Recent Saves (4): Jang Ki-yong Edition


This post is brought to you by my obsession with my It Boy of the month, Jang Ki-yong. JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE. As usual, more photos under the cut! Continue reading →

Recent Saves (3): Lee Soo-hyuk Edition


This post is another result of me missing Lee Soo-hyuk so much. (First was watching Neighborhood Hero.) Really, one night, me missing him just culminated into this intense emotion that I read lots of articles about him. I also ended up going through tons of his photos and gifs and I’ve also saved quite a few. So I’m sharing them! Continue reading →

Recent Saves (2)

This round is brought to you by my need to share this gif of Ji Chang-wook. (And my overcompensating nature for the lack of posts last week.)

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Recent Saves (1)

Pretty much what it says in the title. Photos I’ve saved recently~

Or basically an excuse to post this goofy Sung Hoon gif. I seriously feel like he’s actively destroying and shedding his cool guy image. And I’m all for it! His stint in I Live Alone was too real. His real self seems to be well-suited for variety shows. SUNG HOON IN MORE VARIETY SHOWS PLEASE

More random photos under the cut! (Should probably inform you that they’re mostly Korean guys, except for a certain Dane DeHaan.) Continue reading →

Bye, Wookie HUHUHU | Film Review: Fabricated City (2017)

Ji Chang-wook has left for the army today (ANDWAEEEEEEE) and I decided to send him off by watching his latest film, Fabricated City, which was a blockbuster success early this year. I’ll be mostly babbling about the film so if you have nothing better to do then go read my thoughts on Fabricated City! Continue reading →

My now all-time favorite Rami Malek video

srsly dat voice i cannot /dead /repeat

Happy Birthday, David Henrie! <3

Technically this is a cheat post because I posted this while it’s July 12 in the Philippines. Still, it’s his birthday in the US so whatever. Happy birthday, my love! ❤ I envy Cel because you have the same birthday. Hahaha! /crazy

T.O.P’s FUBU Commercial

What a long commercial. But good stuff, yo. Enjoy!

Louis Tomlinson Random Post #1


Louis. Sigh. My bias. My dear, dear Louis. Anyway, he’s so cute! I actually started liking him after seeing the One Thing acoustic video. Then I watched the music video of One Thing and I love how he’s always smiling and jumping in that video. He’s so happy. I love that about him. Anyway, he’s the oldest in 1D since the rest were born in 1993 while he’s a 1990-er. I don’t care. Haha! Sigh. Anyway, enjoy!



Harry Styles Random Post #1


I seriously think he looks like Justin Beiber! Haha! But even though he wasn’t my fave then, he seriously got this voice, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, can’t help but spazz. Anyway, in the last photo, that was a joke. He didn’t say that though people have been shipping Harry and Louis (Larry Stylinson) and they actually speculate that they’re gay. They’re really chummy and they live in the same pad. Please, no, please. I’d rather have Louis married to Eleanor than be gay. I have nothing against gays but Louis, it’s my dear Louis. Anyway, enjoy!