February Favorites

I only have 9 songs for you in here because I am obsessive by nature and so I listened to each of these songs repeatedly and quite exclusively for a few days or so. I also loooooove HunnyHunna’s whole MUSEUM album but I only included the track “Wonderland” in here, because that was my gateway track. “Mundo” by IV of Spades was my jam for most of Valentine’s Day and the days after that, since they dropped it on that day. Frankly, right now, I’ve been listening to G-Dragon’s songs because him going to the army has been taking up a lot of my brainspace and I just listen to his songs to not feel sad.

Anyway, do share your favorite songs as of late! I always need recs! My playlists are almost always kpop-only so I need new English songs!


  1. Oh man “Have a Good Day” is such a beautiful song, but it always makes me sad. 😦 Have been listening to G too… and I’ve discovered that I really like N. Flying 🙂 Anything else I don’t remember, hahaha



    1. I’ve heard of N. Flying but I haven’t tried listening to them. I’ll check them out. And YES, “Have a Good Day” is so beautiful. And it’s so sad, especially the lyrics, but the sound is so upbeat that sometimes it’s weird bopping to it when it’s so sad in reality!



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