 2 episodes of The Loop, 1 episode of The Middle, 1 episode of Parks and Recreation, 1 episode of Black Books = 113 x 20 minutes = 2,260 minutes

The Listed Ones (in number of episodes):

20 minutes
6 (The Office) + 17 + 23 + 23 (The Big Bang Theory S1, 2 and 3) + 7 (Breaking In) + 24 (Cougar Town S1) + 6 (The IT Crowd) + 24 (How I Met Your Mother S6) + 12 (Awkward) + 22 (Outsourced) = 164 episodes x 20 minutes = 3,280 minutes

40 mins
22 (FlashForward)+ 13 (Pushing Daisies S2) + 22 + 19 (The Vampire Diaries S1 and 2) + 13 (Numb3rs S1) + 22 (Greek S1) + 22 (Veronica Mars S1) + 11 (Suits) + 10 (Revenge) + 1hr pilot of Suits = 6,220 minutes

Woaaaahhh, that is a lot. No wonder my grades are going nowhere. So since I love Math (vomit), I also computed the total number of minutes I spent watching this. This is underestimated since I replay and rewind A LOT and I rewatch a lot so this is the minimum. And the shows are actually past 20 and 40 minutes, so yeah.

Minimum Total Number of Minutes of TV I Watched: 16,520 minutes or 275.3 hours [WHERE DO I SPEND MY TIME?]

If we assume that a movie is 2 hours long (most movies I watch don’t hit the 2-hour mark so this is an underestimate again), this is equivalent to at least 137 movies, more than my goal of 120 for the year. And I watched 69 movies as of now (December 30) so that makes around 206 movies. So here goes my time. And I have no intention of changing this next year. Haha! To more movies and shows! ❤


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