Recent Saves (3): Lee Soo-hyuk Edition


This post is another result of me missing Lee Soo-hyuk so much. (First was watching Neighborhood Hero.) Really, one night, me missing him just culminated into this intense emotion that I read lots of articles about him. I also ended up going through tons of his photos and gifs and I’ve also saved quite a few. So I’m sharing them!


They’re so young and fresh in here! I think this was back in 2013 or so? They’re also BFFs in real life. I also like Sung Joon so this is such a bonus. Haha!


This is how cute and adorable he is in Neighborhood Hero. Can you blame me for sitting through this drama even if it’s not good? But oppa is good in here! He’s so endearing and I love this drama’s team for tapping him for this role. Who knew this vampire-looking oppa, who almost always gets villains and second leads to play, would be the breakout star and scene stealer in this drama?

Honestly, Neighborhood Hero is gonna be my first drama of his. I don’t even know how I ended up liking this guy so much when I haven’t seen him act. I think he first caught my attention when he was in the music video of 2NE1 for “It Hurts” back in 2010. Seriously. Here’s the music video:

Anyway, I liked him as a model then and now that he’ll be away until August 2019, I have almost two years to catch up on his dramas. I’m almost halfway Neighborhood Hero so I think my plan is going well. He might always be a second fiddle or a supporting actor in his dramas but he did quite a lot for the six years that he was active as an actor. He had three in 2016! Or maybe he was doing so much because he’ll be away for two years. HUHUHUHUHU


Here are abs to appease my heart. Haha! My friends and I were talking about how his abs don’t look like mounds of bread but that they look so defined and taught? Maybe because he’s skinny?

Anyway, here’s a gif of him looking so cute and shy because he’s being praised for his long legs. OPPAAAAAAA

Also, should I watch High School King of Savvy next? Am I gonna be treated to these?

Now that I think about it, he gives off Lee Min-ki vibes and LMK is one of my OG oppas so maybe that’s why I liked him from the get-go? And HELLO, he’s so unconventionally beautiful and handsome. One moment he looks like a vampire and another moment he looks like a very pretty vampire. Hahaha!

Gah, lemme get back to watching his dramas.

As a bonus, here’s Lee Jong-seok sending finger hearts to Jung Hae-in in ahjumma pants. Suzy who? LJS only have eyes for his hyung. Hahaha!


Me too, LJS. Me too. Jung Hae-in is so cute it’s absurd. Hahaha

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