May and June tunes~

Well, I’ve been pretty bad at updating this blog, huh? Fangirling over Winner has really taken over my life. I always say I’ll come back and post more or talk about Winner more here but I’m just always on Twitter. Hahahuhu

Anyway, so here are the songs I’ve been into for May (the playlist above) and for June (the playlist below). For May, I listened to Post Malone’s latest album, and spent it waiting for Christina Aguilera’s album to drop by looping the singles she dropped. I also made a home on Spotify’s R&B playlists so I got a lot of song recommendations from there. That T-Pain track I heard on the radio while driving, which I rarely do now since it’s all CDs I jam to on the car. Dagny released a song though and she’s always a fave.

For June, my main jam was Xtina’s Liberation album. Like, I still listen to it constantly. I LOVE THE ALBUM, I LOVE MOST SONGS. A greater part of June was also dedicated to Katie Kim’s Remember. Good lord, it such a chill jam for me. And the aesthetics of the music video is A+. Blackpink finally made a comeback and while I’m not the biggest fan of the mini album, I’m a basic bitch and I love DDU-DU DDU-DU. Kesh got me to listen to the latest album from 5 Seconds of Summer and while I haven’t finished listening and absorbing the whole album, the ones I’ve heard were all good.

Please do share your recent bops so I can listen to more music!


  1. Oof, same. Always on Twitter and almost always playing video games lol… but yas to Accelerate, I love it so much! The whole album was much better than expected, but I think Twice might be my runaway favorite…



    1. OHMYGOD yes, Twice is definitely one of my faves! It’s my fave of hers from the ones she dropped early but now that the album is out, I find myself loving a different song every week or so! Hahaha, which means I just love the album, I guess. I even have Twitter mutuals about kdramas now so I don’t even have to rant/review here on my blog… Gah, Twitter sucks my drive to blog! Nice talking to you again, astromantic~



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