Massive failure last year but I hope to even surpass 120 movies this year. Woo! Wish me luck! [Or maybe not. Maybe I should just aim for a hundred movies this year.]

12/26/14: Let’s be real. 120 was impossible given how much I read. So let’s just aim for 50 and yey, I reached it! #cheater


1. On The Job (2013) [5/5: The movie hangover I got from this was INTENSE. I cried like a baby in a deserted Physics classroom with my bestfriend. I walked to class crying with her. It was just too devastating and effin’ awesome. I vow to watch more high-quality Filipino movies.]

2. Frozen (2013) [3/5: Now I get all the hype. And I can finally sing all the songs AND relate. Hee. Not as awesome as I thought it would be but still good.]

3. About Time (2013) [5/5: My new favorite movie. I don’t really have a favorite movie until this. I can proudly say that it’s my favorite movie. Carpe diem + time travel + romantic comedy? SOLD SOLD SOLD. LOVE LOVE LOVE.]

4. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) [2/5: Wow, I spent three hours for this instead of studying. I wasn’t all that satisfied with it, probably because it was too long with too many unessential/dragging scenes and the ending made me pout. Oh well. But yes, Leonardo DiCaprio was GREAT.]


5. Starting Over Again (2014) [3/5: Good but not great.]


6. Divergent (2014) [3/5: Absolutely no chemistry between Shailene Woodley and Theo James. I know Tris is from Abnegation and that means she can be stoic but I think Shailene portrayed Tris to be so emotionless (on the surface). And the problem with books in first POV being translated into film is that the inner conflict and dialogue is lost. Which is a thing I love in the book and I never felt in the film. The changes were not so bad although I think they could have portrayed Tris’s fear landscape better. All in all, still a good adaptation. And it has Miles Teller and ANSEL ELGORT. I just fangirled over them.]


7. Don Jon (2013) [2/5: My love for Joseph Gordon-Levitt knows no bounds but I am just not down with this film. I got the message of the film but I feel like JGL is a much better actor than a director at the moment. Plus, I don’t love Scarlett Johansson and most people just watch this for her. So I guess there’s just nothing for me. And I like a leaner JGL better than this very macho version of himself. Haha! #shallow]

8. Rush (2013) [4/5: This movie completely surprised me. I watched it with my colleagues during our worktrip and I thought I’m gonna be bored and I’ll just ogle Chris Hemsworth. But I was so wrong. So wrong. Exciting and investing, it’s great. I don’t know and I don’t care about F1 but it felt like I do know and care about it when I watched this movie.]


9. The Cabin in the Woods (2012) [4/5: Brilliant. It wasn’t anything I expected and I think it was a really smart film and a great commentary on all the horror movies out there. Joss Whedon, I bow down to your greatness.]

10. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) [4/5: I know this has been receiving meh reviews but DANE. DEHAAN. I just can’t separate my feelings for the film from my feelings for him so this might be a 3-star in reality but I am in rose-colored glasses with Dane. I do admit I couldn’t care less for the Peter-Gwen arc because I know what’s gonna happen. I just loved watching Dane DeHaan as Harry. He’s a far better Harry than James Franco (still love you, James) and his performance was so intense. It’s like his acting was on a different plane than everyone else’s. I’m on the minority though that I love that there were a lot of villains. Hee.]

11. Chronicle (2012) [3/5: Continuing with the Dane Train! Not so sure if this is a 3 or a 4 but it’s a film I highly enjoyed, albeit predictable. It was cool though. Dane DeHaan + Alex Russell + Michael B. Jordan + telekinetic powers = awesome. I remember this being one of my most anticipated movies for 2012 and I was not disappointed.  And seriously, DANE. I can watch anything with that amazing man.]

12. Maleficent (2014) [3/5: This film ain’t great at any single parameter of rating but I just highly enjoyed it so whatever. Haha! Brenton Thwaites was so useless though. He was floating in the air for most of his screentime!]


13. The Fault in Our Stars (2014) [3/5: Great book-to-movie adaptation in my opinion and if I’m judging it by that, it’s a 4. This is also Ansel Elgort’s big break and I’m so happy for him. However, the movie in itself wasn’t great. I think my problem with the book transcended into the movie, which is the Amsterdam arc. But damn effin’ soundtrack. It brings me to tears when I listen to it. So great. But the cinematography and directing was just fine and okay, nothing amazing. So yeah, didn’t impress me as a movie.]

14. Kill Your Darlings (2013) [4/5: Brilliant acting, hands down. Awesome script. I can give this a 5 but it just didn’t move my whole being. I really like it and I might even love it but there was something missing though, which I can’t pinpoint. But seriously, Dane and Dan’s acting? Superb. WOW. And it’s about writers and I’m putty with those.]

15. The Spectacular Now (2013) [4/5: Oh, Miles Teller. Baby, baby, baby. Surprisingly, I really like Shailene in here and her very au naturel look. I heard the movie’s way different from the book so I can’t comment much on this as a book adaptation but as a movie in itself, I love it. The ending was not realistic and all but I’m blind to Miles Teller, sorry guys. Haha!]

16. Carrie (2013) [1/5: Blegh. As my friend said “I give it zero for effort.”. This movie sucked. Ansel Elgort and Chloe Moretz, two of my favorite young actors, couldn’t save this trainwreck of a movie for me. I was not scared or even disturbed. I was annoyed, unimpressed and disappointed. THAT’S IT?? THAT’S FREAKING IT??? Julianne Moore was such a great actress though. As usual.]

17. Stuck in Love (2012) [2/5: Sigh. At the start of the movie, I felt like I was going to love it. It’s about writers! It has Nat Wolff and Logan Lerman in it! But as it went on, the plot just felt contrived. It felt like we were checking boxes to resolve each issue and the goal was just to check all the boxes. And check we did! Plus, to achieve the resolutions, things had to happen and boy did they happen. Oh well.]

18. Ruby Sparks (2012) [5/5: I. love. every. moment. Zoe Kazan is brilliant, both for acting and writing the screenplay. The directing was topnotch too. I just love this movie.]

19. 21 Jump Street (2012) [4/5: Hilarious doesn’t even cover it. I never appreciated Channing Tatum until this. And this made me question why I don’t like Jonah Hill. Because damn are they a team to be reckoned with in this fantastic comedy. I’m such a big fan.]

20. 22 Jump Street (2014) [4/5: This is even better than its predecessor, which I thought was impossible. I almost cried laughing at the slam poetry part and I think I’m the loudest in the theater. So damn funny. I’ll never get tired of the jokes. Love it.]

21. How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) [3/5: I guess my friends ended up hyping this so much that I ended up disappointed. It was predictable and although I did cry a single tear, it didn’t move me as much. It was cheesy to me, predictably cheesy. And I guess the plot arcs in this sequel weren’t up to my liking. The animation was damn excellent though and everything. I just had issues with the plot.]

22. Neighbors (2014) [3/5: A movie about a frat is just what a sleepover with a gurlfran needs! Dave Franco, you, you, you! Cel was busy ogling Zac and I was busy sighing over Dave. But we were both so busy laughing we weren’t able to stare so much. Haha! I was so excited for Christopher Mintz-Plasse but he wasn’t that funny in here. You know who surprised me? CRAIG ROBERTS. That guy’s so funny, even just his poker face cracked us up. So looking forward to more from him. At least now I know he has both dramatic and comic chops. Seth Rogen, I heart you now. Why did I ever got tired of your humor???]

23. That Awkward Moment (2014) [2/5: This movie, blah. Why is Miles Teller in this? Zac Efron’s character was such an a**hole and his problems were so in a different plane than Michael B. Jordan’s character. Miles Teller’s arc was the only thing I enjoyed in this. Yeah sure, I like Miles but even Cel, who loves Zac, hates him in here. Sure, it was “realistic” but hell, if I hate the characters, more or less, I hate the movie. It’s hard for me to separate those feelings. I would have given this a single star but I really enjoyed Miles Teller’s arc so there.]

24. This is the End (2013) [4/5: Seth Rogen and James Franco. Jay Baruchel. But seriously, the funniest in this movie would be Craig Robinson and Danny McBride. At first, Cel and I thought it would be boring but then we couldn’t stop laughing. We also watched it at 2AM and it kept us up until 4AM. Just so hilarious. So so hilarious.]

25. Pacific Rim (2013) [3/5: Yay for a Guillermo del Toro film!!! The action, the effects, the CGI, gah, everything was awesome. Too awesome. Except for the romance angle, which while didn’t come from nowhere, was forced and inorganic in my opinion. Meh. But my action-loving self loved every second of the fights and all that. I even teared up a bit at some point. But the plot? Predictable.]


26. Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012) [3/5: Very realistic in its portrayal of love, falling out of love and all the messy things that go with breaking up. Plus, Rashida Jones is one of my girl crushes and I find her hot. While her character was the epitome of the don’t-know-what-she’s-got-until-she-lost-it girl, you’ll still empathize with her. Love Emma Roberts in this one and her eventual friendship with Rashida’s character. And hey, Andy Samberg, hello.]

27. Endless Love (2014) [1/5: IGIZFE (I Give It Zero For Effort). I’m giving it one star for the superb soundtrack and for Rhys Wakefield. He’s the only reason you should watch this film and even him cannot salvage this movie for me. Just, stay far FAR AWAY from this movie.]

28. The Double (2013) [4/5: Being a fan of Richard Ayoade, I can’t pass this up. Brilliant directing and an even more brilliant acting by Jesse Eisenberg. He both embodied the shy, introverted Simon and the cocky, confident James SEAMLESSLY. Good lord, thank you for Jesse Eisenberg. I can’t recommend this to all because it’s not something everyone will appreciate. The movie starts slow like most artistic films and it employs dark comedy/black humor, which is not for everyone. As for me, I found myself laughing because I do like dark comedies and the Brits are so good at that. Craig Robinson also has a cameo and love that dude. Just, awesome. And that ending? Oh, Richard Ayoade, I bow down to you.]

29. Begin Again (2014) [3/5: I actually really really like this but mostly for the soundtrack. The ending was no-bb-that’s-sad but it was realistic. Adam Levine’s LOST STARS performance just !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 I love the song even before I saw the movie and I’ve been itching to watch it on the big screen even just for that song and it delivered. I am now in a Lost Stars-daze. That song, please. For the love of Adam Levine, that song. Anyway, as for the actual movie, as usual, Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley were amazing actors. Just a look at their eyes, especially Keira’s, and you already know what’s happening. Adam Levine, surprisingly, was not awkward at acting at all but maybe it’s because he’s playing a musician. THE SOUNDTRACK IS AMAZING!!!]

30. Let Me In (2010) [4/5: This is why I love movies. I hope more horror films like this will get made. Brilliant acting from Chloe Grace Moretz and Kodi Smith-McPhee. Their chemistry was off-the-charts too. Subtly heartbreaking and subtle in its depiction of the movie’s themes, it’s the kind of movie that will make you empathize and shun at the same time. You’d want them to be together and not at the same time. Conflicting, yes, that’s what this movie is. But seriously, it deserves all the awards it won. Just, watch this.]

31. Hesher (2010) [2/5: That was depressing. I cried, damn I cried, but I just couldn’t help it. Devin Brochu, you’ll go places. I hope you’ll go places. His acting was spot-on and I think he was able to portray all the facets his character required. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an amazing actor and as usual, he’s amazing in here. Natalie Portman was okay, I guess, but then again her character was pretty bland. Although I didn’t really get Hesher as a character, his metaphors and anecdotes were lessons in life we should remember. While the script became cheesy towards the end, it still moved me. Stellar performances from the actors but kind-of-whacked-and-all-over-the-place movie for me.]

32. Dallas Buyers Club (2013) [5/5: Fucking A+. I didn’t even see Matthew McConaughey or Jared Leto. All I saw were Ron Woodroof and Rayon. Fucking amazing acting. It definitely deserves all the awards it won.]

33. The Normal Heart (2014) [4/5: Matt Bomer for Emmy’s Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie!!!! I cried in every scene he was in after he got AIDS. Ripped my heart and shredded it into pieces. My tears could have brought back a plant to life. Great screenplay and even greater acting. Wow. Especially that I just watched Begin Again, which has Mark Ruffalo in it, it just says a lot about Mark Ruffalo’s sheer acting talent.]

*Orphan Black Seasons 1 and 2*

*Homeland Season 1*

34. Bridesmaids (2011) [3/5: I know, after years, I finally watched Bridesmaids. And I guess it was just so hyped that I ended up expecting too much. I laughed A LOT but I didn’t love it like everyone. But the jokes were gold, I really busted my gut, laughing my ass off. Haha! Fun to watch at the office while you have nothing to do. But hey, Chris O’Dowd. Loved him ever since The IT Crowd and he’s just so adorable in here. Definitely my favorite Irish actor. Hee!]

35. Cavemen (2013) [2/5: Only watched this for Skylar Astin but ended up liking some other dude. Splotchy formulaic writing and it just didn’t live up to its trailer. I mean, I didn’t have much expectations but bah. Bah.]

36. G.B.F. (2013) [4/5: High school + coming out = will never get tired of. Plus, this one was hilarious and Cel and I had a blast watching it. A BLAST.]

37. The Five-Year Engagement (2012) [3/5: You know what killed this movie? It was hella draggy. I mean, at a certain point, you get that the engagement will be off and all that but it took sooooo long to get there. It was funny, alright, but the movie was just too damn long.]


 *Homeland Season 2*

38. 1st Ko Si 3rd (2014) [3/5: Sometimes cute but generally just fine.]

*True Detective Season 1*

39. What If (2013) [4/5: oh my I love this film OMG Dan’s ocean-blue eyes and just I LOVE THIS OKAY]

40. Palo Alto (2013) [3/5: WELCOME TO MY ARMS, JACK KILMER. Jack Kilmer is definitely an actor to watch out for. So young but very talented even just with his first feature! Nat Wolff is captivating as usual and you can never go wrong with Emma Roberts. She may not be the best around but is the girl reliable. Great soundtrack too and I liked the laidback California vibe.]


41. Life After Beth (2014) [3/5: I mean, it’s a zombie rom com drama as Dane DeHaan said. Watched this with Cel and we pretty much just ogled Dane and didn’t really care much for the plot. Aubrey Plaza was funny, Anna Kendrick was funny, Dane DeHaan is intense as always. Cel pointed out that it’s really hard to make a great zombie movie because you have so much plot to cover. I think she’s right. Still, Dane DeHaan! Now, I’d like to see a rom-com with Dane and Anna please, thankyouverymuch.]

42. If I Stay (2014) [3/5: Check out my full review HERE.]

43. The Maze Runner (2014) [4/5: Haven’t read the book but DYLAN O’BRIEN. The movie was awesome and I want to read the book now!]

44. Barber’s Tales (2013) [4/5: Usual indie film, elevated by the performances of the actors. Plus, it’s socially relevant and engaging.]

45. Admission (2013) [3/5: I revert back to a schoolgirl every time I see Paul Rudd. Tina Fey is always a winner so yay! I didn’t know Nat Wolff was in here so that’s ALWAYS a plus.]

*Faking It Season 1*


*You’re The Worst Season 1*

46. Two Night Stand (2014) [3/5: ANALEIGH TIPTON AND MILES TELLER AND AN EFFIN’ GREAT SOUNDTRACK = YES YES YES. Okay, sure, I’m only giving it a 3 because as far as movies go, it isn’t really a must-watch. But it’s a must-watch FOR ME because I love these actors. And I just really liked the film but objectively speaking, which apparently I can still do, it’s not great. EDITED July 22, 2015: Rewatched it and I effin’ love it. So it’s a 4/5.]

 47. Gone Girl (2014) [4/5: Go over HERE for my full review.]


48. That Thing Called Tadhana (2014) [3/5: This was a sure 4-star but then the ending killed it for me. Sigh.]

*Homeland Season 3*

49. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (2014) [4/5: I watched the movie twice. I cried both times. Damn you, Jennifer Lawrence. Damn you. The set design was amazing, the soundtrack and score goosebump-inducing and chill-delivering. I think the film elevated the book and might be even better than it. I can’t wait for Part 2. Can’t fucking wait.]

*Faking It Season 2*


50. Gravity (2014) [4/5: My colleagues and I just caught this on cable TV while we’re lounging in a hotel room after the convention we went to in Cebu. Having not watched the film, I did and wow. I think I need to rewatch it on a bigger screen to fully appreciate the cinematography. The plot was really simple but you’re just so invested in Ryan Stone and you just want her to live and to know what happens. Great acting although not being a Physics major, I have some questions on the physics. Such a simple movie but executed amazingly.]

51. In Your Eyes (2014) [3/5: Watched this for Zoe Kazan due to Charlie’s prodding but I didn’t know Michael Stahl-David was in here! I miss that guy. Anyway, objectively, this movie was great. Zoe and Michael’s acting were so believable and spot-on and empathetic, the editing was superb, the cinematography amazing. But I just didn’t connect with the characters that much and I wasn’t THAT invested in them. I just watched the story unfold while ogling the colors, exclaiming profanities at how effin’ great the editing was, and all technical stuff.]

*Homeland Season 4*

52. English Only, Please (2014) [3/5: Not groundbreaking but for a Filipino rom-com, it is certainly unlike the usual stupid fare. This movie didn’t treat its audience as idiots and thank you for that. No hysterics and the likes. Enjoyed this film!]

53. Lilting (2014) [4/5: I mean, I just saw Ben Whishaw’s eyes and I was already about to cry. Leave it to Ben fucking Whishaw to leave me a fucking mess on Christmas Day. The tears! I like the suddenly still shots as if framing a memory as it subtly conveys the apparent message of the film. Gah, the emotions. Ben Whishaw is brilliant and really, unparalleled. His emotions transcends the screen and his nervous tics, his EVERYTHING, he imbibes the character. Fucking A+ as usual for Ben Whishaw. The movie has its flaws and it’s not groundbreaking but BEN. WHISHAW. Call me biased or whatever but have you seen Ben Whishaw act?]

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