Weekly Round-up (19): January 1 – 7, 2018


I’m doing weekly round-ups now, which will include any media I consumed for the past week, from Monday to Sunday. I’d be glad if you end up getting some recommendations but I’m only doing this as a form of a media journal (to make it easy to write reviews later on). And fine, an actual journal too. Here goes!



Charlie Puth, who hurt you??? I know I’m late on this song but I heard it on one of our local channel’s New Year’s Eve countdown program and it just got stuck in my head and won’t leave. I even recorded a cover which would never see the light of the day. HAHAHA



Kang’s Kitchen: HAHAHAHA Na PD as a dishwasher!!!! Tsk tsk for Mino leaving for a day but then it gave us Na PD as a kitchen slave and so I’m fine with it. HAHAHA Anyway, I feel bad for them during their third day because they were so tired. Why didn’t Youn’s Kitchen feel as busy as this one? Is it because they’re just in Korea and people are actually lining up for them? Even Na PD admitted that he thought it’s gonna be easy for Kang’s Kitchen since there’s five of them, when Youn’s Kitchen survives with just four staff members.

Weekly Idol: Because I said I’ll watch it and I do follow up on things, although usually late. I’ve been slowly catching up on the variety shows Sechskies have been on since their comeback and I still have a long list ahead of me but I love watching them and I feel like I’ll be a fan soon enough. I still haven’t listened to their songs and I don’t know if I’ll get there. I just know I love watching them. As for their Weekly Idol stint, as expected, they were so funny and random and I had so much fun watching these ahjusshis. I’m glad that there’s a second episode but I haven’t watched it yet. Reserving it for a sad day.



Go Back Spouses / Go Back Couple / Confession Couple: HARBINGER OF THE BEST HEART ACHES THIS EARLY IN THE NEW YEAR. And the reason why I’m obsessed with Jang Ki-yong these days. Here are more gifs of him!

Back to the drama, I’m not yet done with it because I’m relishing every single episode. All the giggles, the chuckles, the laughs, the swoon, and best of all, ALL THE ACHE. Every time Jin-joo yearns for their son Seo-jin or treasures her mother, I cry. I CRY ALL THE TIME WITH THIS DRAMA. So much heart ache in the best way possible. I’m not suffering from Second Lead Syndrome because while Nam-gil might be perfect, I know Ban-do and Jin-joo just need to talk and sort things out and I want them together. As for Nam-gil, I WANT HIM FOR MYSELF GOOD LORD JANG KI-YONG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME

The Boy Next Door / Some Guy: After spazzing about Jang Ki-yong, my friend Q recommended this web drama to me because it’s M/M starring Jang Ki-yong AND Choi Woo-sik! Why haven’t I watched this earlier? Why didn’t I knew of it??? Then I see the list of dramas I have noted to watch and it’s there but I didn’t realize that that was that? And of course because Jang Ki-yong is my It oppa of the week/month, this rose up in priority and HOW CUTE AND HILARIOUS IS THIS! HAHAHAHA. Set your expectations low though because it’s not necessarily an M/M romance, which made me sad, but not really because GAH THE CUTENESS AND RANDOMNESS AND I LOVE IT HAHAHAHA



Love Books Love Series: Dark Fairy Tale: Lianne shared the trailer of this one, Chutimon’s show, and being a new fan of hers after her amazing performance in Bad Genius, I gave it a go and I WATCHED HALF OF IT WITHOUT SUBS. WHO AM I WHAT IS THIS DEDICATION. Hahaha. Granted, I also fast-forwarded a lot because I don’t understand the dialogue so I was looking for definitive action and plot points and of course, THE ROMANCE. I don’t feel for the hero (the actor is not my type) but I do adore the romance. Hate-to-love is one of my catnips, afterall. I do not like the ending that much though because I don’t like time jumps in general.



Free!: I saw that this one is on Netflix so I asked around Twitter if it was worth watching and they said that it is so I sampled it. The first episode wasn’t that compelling and I actually pondered about dropping it after the pilot. But the first season has only 12 episodes so I figured, might as well give it a chance? Glad to say that the second episode was definitely better and more engaging than the first so while I’m not hooked, it’s easy watching.



Lovesick / Scrotal Recall: SEASON 3 DROPPED THIS NEW YEAR but I was home in Bulacan and didn’t have Internet so it took me a few days to finally get to it and then I went to work late just to watch it one day. That’s it, right? The story seems over? HUHUHUHU I ALREADY MISS THESE CHARACTERS SO MUCH. I LOVE THEM VERY MUCH. Lovesick is definitely one of my faves TV shows of EVER and the cliffhanger that was the end of season 2 was so stressful because there was no news that there’s gonna be a third season. Only after a year was it announced!!!!11 Anyway, I found some scenes/plot points a bit draggy since I’m so used to no excesses with this show but I don’t really find it as a fault too because it just means more time to flesh out and get to know these characters even more and MORE TIME TO SPEND WITH THEM. Ugh, gonna rewatch this one definitely soon.

The End of the F***ing World: I started this one on a whim when it dropped on Netflix but I’m only at the second episode. The characters are complex and I’m sure many people would drop it because they’re “unlikable” but I find them fascinating, albeit I don’t necessarily understand them yet or root for them or am emotionally invested in them. But I wanna watch more, especially now that the plot is kicking in by the third episode. Oh and the soundtrack is lit.



I’m still afflicted by the holiday bug and words aren’t my friends right now so I was only able to share my top 100 tracks for 2017.




How about you? What are you watching or reading these days? Any recommendations for me?

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