So where have I been, huh?

So, I haven’t talked about them much here on the blog (the same can’t be said on my Twitter account) but I stan WINNER. And the whole while, I thought that I’ll finally be able to talk about them here on the blog and promote them and find fellow ICs with this latest comeback. Instead, I went full-on fangirl ever since they dropped their album and I completely forgot about my blog. And by completely, I mean, as you can see, my last post was a month ago. The comeback hype, the actual comeback, and now, keeping up with everything WINNER has taken over my life. Completely. I didn’t watch dramas (until recently that is) and while I’ve watched variety shows, I haven’t been in the mood to write about them. My mind has been preoccupied with WINNER and WINNER only and all of my energy was spent on them. (And at work, of course.)

If you wanna know if I’ll be blogging anytime soon, well, I wish I could answer that but I honestly don’t know. I will be posting the things I did watch for the past month on Monday although that weekly round-up would account for a month. I cry at my inability to juggle things in a balanced manner.

I just wanted to finally post something so maybe this could get the ball rolling. I have lots of drafts that I need to finish and publish!

Anyway, if you do want to talk about WINNER with me though (or Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food), feel free to tweet me!