Whatever, I won’t even challenge myself this year. This is just to keep track of what I’ve watched.


1. Oro, Plata, Mata (1982) [4/5: My colleagues and I are trying to be ~cultured~ and one of our goals is to watch more classic Filipino films. What was amazing about this film is that it’s a war movie but it never showed any war. It focused on the life of a well-off family before, during, and after the war. How their financial and emotional state changed and how the teens came of age. The different views on war. But what was the most striking for me was the savagery brought by the war and how the Japanese aren’t the only enemies during the war. Each character fought a war with another character and with themselves. I must commend the director and the music producer as well because how did they ever raise up the tension even though nothing was happening? It was just so good. The movie was long though and kind of draggy at times but ultimately, it was great.]

2. Whiplash (2014) [4/5: MILES FUCKING TELLER. J.K. Simmons, WOW. You know corporal punishment and/or violence is bad and uncalled for but J.K. Simmons as Fletcher just makes you accept it and find it okay and I think that’s a feat. When a character and a movie makes you understand something that you should unabashedly hate. Good lord. Miles Teller deserves more recognition in here. He just proved that he can do heavier roles and that he’s talented. Love this film.]

3. The Theory of Everything (2014) [4/5: EDDIE FUCKING REDMAYNE. Felicity Jones too. Eddie Redmayne definitely deserves awards with his turn as Stephen Hawking. Just plain fucking awesome. Plus, that score. Seriously, that score. I bow down to whoever made the score. The cinematography was so beautiful to look at too and just, this film. Love it.]

4. Adventureland (2009) [2/5: MEH. It wasn’t good and it wasn’t exactly bad but I’d prefer bad than meh because at least it’s a discussion point. This movie was just boring and nothing new.]

5. Ida (2013) [4/5: This was brilliant. I didn’t really want to watch this initially because I thought I’d be bored what with the black & white (yeah, I’m really not cultured) and the movie being about a nun. But no, it was never boring and it was never draggy. Very artistic and the plot was engrossing and just I adore this one. I’d gladly watch it again. Love the characters and all of their arcs. Oi, WATCH THIS ONE. It totally deserves the Oscars noms and the 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes because WATCH IT.]

6. The Victim (2006) [2/5: Oh god, this movie. It was good until halfway then everything went to shit with the plot and it’s supposed horror genre. It just got so comical after the first half that I couldn’t take it seriously. The horror aspect just fizzled out. Oh well.]


7. Into The Woods (2014) [3/5: I enjoyed this! I even watched it in the big screen and I’m officially into the songs and I wanna sing them all! *memorizes Your Fault* Anyway, having not watched the play, I don’t know the differences and if they were major and distracting. But I had my friend with me and he said even though he’s watched the play, he still enjoyed the film. Really, we enjoyed it a lot. We kept singing on the way home. Nothing to write home about to be honest but you’ll definitely be entertained. My friend said he could do with more character development and history because Act II was different. Still, a good watch!]

8. The Interview (2014) [3/5: Watched this with friends and had so much fun busting our guts laughing. James Franco x Seth Rogen = THE BEST FOREVER. I couldn’t breathe when James was interviewing the Supreme Leader. Anyway, I don’t know if I’m just not as soupy or inebriated when I watched this compared to when I watched This is the End but I think I enjoyed the latter more. Still, I will watch anything with these two and made by these two because GOLD.

9. Under the Skin (2013) [3/5: Apparently, it’s called a sci-fi thriller art film and I completely agree with that description. The shots were so slow at times but god, were they all beautiful and artistic. Nothing gory and scary but the director, with the music director, were able to create much needed tension and eerieness. I will dream of that fucking tennis ball. Anyway, this film is considered as the best film of 2014 in so many top ten lists and I completely see why but the circumstances when I watched it (i.e. sleepy) might have affected my enjoyment. Slow shots, while gorgeous, could be quite draggy. The latter part of the film was so good and even if the packaging of the plot isn’t realistic, its theme was universal – life. Existing and living are different.]

10. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) [4/5: Wow. This film. I now understand all the raves. This is my first Wes Anderson film (yes, send flying pitchforks my way) and dare I say it but I’m a fan. I immediately read up on the process of shooting this film and how they did the set because good lord, the set. The props. The costumes. It was obvious how EVERYTHING took time and much effort to create. Wow. Plus, F. Murray Abraham aka Homeland’s Dar Adal!!! Loved seeing familiar faces. But really, the only regret I have is not watching this in the cinema. Would have been even more gorgeous.]



12. Before I Go to Sleep (2014) [3/5: I tried really hard not to compare it to the book but it was futile.The book is still a bit fresh to me then I kept getting distracted by the too flashy and too over-the-top score that I felt so disconnected to it all. It was so obviously trying to make you feel scared at certain scenes that it ended up comedic. Well, that’s just me. Dr. Nash isn’t how I imagined him to be in the book but oh, yes. Colin Firth was great and while I think I sympathized with Book!Christine more, Nicole Kidman was good.]

13. Insurgent (2014) [4/5: I haven’t read the book (I know, it’s a crime as a book blogger haha) but I was actually pretty impressed with this one. It was tiring to have Tris be the special snowflake that she is but there were a lot of heart-tugging moments that made me want to cry. Then Miles Teller! Sigh, love him so much. Like the first movie, Ansel Elgort does nothing impressive here but I still love him. Hihi. Theo James, lessen the slur, please? And I still stand by that Shailene Woodley is wrong as Tris. I wanna read the book now though! I guess I have to finally tackle it.]


No films for April but I did binged HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. And binge indeed because I slept at 8:30 AM just to finish it??? I mean, I know that’s crazy but NO REGRETS.


14. Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) [3/5: So it was indeed funnier than the first because it had more jokes but I loved the first’s songs more. Actually, no song stuck with me after watching this, which is a shame. I did hate Flashlight honestly because LYRICS??? WHAT IS THAT. Plus, Skylar Astin was a prop. Meh. Meh.

15. The DUFF (2015) [3/5: I think I got so hyped by the trailer that when I watched it and that it was a regular high school movie, I got a bit disappointed. It’s not as laugh-out-loud funny as the trailer so really, it’s all my fault for expecting things. Adored Mae Whitman and Robbie Amell though!


16. Insidious 3 (2015) [3/5: I still prefer the first two but I had real screams of surprise in here. I always try to watch James Wan’s films because his style works for me. Watched this with my sister on the first day it was shown here in the Philippines, on the first showing. Haha!]

17. Diplomatie (2014) [4/5: Saw this with Sab at the French International Film Festival! The plot was simple but it was engaging. I know what’s gonna happen but I was still so concerned and enrapt. That’s how you do it!]

18. Stand by Me Doraemon (2014) [4/5: Being such a big Doraemon fan, I might be too biased about this rating because OF COURSE I LOVED SEEING DORAEMON ON THE BIG SCREEN. But plotwise, I think Doraemon is best served in short episodes. Still, MY CHILDHOOD. MY HEART.]


HELLO, iZOMBiE, I AM SO OBSESSED WITH YOU. Finished iZOMBiE and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! I’m on a roll with my shows! Started UnREAL too and it’s so addicting!

No movies for July though!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is my it comedy show this month! So, so hilarious. Need to finish the second season ASAP!

19. Inside Out (2015) [4/5: *bawling on the floor*]


FALL IS HERE AND SO ARE MY SHOWS. Faking It! You’re the Worst! How to Get Away with Murder! Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

20. Comet (2014) [4/5]

21. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015) [4/5]

22. Heneral Luna (2015) [4/5]


Failed to be updated with my shows because school was killeeeeeeerrrrr

23. The Martian (2015) [4/5]

24. The PreNup (2015) [2/5]


Master of None!

25. The Babadook (2014) [3/5: That was so disappointing. I guess I also had high expectations for all the hype this got but it just got me laughing and it is not scary. Haha!]

26. Hentai Kamen (2013) [4/5: OHMYGOD this is so ludicrous and ridiculous and SO GUTBUSTINGLY HILARIOUS. I seriously cried from laughing. HAHAHAHA]



27. Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) [4/5: I FIND YOUR LACK OF FAITH DISTURBING]

28. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) [4/5: NO I AM YOUR FATHER]

29. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) [4/5: BAM THANK YOU J.J. ABRAMS]

30. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II (2015) [4/5: The end of an era! Per tradition, watched this alone. Contrary to what my friends told me (that it was not good), I actually think it’s good. FINNICK I STILL CAN’T ACCEPT IT AFTER ALL THESE YEARS]

31. The Little Prince (2015) [4/5: MY HEART MY TEARS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL]

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