Recent Saves (4): Jang Ki-yong Edition


This post is brought to you by my obsession with my It Boy of the month, Jang Ki-yong. JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE. As usual, more photos under the cut! Continue reading →


Recent Saves (3): Lee Soo-hyuk Edition


This post is another result of me missing Lee Soo-hyuk so much. (First was watching Neighborhood Hero.) Really, one night, me missing him just culminated into this intense emotion that I read lots of articles about him. I also ended up going through tons of his photos and gifs and I’ve also saved quite a few. So I’m sharing them! Continue reading →

Recent Saves (2)

This round is brought to you by my need to share this gif of Ji Chang-wook. (And my overcompensating nature for the lack of posts last week.)

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Recent Saves (1)

Pretty much what it says in the title. Photos I’ve saved recently~

Or basically an excuse to post this goofy Sung Hoon gif. I seriously feel like he’s actively destroying and shedding his cool guy image. And I’m all for it! His stint in I Live Alone was too real. His real self seems to be well-suited for variety shows. SUNG HOON IN MORE VARIETY SHOWS PLEASE

More random photos under the cut! (Should probably inform you that they’re mostly Korean guys, except for a certain Dane DeHaan.) Continue reading →

Bye, Wookie HUHUHU | Film Review: Fabricated City (2017)

Ji Chang-wook has left for the army today (ANDWAEEEEEEE) and I decided to send him off by watching his latest film, Fabricated City, which was a blockbuster success early this year. I’ll be mostly babbling about the film so if you have nothing better to do then go read my thoughts on Fabricated City! Continue reading →

My now all-time favorite Rami Malek video

srsly dat voice i cannot /dead /repeat