KDrama Review: Magic Cellphone + Love for a Thousand More


For this round, I’ll be talking about two Korean web dramas with WINNER members as leads. (I am getting too deep into this fandom.) I’ve seen both on the same week and I can’t promise that I won’t compare their acting abilities. Still, I love both members, okay. My thoughts on these web dramas under the cut!

Magic Cellphone: WTF DID I JUST WATCH? WTF DID I JUST ENDURE FOR MY FANDOM? Hahaha! This one entertained me a bit though but not the good kind, I guess. I mean, I laughed when Jinwoo’s character died. I’m sure that’s now how it’s supposed to be. Hahaha! The things I do for WINNER. Good thing it’s just a web drama clocking in at 80 minutes only.

The plot was ludicrous but I expected that since I already knew the premise before diving into it. A phone you can use to save the one you love but which slowly kills you? It didn’t seem THAT bad. But seeing it IN ACTION still took me by surprise, maybe because no one said the phone was bejeweled as heck. I didn’t realize how weird the plot was until I saw it. I think it wasn’t helped by Jinwoo’s acting, which was stiff. It didn’t help too that Jinwoo was so pretty, I think he’s even prettier than the female lead. I have a hard time appreciating flower boys as male leads so that’s only me but it prevented me from feeling any shippy feelings for them. Exhibit A:

Moreover, I don’t know if it’s a real issue even for others but I found the audio for the drama jarring. It’s like the boom mic was turned on too low so the dialogues were low in volume then they play the background music loudly. My ears are pretty sensitive to that, I guess.

Anyway, if you’re a big Jinwoo stan, sure, go ahead and watch this. But if not, I wouldn’t recommend it because you’ll lose brain cells. Hahaha!


Love for a Thousand More: THIS? ME LIKEY. Seungyoon’s acting was admittedly a bit green but definitely serviceable. I could say it worked because I was swooning and feeling all sorts of glee with this one. I wish it was longer! This web drama was primarily buoyed by the lead actress and the premise, wherein the girl is immortal. Having lived a thousand years, Mijo was acting like a grandma. She always has her backscratcher and she hates noise. SO CUTE. I love her outfits though, which were modernized hanboks, and she pairs them with some sneakers or low heels and I APPROVE. (See above.)

I love Mijo. First, she’s a love counselor and she set up shop at her flat. And it tickles me that whenever she gives examples from her own love life to the advice seeker, she mentions all these historical figures. She dated Jang Young-shil, who devised how to measure rainfall. And all these other scholars. HAHAHA

This had a longer runtime than Magic Cellphone, with 10 episodes of 15-20 minutes each, which did it good because the lead characters felt complete, with their own backstories, intents, motivations, and wants. The side characters weren’t as fleshed out but they were all interesting. Mijo goes to a therapy group, where she’s completely honest. Of course, no one believes that she’s immortal.

Seungyoon’s Jun-woo is the leader of a hiphop group called Krunk Soul and he has his own sets of career problems, such as a rapper leaving and taking their money, and writer’s block. He ends up taking the rooftop flat above Mijo’s and Mijo comes barrelling their room/studio because of all the noise. Hee.

Jinwoo is also in here so two WINNER members! His character, Hyung-sik, forms, along with the Yeon-ji (Kim Hee-jung), Krunk Soul. Hyung-sik always recites proverbs in here so I was reminded by the four-letter idiom/proverb quizzes on New Journey to the West. Haha! The other guy in the photo above is Jason (Jang Ki-yong), who has such a cute crush on Mijo. Seriously, they’re cute! In a friendly way.

The plot wasn’t anything new and it was simple but it was engaging. Mijo has decided to not love anymore, after loving mortals and with them just dying. She felt that it’s too much pain to go through. Of course, here comes our hero who ends up thawing her heart. I love how Mijo always give advice to people, solicited or not. And our characters learn from her but she ends up learning so much more from them too. Especially about living her life to the fullest.

Lastly, the biggest draw of this webdrama that made me love it so much is THIS SONG. The theme song is so great I’ve been listening to it on repeat the whole weekend. In the drama, Seungyoon writes this song after being inspired by Mijo. HELLO I AM SWOONING. I actually wish they release the actual version used in the drama with Jinwoo’s voice. Hee.

Anyway, if you have time, do try out and delve into Love for a Thousand More. It’s a good drama, which I feel like would make my rewatch list. Hee. As for now, I’m still listening to You because THIS SONG Y’ALL


  1. You know I had to check it out once you mentioned WINNER! 😉
    Good thing I randomly clicked on your profile or I would have missed this!

    Jinwoo dies?? There goes any minor desire I had of watching that webdrama (but I still might if I really want to watch Jinwoo as a lead one day! Did you know he actually wanted to be an actor? He was training to be one! And I think he still wants to become one! I really hope he improves his acting skills if that is the case!

    I have heard good things about Love for a Thousand More so this review makes it climb even higher in my “to-watch” list! 🙂 And that song is so so beautiful! ❤

    Gonna try 'We Broke Up' next?I have heard that is one of the best webdramas!



    1. He died but he magically became alive, I don’t exactly know how. Hahaha! Although I seriously do not recommend it.

      Yes, I read that he actually wants to be an actor in one of his interviews. I do hope he improves. He’s so much better in his role in Love for a Thousand More though so I have hopes. I wish he can achieve his dream of acting!

      Yes, ‘We Broke Up’ is next on my list! When I get into a web drama mood again, that is. I’m still riding this high of being hungry for full-length mini-series kdramas so I’m watching as much as I can before the inevitable slump takes over. Hahaha!

      I’m currently watching Strong Woman Do Bong-soon. I only have three episodes left! I also recently finished Strongest Deliveryman. I have Bubblegum and Oh My Ghostess lined up next. I’ve started them before but I just have to continue.

      Anyway, YES. The song ‘You’ is now one of my fave OSTs! IT IS JUST SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD



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