Weekly Round-up (12): October 29 – November 4, 2017

I’m doing weekly round-ups now, which will include any media I consumed for the past week, from Sunday to Saturday. I’d be glad if you end up getting some recommendations but I’m only doing this as a form of a media journal (to make it easy to write reviews later on). And fine, an actual journal too. Here goes! (I’m posting this again a day late because I was too preoccupied last night to finish it and post it on Sunday. Heh. I never change. But I’m still just covering until Saturday so you’ll read about what preoccupied me next week. Hee.)



I’ve been a low-key kinda fan of BLACKPINK (YG loves stylizing group names in all caps, I just realized) ever since my sister started stanning them. It’s hard not to be when you hear their songs on repeat because of my sister. And their songs are SOOOOO catchy! But this week, I spent more time at home than in the city and home means washing the dishes and washing the dishes means listening to music. And I kept on listening to their songs this week. It’s just so energizing and I end up doing the dishes quickly too!



Master Key: I’ve been curious about the show ever since gifs of Baekhyun and Jo Bo-ah’s “romantic” moment flooded my Dramabeans feed. And Sugeun is the host and I love Sugeun so I gave the show a chance. Then it was announced that MINO (aka my recent bias) and Chanyeol (Lianne is such a Chanyeol trash) will be in the fourth episode. So my interest and my sister’s skyrocketed. Saw the first episode with my sister and while we both enjoyed it, we realized that it’s not a show we can see ourselves following week per week. Only if we love the guests. So we’re just waiting for November 4’s episode to be subbed.



This Life is Our First / Because This is My First Life: Nothing has changed as this show continues to take over my life. I’ve watched this week’s episodes again and again and again and it’s bordering on unhealthy. I have to pry myself away from my laptop at times. LEE MIN-KI. All the swoonage. Gah! With the amount of gifs I have been steadily making for this drama, it wouldn’t be surprising if I end up featuring scenes from it as my featured gif/photo every week. Haha!

Oh My Ghostess: And I finished it this week! After months! Seriously, it took me months. Not because it wasn’t good but because it didn’t elicit that NEED-THE-NEXT-EPISODE-NOW response in me. Instead, I savored it, this drama with two of my favorite Korean actresses in it. Surprisingly, I cried more whenever Kim Seul-gi cried instead of Park Bo-young, maybe because her arc was indeed devastating. There are things I wish were better handled (Bong-sun and Soon-ae’s body possession schedule, etc) but I don’t have actual complaints that detracted from my enjoyment of the show. So long, Oh My Ghostess. You were great. I don’t know if I could write a whole review post for this (I still have tons to write!) but maybe a mini-review?

Let Us Meet, Joo-oh: CUTE. Seriously. And from wherever did Sohn Ho-joon come from, huh? The guy is a babe. After watching this, I had the urge to watch Go Back Spouses, and then I remembered I don’t have the mental and emotional energy for other dramas. Sometimes I think Sohn Ho-joon was trying too hard to be funny but I would never begrudge someone that so it was fine and it wasn’t really jarring. So nice to see Jo Bo-ah as the lead though! She’s winning in this and gah, I just adore this special, okay? It was predictable but it made me happy. And the political and historical discussion was a bonus.

Neighborhood Hero: I should rescind my previous statement because apparently I COULD start a new drama. And I DID. Not one of the currently airing ones though because I realized I don’t have the energy to livewatch anything else aside from This Life is Our First. But I can do some brainless watching and Neighborhood Hero was the poison I picked.

I know it has Park Shi-hoo in it but I’ve been mostly zoning out when it’s him on the screen? Not difficult to do because the reason I started watching NH is Lee Soo-hyuk. I suddenly missed him so SO much this week, I felt it in my bones. To the point that I chose to watch NH. Yeah, it was intense.

Bb is so cute and endearing. HE IS SO CUTE IN HERE, SERIOUSLY. Just see the above gif. I’m having a bit of a cognitive dissonance because CUTE AND ENDEARING FACE AND DEMEANOR + THAT DEEP DEEP VOICE OF OPPA are so contrasting. Hahaha! I’ve read javabeans’ review of NH last year and I think she actually gave a very kind review? I don’t know why but the script is grating on me. It’s so cheesily and laughably bad. I mean, PSH’s character is a former spy but HE DOES NOT FEEL LIKE ONE. So obvious in questioning people. He’s super shady and suspicious!

Anyway, it’s kinda perfect for my needs right now, which is brainless watching.



Stranger Things: I would have seen the whole season when it dropped right away but alas, I had prior commitments and plans. One of which was a Dungeons & Dragons game so I think I made Stranger Things proud. Haha! Anyway, IT WAS EVERYTHING I HOPED FOR AND MORE. Kinda. I have a few qualms about the pacing of some parts that even in retrospect I couldn’t quite let go. I understand the reasons why some arcs were introduced and all that but I don’t exactly love them. But my general feeling for the season was just love. Basically, I have some nitpicks but I really don’t care much too because STEVE X DUSTIN IS THE BEST THING EVER.

Mr. Robot: The latest episode wasn’t as exciting but it was SO ominous. It was such a set-up episode that I’m SO scared of what’s gonna go down in the next episode. Darlene! Also, I was confused at first between who’s Mr. Robot and who’s Elliot so that was not fun. Hahaha!



In here, I was only able to share my October jams. But my submission for Dramabeans’ monthly feature was posted! Hope you can read me talking about escapism and realism.


How about you? What are you watching or reading these days? Any recommendations for me?

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