Weekly Round-up (17): December 3 – 10, 2017

I’m doing weekly round-ups now, which will include any media I consumed for the past week, from Monday to Sunday. (This edition though is actually from Sunday to Sunday because I’m changing schedules. I realized that I really can’t post anything when I’m in the province during Sundays and I tend to do most of my watching then so it’d be better for the week to start on Mondays.) I’d be glad if you end up getting some recommendations but I’m only doing this as a form of a media journal (to make it easy to write reviews later on). And fine, an actual journal too. Here goes!



This one dropped last November 30 but I didn’t include it with last week’s music because I wanted to spotlight it by itself. I HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO THIS SONG SO MUCH THE PAST WEEK. Even if it wasn’t sung by Yoon and Mino, THIS IS MY KIND OF JAM. Gah, gimme more pls.






So I still didn’t watch anything this week. Still don’t want to acknowledge that my shows have ended. I wanted to get into the new shows that premiered but I wasn’t just feeling like watching kdramas because of a certain show.




Murphy’s Law of Love: Gah, I wanna finish this as soon as possible but I always preempt every episode because I’m afraid of the angst. Like, if I feel that I’m not that patient at the moment, I don’t pick it up because I don’t want to drop this show when I’m so close to the finish line. Then whenever I do pick it up, the angst that I was scared about doesn’t really happen. WHY AM I SO BROKEN AND UNTRUSTING OF TV SHOWS??? Hahaha. Anyway, I only have six episodes left!



Kuroko’s Basketball: And yes, the show that distracted me this whole week from everything else was this anime. I know! It’s so out of character for me to watch anime! Not really, I very occasionally watch anime but they’re always romance. Watching an anime without romance is unheard of before to me but LOOK AT ME NOW BE PROUD OF ME. I was casually checking out the anime pickings on Netflix (after watching the live-action film adaptation of Your Lie in April) and then I saw this and I remember somewhere that someone loves this. So I gave it a try and I FINISHED ALL THREE SEASONS THIS WEEK?????? Gah, I just love a good underdog story. I have beef with the show still (I cannot turn off the part of me that reviews everything I watch) but I can fondly remember it. IT UNEXPECTEDLY MADE ME CRY A LOT OF TIMES TOO. Great entertainment, really investing stuff in here.



Mr. Robot: The penultimate episode! I’M JUST SO NOT READY FOR IT TO END AND YET I ALSO WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. The dilemma when you’re watching a great show. The music in this show is just A+. Whoever thought of having that lady playing music with glasses while Whiterose was blowing her top off is a genius. Esmail, do not kill off Darlene please. I’m just getting so stressed. And what Elliot did seems so easy to in fact own Dark Army so I’m sure it’s like what Grant and Whiterose said, that whatever he’s able to do is because they allow him to.



Your Lie in April (2016): YamaKen is a chameleon. How can he look so bumblingly cute in One Week Friends and this aloof-cute in here? I’m not amazed by the film, in fact, I ended up disappointed. It was needlessly long (2 hours!), all the more worse because I predicted what’s gonna happen by the first hour even without having read the manga or watched the anime. Some could argue that it’s not the destination that’s important but the journey but it wasn’t a great journey too. I’m sure fans of the manga and anime would find it great if the source material wasn’t neglected but there were a lot of unnecessary scenes to me. And they felt unnecessary because the characterization was shallow. That’s why I wanted to check out the anime because then, with the longer runtime and not actually cramming stuff in, the characters would have maybe feel more lived in. Anyway, not exactly a waste of time but I came out of it feeling nothing and gaining nothing EXCEPT CUTE YAMAKEN and that’s all I signed up for and I got it so maybe I shouldn’t be salty too. Hahaha!

Coco (2017): THIS MOVIE ATTACKED ME WITH SO MUCH FEELINGS I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR. I found myself crying in the theater so much, without me even knowing that I was gonna cry. The tears just fell. That’s how this movie will touch your heart. Unknowingly yet relentlessly. It wasn’t even really trying to make me cry and maybe that was the key. There was no sort of cue that HEY YOU’RE GONNA CRY HERE AND NOW so it was so much more impactful to me. Love the diversity and the wonderful look into a culture that is similar to the Filipino culture but unique in itself too. The songs weren’t as catchy as the usual Disney musical movie songs but IDC THE FEELINGS MAN THEY WERE SO OVERWHELMING



I reviewed Falsify and shared this photoshoot of the cast of the film With the Gods. I also shared my quest to brighter and smoother underarms! HAHAHA




How about you? What are you watching or reading these days? Any recommendations for me?

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