August Jams~

iKON’s New Kids: Continue mini album dropped last August and I couldn’t get Killing Me out of my head. And I really love Zico and IU’s Soulmate so it still made my August playlist. After being super into the first two tracks of Seungri’s The Great Seungri album, I spent August listening again and again to the other tracks.

I also couldn’t get Red Velvet’s Red Flavor out of my head, even if it was an old song. Maybe it’s just me and my system rejecting Power Up. Haha! Lastly, I got into HONNE’s Day 1 because I debated writing a fanfic with it as the prompt. I couldn’t write anything about it so I just ended up listening to it so much. Haha! And then Mino did two lives last month and so I got lots of new music recs! Here are the playlists for the songs he played on those two lives.

Do share your music recs!

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