KDrama Review: Buamdong Revenge Club [Avengers Social Club]

I feel like I’ve already talked too much about this drama but then I realize that I didn’t talk about it here but in Dramabeans. Heh. So I’m rectifying things around this block and I’m finally reviewing this adorable and heartwarming show. Go under the cut for my review!

I’ve previously weighed in on Buamdong Revenge Club‘s first four episodes in here, where I mostly tried to sound coherent but ended up quite failing when I started fangirling. I’ll copy+paste the drama premise I’ve written in there in here for y’all who are too lazy to read another post. (And because I’m also too lazy to write yet another drama premise summary.)

Jung-hye (Lee Yeo-won) is 36 years old and the one who started the Buamdong Revenge Club. In a marriage meant to benefit two families, she constantly receives grief for being unable to bear a son. Her husband now reveals that he has a son out of wedlock Soo-gyum (Jun of U-KISS), who’s 18 years old, and he brings him to their household! Jung-hye is of course pissed at the situation and she wants to exact revenge on her husband (played by the police chief in Forest of Secrets so you already know that we hate him HAHA). She enlists Mi-sook (Myung Se-bin), 42 years old, who’s being hit by her husband (who’s running for Minister of Education and is friends with Jung-hye’s husband because OF COURSE ASSHOLES ARE FRIENDS WITH EACH OTHER), to join in the revenging. She also enlists Do-hee (Ra Mi-ran), 45 years old, a fish market vendor, who’s being oppressed by the haughty parent of the kid who bullies her son, and whose daughter who’s a teacher is being preyed upon by the school principal, in said revenging.


After seeing the first four episodes, I was so giddy because it was so fun and yet so heartwarming too. And I could say that for the next eight episodes, Buamdong Revenge Club kept with its brand of heartwarming comedy-drama about this amazing found family. The sisterhood was touching and I love how they really found not only lifelong friends in each other but more like sisters. They had misunderstandings and fights, sure, especially if it’s because of their children, but like real sisters, they inevitably meet halfway and understand each other and repair whatever cracks were there. And not only did these three ahjummas found each other, Soo-gyum also found a family not only with his stepmom Jung-hye, but with Do-hee and Mi-sook too. They were all very supportive of him, even giving him birthday gifts. He was as much part of the titular Buamdong Revenge Club as the ahjummas and in fact, they rely on him too. All their bonding moments were precious. My heart also ached for Soo-gyum because he’s being used as everyone’s pawn in the inheritance game his father is playing and his mother is using him to get money. But now that he has a new found family and because I know that he has a great head above his shoulders, it’s all good.

My heart also felt so soft seeing the teens bonding together and gaining friends. PETITION FOR THE KIDS TO HAVE THEIR SEPARATE ROMANCE DRAMA PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Maybe they can be School 2019 or something. Haha! Soo-gyum is such a nice hyung to Hee-soo and Hee-soo is so adorable and soft and understanding. His confusion on wanting his mother to be happy with a new love life but not quite fully accepting it was relatable even if I’ve never been in that situation. Feeling both selfish and selfless. I also adored Hee-soo’s relationship with Jung-hye and her loving his seafood ramyun so much. He thinks that this ahjumma is kinda weird but since she’s his mother’s friend and because he’s a sweet kid, he’s very polite and accommodating.

Mi-sook’s story arc of having an abusive husband was the most painful of all in this one and elicited the most tears from me. Mi-sook’s rocky relationship with her daughter Seo-yeon and its inevitable repairing was so touching, I had tears once again. Seo-yeon’s character growth was uplifting to watch. She’s a kind kid, deep inside, we all know it, but to see her and her mother fighting against the abusive patriarch in their house was so satisfying.

Aside from the heartwarming found families in this drama, I think I love it even more how empowering it is to women. Left and right, we see women fighting back against their abusers. Even though they started with petty revenge and kept at avenging via petty and not illegal ways, it was the change in their mindsets that had me cheering. Mi-sook found the courage to save herself and her daughter from her abusive husband. She’s been staying for her daughter but when she realized (thanks to Do-hee and Jung-hye too) that they’ll be so much better without her husband, she saw the light. Jung-hye, on the other hand, has been treated like a pushover and a display vase in her household — pretty, of high value, but pretty much useless. Her using her brains and spunk and her valuable company assets in getting what she wants was so satisfying! She started fighting back against her “family”, who never treated or saw her as a part of them. And then we also have Do-hee, someone downtrodden, who’s ready to take on the world if it means protecting her kids. Her struggles showed more of the class divide and even if she didn’t have Jung-hye to back her up, we saw her stand for the truth and her and her children’s oppressors.


Onto the lighter fare, there’s a bit of meta in this drama and I particularly enjoyed them when they came. There’s a scene where the characters are watching a TV show about three ahjummas in a revenge club! HAHAHA so cheeky!

The ending wasn’t exactly how I thought it would be but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I wanted Jung-hye to adopt Soo-gyum but what went down was actually good too. Jung-hye doesn’t even know who she is so I’m happy that she took the time to get to know herself. The ending lends a chance for a second season but also not hinting at it so I’m not keeping my hopes up. (Let’s be real, I also really want to see Jun again. HAHAHA)

Such a tight storytelling, as there were no filler scenes. Every scene has a purpose, whether to further along the plot or give us a better understanding of our characters. The acting was very much on point and while I expected our three lovely ahjummas to nail it on the acting front (drunk and adorably childlike Lee Yeo-won is the best), Jun truly surprised me with how well and natural he acted. In a drama with three amazing actresses, he held his own. He has great screen presence and a natural acting talent, as this is his first role. I’m looking forward to seeing this rookie in more dramas.And with that, I hope I was able to encourage and persuade you to watch Buamdong Revenge Club. It only has 12 episodes and it will make you laugh and cry in that span of time. I want more 12-episode comedy-dramas like this and Go Back Spouses, kdrama gods. Grant me my wish. Annyeong from the Bokja Club!


    1. Go get on it! It’s such a quick watch! But I feel you, my to-watch list is so long and it just keeps on getting longer.

      Thanks for dropping by my blog, astromantic!



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