KDrama Review: Falsify

With the aim to review every kdrama that I’ve seen this year, here’s the review for Falsify! I’ve pretty much talked about it during my weekly round-ups so this will be just elaborating points I’ve brought up then into a hopefully more cohesive review. Go under the cut for my thoughts on Namgoong Min’s second drama this 2017!

If you’ve read my post about the premiere of the show, you would know that I sang this show praises right from the get-go. First, the cinematography and the score! Just by the first shot, even without Namgoong Min, I knew it was something good. The score was also on point at every single scene for me. Plot-wise, a lot of threads were happening but they were definitely interesting and I love how organic the flashbacks were stitched into the narrative. I had so many questions and I was very much willing to follow this show to get to the bottom of this case alongside our cast.

I did a mistake though because after the first week of Falsify, I binged and finished Forest of Secrets, which was to me, was on a whole other level. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to appreciate Falsify anymore because I would inevitably compare the two. I was impressed by the first episodes of Falsify but Forest of Secrets was in a different league and yes, I still don’t have coherent words to form a review for that drama. Anyway, I’m glad to report that I was still able to appreciate and like Falsify.

I did notice that it feels like the usual kdrama but I shouldn’t take that against the show; Forest of Secrets was an outlier. However, there was an increasingly irritating character (Kwon So-ra’s chief prosecutor) because of the actor’s over-the-top acting but thankfully, I didn’t get entirely pissed at him. Once I took to thinking that he’s meant to be a caricature, I was able to selectively care about the characters and plot points I cared about. Hahaha! By the second week, I liked where the plot was going because while we sure had an overarching arc, we got different cases too, which are integrated to the bigger mystery. I sometimes saw Chief Kim in Namgoong Min’s portrayal of Moo-young though so that’s kind of a bummer. It’s because Falsify‘s Moo-young had bits of similarities (the crazy! the causes!) with the eponymous main character in Chief Kim.

By the third week, we finally got our characters into the right places so the plot could take off! I’ve been waiting for that plot development because our leads are all so haplessly helpless in this corrupt society that I wanted them to finally help each other take down the baddies. So to see them FINALLY doing so gave me such satisfaction. While in the last week’s episodes I had problems seeing Namgoong Min’s portrayal of Han Moo-young as his previous roles, it didn’t feel like that in this week. Maybe Namgoong Min finally eased into the role or the character Moo-young had something specific and different he was facing now. Make no mistake, our protagonists were still down in the dumps by then but at least they’re together in the dumps? Haha! Seriously, the first two weeks were pretty rough because THEY WERE JUST SO BY THE GUTTER BEING TRAMPLED UPON BY EVIL BADDIES!

After that, I got so busy and uninterested that I didn’t watch the show for the next three weeks. I don’t know if it was because of the show or my mood towards watching in general although I think it was the latter. Either way, when I caught up, I caught up good because I watched three weeks worth of episodes in two nights. Hahaha! And then, because I binged it, I felt like it passed by too quickly when I can’t say the same if I followed it week per week. By then, with the pace in which I consumed the episodes and lost sleep over them, I realized that I actually liked Falsify but it didn’t reach love/crack level. Which kinda made me feel sad but then I guess you can’t always have a crack drama. It’s because as I’m watching Falsify, I’m riveted to it. But when the episodes are over, I end up almost forgetting what happened. I just don’t have an emotional connection with the drama. WHICH IS SUPER SAD, I KNOW.

And then, true to form, I stopped watching it again and just binged the last two weeks in one go. After finishing it, I certainly wouldn’t say that I’ll miss the show but I did like it while it lasted. Quite a bummer though that the only interesting character for me was the killer. Seriously, that guy had charisma in spades and his staccato way of speaking was so scary. The black hats in this one had more character nuance and depth and grays in them than the white hats, which were all angels. So boring.

I liked the drama best when they were doing heist-esque things and they did some in the span of the whole show but it just feels like a waste of talent of these amazing actors when their characters aren’t as dimensional. Oh-oh, and the romantic inklings were so shoehorned by the way, that while I didn’t despise it, I didn’t really care for it. It was minimal though so it wasn’t like it took much runtime. Still, the actors in here were all good and convincing ones, which I really appreciated. Even though the plot could be forgettable once the episode ends, they were able to anchor me into the emotions of the show whenever I decided to pick it up again.

All in all, Falsify was pretty enjoyable, a good background kdrama if you want one, but it was forgettable, which was a shame. Maybe if the characters were more interesting then I would have been invested in them. As is, I just wanted to get to the bottom of the case! Hahaha!

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