I miss my pre-2011 kpop girl groups T_T

I got into a T-ara blackhole last Monday and I’m still in that blackhole. I’ve been listening to their old songs (pre-2011) and I just miss them so much. I loved this girl group and felt like they were severely underrated. Their songs were such bops!

Then I read on them to try and rediscover them but learned that they’re more or less disbanded. Which made me so sad. And what made me sadder was that I realized that all the girl groups I liked back when I was a kpop fan were all gone.

Big Bang was my first kpop group and I started loving them back in 2008. I quit kpop entirely around early 2013. In 2012 I was only listening to groups I already love. I started checking out of kpop when Jay Park left 2PM so that was in 2010. Sure, I got into CNBLUE and Beast and MBLAQ but I wasn’t as obsessed with everything anymore. Even though I quit early 2013, I don’t even know Girl’s Day, who debuted in 2011. So I wasn’t really paying much attention anymore starting 2011.

But here’s where I got really sad. Who were the girl groups I loved back then? Brown Eyed Girls, Wonder Girls, KARA, SNSD, 2NE1, 4minute (I even saw 4minute here in the Philippines during one of their mall tours!), f(x), T-ara, and miss A.

And out of all those, only f(x) is left, although they barely promote and I think they’re just waiting out for when their contracts expire.

I mean, it’s just so sad. I grew up listening to their songs (and yes, I consider my college years my growing up years because I was a teen during all four years of uni) and I’ve been dancing and bopping to their songs and now that I’m back into kpop, they aren’t there anymore. The male groups I loved are still mostly there but the girl groups are almost gone.

So this post is dedicated to all the girl groups I miss. Let’s go down memory lane in here.

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