My October jams~

October just ended and WOW I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BELIEVE IT’S NOVEMBER NOW. Like, WHERE DID 2017 GO?!?! (Down the dumpster, I guess.) Here are the songs I’ve been listening to the past month.

Sweet Dreams has been on constant rotation. Not a week passed by that I didn’t listen to it. I go one day exclusively listening to it then I venture for other tracks the next day. Then I come back to it. I even learned to play it on the uke because I love singing it too.

If you’ve been reading my weekly round-ups, there was a week when all I listened to was MINO’s Body. It was a perfect working background song for me too because I was able to focus and finish my deadlines back then. Because I keep on listening to it, my sister Lianne also got the bug from me and she randomly sings this song and side-eyes  me. Hahaha!

Walk the Moon (AKA fave band) has been releasing singles and I’M SO EXCITED FOR THEIR ALBUM IN A COUPLE OF DAYS

Epik High also released an album and TEARS THEY ARE FLOWING

IV of Spades also dropped a new track and damn, these Filipino kids are just so talented. I can’t wait for them to be super big in the very near future. Loving the retro~

The kdrama This Life is Our First has taken over my life the past month so its OSTs are in here too, obviously.

Niall also released his Flicker album last month and so there are some tracks from the album in here.

How about you? Please do share awesome music!


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