Weekly Round-up (11): October 8 – 28, 2017

Because I’m me, I wasn’t able to schedule any posts for the time that I was away. I was actually in South Korea last week (October 15 to 21)! Anyway, so this weekly round-up would be three weeks worth because I had the draft ready for last last week (before I went to Korea) but I wasn’t able to finish it. So I’m dumping all updates in here!



This has been stuck on my head for this whole week. And even since last week. I actually heard it playing in a ~hip~ store in Myeongdong in Seoul when I was there and ever since then, all I do is sing it. I even learned to play it on my ukelele, yes, that’s how obsessed I am about it.



Weekly Idol: Lianne and I saw WINNER’s Weekly Idol after we got back from SoKor. She was so thirsty for a variety show and I took advantage of it and suggested to watch this episode even though I’ve already seen it. She enjoyed it even if she isn’t a fan and we agreed on one thing: IT WAS TOO SHORT! They should have recorded two episodes worth of things. They didn’t even dance girl group songs or perform their songs 2X! Mino’s aegyo though was one for the books. Haha! And I like how Hoony got so much focus and screentime because I think he’s my least favorite member but now I love him too. Hee!

I also rewatched some bits of Wizard of Nowhere. I still haven’t seen the first four episodes! Maybe I like Jin-woo more than I initially thought. Dianne, watch it! Uhm Ki-joon is there!!

And as for variety show news: WINNER’s Youth Over Flowers has a broadcast date!!! November 7 is so near and I’M SO EXCITEDDDDDDD



Sweet Stranger and Me / The Man Living in Our House: I downloaded a couple of first episodes of kdramas on iflix for a while and decided to try this because I suddenly missed my favorite vampire-looking Lee Soo-hyuk. It was cute, sure, and Kim Young-kwang looked cute and young in here, but it didn’t really grab my attention. And the plot made me feel a bit icky and ????. I mean, I’m sure there’s a reason why Su Ae’s character’s mother got married to Kim Young-kwang’s character but he’s her stepdad! WEIRD. And I realized that Lee Soo-hyuk was only the second lead and I don’t think I wanna sign up for that? HOWEVER, a certain Dawn has been watching this and tweeting stuff and I almost want to give it a try again.

This Life is Our First / Because This is My First Life: This drama has completely taken over my life. These days, here’s my schedule:

Monday: Livestream Monday’s episode
Tuesday: Watch Monday’s episode with subs, livestream Tuesday’s episode
Wednesday: Watch Tuesday’s episode with subs, read recap of Monday’s episode
Thursday – Sunday: Read recap of Tuesday’s episode, rewatch again and again, make more gifs, read all of the recaps again, engage in discussions on Dramabeans, be a ball of waiting, watch BTS clips

Seriously. This drama. It’s so real and relatable and it subverts tropes left and right and just, I squeal in happiness and groan in agony with this show. It’s so good at getting you right in the feels!

While You Were Sleeping: I don’t even care about While You Were Sleeping that much anymore because of This Life is Our First. There was once a time where I was pins and needles waiting for this show’s episodes but now it has all fizzled out unless it’s about Woo-tak. HAHAHA I only have energy for recaps now and clips of Jung Hae-in as Han Woo-tak. Such a cute puppy. But anything more than that feels to taxing to ask of me, Show. I might just bingewatch this when it’s done.

Oh My Ghostess: I’ve been slowly getting through this drama. Not because it’s not good because IT IS but because I’m only watching it during commutes. When I drive my car, I can’t watch it so I only watch it when I commute here in the Philippines. I did get through a couple of episodes while I was in Korea during some train rides and the plane back home. I also realized that two of my favorite Korean actresses are in here, namely Kim Seul-gi and Park Bo-young, and watching them act is just so electric. Couple that with Jo Jung-seok being his usual great self and Im Joo-hwan who’s so severely underrated that I’m just glad I can see him, it’s just such a good drama that I don’t want it to end. I’m on episode 10 now and somehow I feel like I’ll be able to finish it soon but I don’t want to!!!



Mr. Robot: AND IT’S BACK. And my sleepless nights because I’m on reddit until 3AM are back. The first episode dropped while I was so busy preparing for my SoKor trip that I didn’t get to watch it. The second episode aired while I was in Korea. This week, I tried several times to start season three’s first episode and I kept on failing. I got scared because DON’T I LOVE THIS AS MUCH AS I USED TO? Of course, I was just not receptive yet but once I really sat to watch it (AT MIDNIGHT AT THAT WHICH WAS A VERY WRONG CHOICE), I got sucked in again into this awesome, awesome show. Still my favorite American TV show and honestly, the only one I’m interested in at the moment. This season is SOOOOOO good and compelling and so reminiscent of the shocking first season that I’m just so pumped!!! A WEEK OF WAITING FOR THE NEXT EPISODE IS SO LONG



Spellbound (2011)This Life is Our First premiered last October 9 and after livestreaming the first episode, I NEEDED MORE LEE MIN-KI. I ended up being greedy now that the universe has given me Lee Min-ki. Hahaha! It was sweet and a bit scary for me because I saw it with all the lights off and the ghosts surprised me a bit but maybe I’m just a scaredy cat. I was swooning at Lee Min-ki though and Sohn Ye-jin is great as always. It’s very amusing too. Hee. Overall, I adore it so much. Lee Min-ki was so young-looking in here though! UGH OG OPPA SO CUTE

One Week Friends (2017): I am SO not used to YamaKen being a bumbling fool of sorts but he was still adorable. This movie was a good watch although it didn’t really keep my attention in one sitting AKA I saw this film in a couple of sittings. Hahaha. It’s predictable but it was still an okay watch and I liked it. AKA I didn’t regret watching it.



I posted a late birthday post for Yoo Ah-in, where I reviewed his films Veteran and The Throne. I also shared some photos and gifs I recently saved for ~my collection~. I also finally shared my thoughts on the first two episodes of This Life is Our First. A random personal post has made its way onto the Interwebz too. And lastly, I shared Epik High‘s photos from High Cut.



How about you? What are you watching or reading these days? Any recommendations for me?


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