Weekly Round-up (13): November 5 – 11, 2017

I’m doing weekly round-ups now, which will include any media I consumed for the past week, from Sunday to Saturday. I’d be glad if you end up getting some recommendations but I’m only doing this as a form of a media journal (to make it easy to write reviews later on). And fine, an actual journal too. Here goes!



I made a YG playlist this week to listen to while I try to focus on my work. It seems like YG songs help me focus. First was MINO’s “Body”, followed by BLACKPINK’s songs. I guess because even if they’re bops, they’re so beat-based that it gets my blood and mind running. Anyway, seriously, “Cafe” was such a nice re-discovery after all these years. I remember loving this song back in 2011 but I don’t know why it flew under the radar after that. Rediscovering it this week was such a highlight that I got Sarah into it again too. And Jay and Dawn too. DAE’S VERSE = OVARIES EXPLODING




Master Key: I’ve been waiting for the fourth episode ever since I heard that MINO was in it so I was super glad that it got subbed really quickly (duh, it has an EXO member in it so that’s a given) and that Lianne and I were able to watch it last Sunday. Less than a day of waiting for the subs! Anyway, this episode was fun! Lianne kept on pausing it though to admire Chanyeol. Haha! Mino was so pathetic, which just makes him cute in my eyes. Hahaha! Glad he was active though so lots of screentime for him! Key was savage and really good at variety. Mino though! MINO MINO MINO. Chanyeol shocked me I guess. I thought he wouldn’t be active since he didn’t really do much back when EXO were the guests in Knowing Bros but he was so game here. The new style was exciting too because it really was an intense Mafia game.

Of course I’m gonna watch the next episode too because Mino’s there as well!

Winner over Flowers: THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK. THE ONE I’VE BEEN PINING FOR FOR MONTHS NOW. AND HAVE BEEN COUNTING DOWN TO FOR WEEKS NOW. I’ve seen the whole episode (AND I MEAN, WHOLE) thrice by now and I can only see myself rewatching it again and again. What more can I even say? It was epic of course, showing Na PD’s genius. I feel bad for the boys though because they really thought they were doing a car CF and were too happy about it. But they also loved being on Youth over Flowers so it’s not like they’re sad. But good lord, that kidnapping was SOOOOO elaborate and so expensive. Hahaha! I actually livestreamed this one right after watching Tuesday’s episode of This Life is Our First (and losing my mind) and even though I didn’t understand it 100%, it was just so fun! That I immediately watched it again when subs were out then watched it again when another subbed version came out. I NEED HELP HAHAHA

I do have a newfound appreciation/love for Hoony. I now get it why he’s the bias-wrecker. Hahaha! Although not really a bias-wrecker for me because Mino bb is #1 but I’m also happy that I feel like I love all members now equally, with Mino probably just edging the others only by a bit. Haha!

Weekly Idol: Super Junior episode! I was a fan of SuJu before but when I quit kpop, I also quit them. (Like I’ve been mentioning, BIG BANG was the only survivor in that and just barely. I cared about them but didn’t follow the music anymore too. Although I’m slowly coming back to kpop but not in the same capacity as before. AKA less stanning and more on varieties than the actual music.) So while I don’t quite stan them now, I still have a soft spot for them and this episode just shows why. They’re just so good at variety! I can’t even comment much because it was just such a fun episode and I’m happy they filmed a two-part guesting because I still have another episode! I felt super worried about Eunhyuk bb for a bit though (he’s my bias) because it feels like he hasn’t found his groove back yet into variety. He’s awkward but he got better and more comfortable as the show progressed, probably because he’s with his members and he feels comfortable with them. The little that I’ve seen him on Master Key was not that good that I ended up not watching his episodes yet because I was seriously very worried! Although it’s understandably difficult to be a guest on Master Key, competing with a lot of other guests you don’t quite know for screentime.

Knowing Bros: SuJu episode again! It’s so rewarding to see Heechul being a guest because he’s so not used in being those shoes. HAHAHAHA This episode was so fun, which was expected. It’s kinda empty having only six members, which I also felt with their Weekly Idol stint but they really made up for it with how game and open they are. And with all the secrets coming out. Haha! Eunhyuk bb was awkward at the start too but found his groove later on. So proud of bb. You can do it! The older kpop idols just do variety in a different league. They’ve also passed the point that they care so much about their image and they’re all so willing to throw their members under the bus. Hahaha!



This Life is Our First / Because This is My First Life: I can’t even comment on this week’s episodes much because the preview for next week had me wishing it was Monday right away more than ever. Seriously, I ended up incoherent when I saw the preview. This week’s episodes were more low-key than usual (no big cliffhanger) but chockful of swoonage from Swoon-hee. Him not letting go of her hand? ON REPEAT. AGAIN AND AGAIN. Seeing how he was so worried and ran all the way towards her? ON REPEAT. AGAIN AND AGAIN. I also loved seeing how the three ladies became friends because the show is not just about Ji-ho but about these three winning ladies. IT’S MONDAY TOMORROW SO I’M HAPPY (although I will be home in the province and thus, wouldn’t be able to watch it live HUHUHUHUHU)

Neighborhood Hero: Due to a certain twdrama, I wasn’t able to to continue my binge of Neighborhood Hero, which saddens me because oppa! I miss you! I haven’t seen you! I ended up stopping after the sixth episode because Yuri’s character helped Park Shi-hoo with his wounds and I DON’T WANT A LOVELINE BETWEEN THEM TWO. YURI X LEE SOO-HYUK PRETTY PLEASE? I got stressed and went to watching another show and somehow I still haven’t come back to Neighborhood Hero. But I’m rectifying that because oppa! (Also, my iflix downloads are expiring and that’s such a waste.)



Murphy’s Law of Love: And this was that twdrama I was talking about. I saw this drama on someone’s wall on Dramabeans and got curious. I occasionally watch twdramas and decided to really give this one a go when I saw that it was on Netflix. Simply put, if it’s on Netflix and I’ve been interested in it, I queue it right in. Murphy’s Law of Love is so like the usual twdrama fare, very VERY predictable and cheesy and all that. BUT HOW COME IT IS SO COMPELLINGLY WATCHABLE? Which, honestly, I can say for most of the twdramas I’ve seen. While I haven’t finished Office Girls because the second female lead started bitchin’ around and wreaking havoc and it was so infuriating I had to stop it (AFTER WATCHING 15 EPISODES IN 3 DAYS EVEN THOUGH I WAS WORKING), it was soooooo damn watchable. Like, I just watch the next episode and the next and the next. There was a night that I ended up watching until 3AM because of Murphy’s Law of Love and then I realized I binged five episodes in one go. Haha! I’ve only seen up until episode 11 when I wrote this post and I’m scared because the second female lead is entering the scene too and I might end up dropping this too, I don’t know. Hopefully not!

I hope I can come back to Office Girls too!



Mr. Robot: That episode was super gimmicky, I know, BUT IT WAS SUCH A BLAST. The directing was ace! That it felt like one long shot was just so panicking and anxiety-inducing. Seriously, I was so worried and hyped during the latter half of the episode. Mr. Robot is too good for this world. Seriously. I am always amazed by how so out of the box it is. I can’t believe we’re halfway done with the season! We’ve had so many fulfilling and satisfying episodes this season too! GAH THIS SHOW STILL THE BEST



I only posted the photos of Lee Soo-hyuk that I saved recently. I tried to review something and I also tried writing a recap but meh, I was just too lazy. Hahaha!




How about you? What are you watching or reading these days? Any recommendations for me?

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