My March and April jams~

I know, I know, I haven’t been in here for so long. I even forgot to share the songs I’ve been into last March. So I’m sharing those, as well as the few I’ve cobbled for April.

March 2018~

Honestly, March was ruled by Shanti Dope, a Filipino rapper, which I shared with my sister but she ended up being the most obsessed. So it’s all I hear in the apartment. Haha! Big Bang released “Flower Road” so for a good whole week or two, that was the only song I listened to. Good lord, the feelings. Then I checked if Wolfie had released any new songs and got into those. I thank Mino for introducing me to Post Malone. And Spotify’s rap playlists for Drake’s “God’s Plan”. I LOVE JUNNY’S “HANDLE YOU”, can I just say.

April 2018~

I’ve been neglectful for new music last April because WINNER RELEASED THEIR SECOND ALBUM AND I HAVE NO CHILL IT’S ALL I LISTEN TO. And of course, The Weeknd’s new EP. I only included “Call Out My Name” into my April 2018 playlist even if I WAS SO TEMPTED TO PUT EVERY TRACK. And I only included “Everyday” from WINNER’s new album even if I want to include every track. Haha! Anyway, Kesh shared Bobby’s “In Love” with me so I listened to that quite a bit and I was also amazed by Mamamoo’s “Starry Night”. I want to start getting to know them because those pipes! “Rollin” was care of my sister while Tobi Lou and ODIE’s songs were picked up from Mino. BECAUSE I ALSO ONLY LEARNED THAT THE WEEKND HAS A NEW EP FROM MINO WE’RE IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE

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