On my quest to brighter and smoother underarms~


Hahaha, I didn’t know this blog could also be a ~beauty~ or ~lifestyle~ blog but I guess everything goes now!

I just wanted to share this product (PROMISE, THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST) because I was sooooo legitimately happy about it.

Now, a bit of a background. Gross or whatever, but I’ve always had a ~forest~ situation on my underarms. Let’s say I shave this morning. By the next morning, there is evident regrowth already. I AM NOT JOKING. And I know, I could just wax or get my underarms threaded or pluck them but 1) shaving is so much easier and faster, 2) I hate tweezers, and 3) I hate spending money ALL THE TIME for it.

So naturally, my armpits ended up dark with chicken skin, and of course, the hair was so much thicker. This was really saddening because I have a quite fair skin so to have such a vast difference in skin tone is just disheartening.

Anyway, I finally invested in getting my pits treated to stop the hair growth. I know, let’s all be natural and healthy and ~you don’t have to shave~ and all the feminist things BUT it’s my body and I really feel better when my underarms are hairless. I’m not just being forced by society that it looks better if it’s “clean” and all that. I really don’t like hair in there. And it’s my body so okay. I’ve been getting the Diode Laser Underarm Hair Removal Treatment at Skinstation for Filipinos out there who want to do the same. It’s expensive, yes, but I got it for a deal (from PhP 1500 per session, it became PhP 500, I think [that’s USD 30 to USD 10) and I’ve been very happy about it. I’m just on my fifth session and my hair follicles are very active and strong so I’m nowhere near done. But I’m loving how the hair grows back sooooooooooooooo slowly nowadays and there’s so few of them too! So I stand by this treatment.

With the hair kinda managed, I still have my dark underarms and chicken skin situation. Skinstation has been offering me their Vitamin C ointment/lotion/emulsion but I didn’t want to spend more bucks on it. Two weeks ago, I finally started putting Vitamin C on my underarms every morning after taking a shower and drying myself off. I figured, if it’s okay for my face, it should be okay for my underarm, right?

Yes, I’ve been using my It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector on my underarms and with just two weeks of religiously using it, I’ve noticed much improvement!

I don’t have photos because duh, I’m embarrassed of my underarms. But the chicken skin has abated and is mostly gone! It looks a bit brighter too and I might try exfoliating it soon too. Seriously, I now feel like applying it at night too to hopefully increase its power?

It doesn’t break the bank too! I got mine for PhP 390 (USD 8) from Althea. It’s not actually cheap but this small bottle goes a long way. I also use it for my face as my Vitamin C active so its duality in purpose feels like it’s worth the money.

Sooooo, that’s it! Hope it works for you too if ever!

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