[One True Pairings] When love doesn’t cure all

So I submitted this one for Dramabeans’ February Theme of the Month about OTPs but I crammed it and felt like it really wouldn’t see the light of day. It was almost incoherent and repetitive. It was so uninspired. But still, I figured I should just post it here on my blog because I still haven’t talked about Individualist Ms. Ji-young as much as I would like to in here. (It’s harder for me to talk about things that I love because I feel like words would never be enough to heap it praises.) Anyway, so forgive me for the quality of this post and lezgirit!

It took me a long time to finally decide what kind of OTP to write about. I was tempted to wax poetic about a high school kid who fell into a puddle of water and traveled back in time to Joseon and found love with a king. Or about a swimmer boy and a weighlifting girl. Or about a Joseon scholar who traveled to the present and kissed an actress silly. Or about a girl who loved caramel macchiato and always asked her “ahjusshi” to buy it for her. But in the end, I ended up wanting to talk about the OTP I want to see more of in dramaland. The OTP where love doesn’t cure all.

Individualist Ms. Ji-young has a misanthropic heroine in Ji-young, played by Min Hyo-rin. When asked by Byuk-soo, Gong Myung’s character, why she hates him so much, she corrects him and says that he isn’t special because she hates everyone. Her heart’s walls are unscalable, not only because they are too high but because there are wires and shards all around too. If you tried to get close to her, she will stab you and claim it was self-defense.

She knows it too and she seeks help. Or more like, she goes to therapy to get prescription. Ji-young is a terrible patient, and her therapist finds it difficult to make her open up. While I watched Individualist Ms. Ji-young, I felt like I knew how it would go. The iciest and prickliest of the ice queens and porcupines will be thawed by the puppiest of the puppies, except that, in this case, the heroine is ice queen and the hero is the puppy. That’s formula.

But what surprised me was that Ji-young, after falling in love, didn’t get a personality change. She’s definitely kinder but her walls never disappeared. She even warned Byuk-soo prior to them being in a relationship that she’s not going to change. And when she felt cornered and betrayed, she did what she’s been doing all her life, come for the person and stab them too in self-defense. This girl knows how to completely turn people away from her.

Of course I was frustrated by this. Just be together and make cute babies! But I appreciated how Ji-young was still herself and that love didn’t suddenly cure her. I loved that she started opening up to her therapist and told her that she wants to try to be better. Sure, the impetus was falling in love and missing Byuk-soo and wanting him back even after she turned him away. But she worked on herself and faced her demons all by herself, in hopes that maybe she’ll meet him again and she’ll be better to him when the time comes. Better at opening herself up, better at not lying, and better at not hurting him. She experienced being happy with a person, after the childhood that she had, and she wants to have that. Now and in the future. And so she did her best to be the person that could love openly.

To me, it was so wonderful to witness. In the K-drama landscape, we’re all used to the magical power of love. No arrogant asshole can’t be made kind and adorable by a woman’s love. Everyone’s a softie inside. But here, we witness someone actively seeking help to face their own baggage. And it was so beautiful.

I know, I should have titled this as “An Ode to Individualist Ms. Ji-young” since I have no other drama to talk about. Which is basically a plea at this point for people to recommend me some dramas that do not call upon the almighty power of love. Preferably with a prickly heroine instead of the usual jerk hero we get. Pretty please?


  1. prickly heroine I can give you in Hugo’s Love, or Fool’s Love. Love doesn’t exactly change her persay….but there is this one truly awful part where she does aegyo. *gags* And Uee’s acting wasn’t exactly the best but I still enjoyed those switched dynamics.



    1. I’ve heard great things about Hogu’s Love and I’ve been wanting to see it. Thanks for the extra push so it gets higher in the priority list! I just want to see all the prickly heroines, tbh. Hahaha

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