Download Todome no Kiss Episode 1 English Subtitles here!

EDIT: Someone messaged me on D-Addicts that they’re going to properly translate and sub this drama! So you can just wait for their releases since the subs I made are really crude. Thank you for all your support! You can download their subs HERE!

So I did something crazy. I was looking forward to YamaKen’s 2018 drama since it was announced entitled Todome no Kiss (Todome no Kisu, Kiss that Kills, Kiss of Death). Fast forward to January 7 and it aired! But it’s been almost a week and yet no one has subbed the first episode yet and I’m getting SO desperate that in the end, I found a way to finally watch it.

Yes, I auto-translated the Japanese subs I found and synced the subs to the raw video file I got of the first episode. I know that the subtitles suck. I didn’t dare change much of the wrong grammar because I was getting a headache and because I don’t know if I’d be able to distill the meaning. If someone picks this up for proper translating, I’ll drop this project. I can say though that the subs are understandable and it’s better than nothing. I mean, I FINALLY WATCHED THE FIRST EPISODE!

The subs are synced to the 595 MB raw file at PirateFiles.
Japanese subs were downloaded from jpsubbers.
Subs were auto-translated and edited using Subtitle Edit.


Anyway, hope you enjoy!


  1. Thank you for your work in subbing Todome no Kiss. No matter what people say or how rude they can be, your efforts are appreciated. So, keep on! Cheers 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much for translating the 1st episode! We’re anticipating this very much and you saved us even if it’s just for one episode only. Arigatou! And may I ask what the decryption key is to download the sub? 🙂



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