Recent Saves (1)

Pretty much what it says in the title. Photos I’ve saved recently~

Or basically an excuse to post this goofy Sung Hoon gif. I seriously feel like he’s actively destroying and shedding his cool guy image. And I’m all for it! His stint in I Live Alone was too real. His real self seems to be well-suited for variety shows. SUNG HOON IN MORE VARIETY SHOWS PLEASE

More random photos under the cut! (Should probably inform you that they’re mostly Korean guys, except for a certain Dane DeHaan.)

Last week, WINNER members MINO and HOONY went to London Fashion Week sporting Burberry and doing the Burberry rounds. THIS PHOTO OF HOONY ATTACKED ME

And here are some more photos of MINO and HOONY.

Namgoong Min wouldn’t let me forget him so he also showed up with glasses.

I don’t know from what show this is but Dong Ha HAHAHA

And the actual photo that started this idea in my head: Yoon Doo-joon. THIS PHOTO IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVE OF HIS

Yoo Seung Ho asks you to stay sshhh and HOW CAN WE BB WHEN YOU LOOK LIKE THIS

And even though I’ve already posted this yesterday, I JUST HAVE TO GRACE YOU AGAIN WITH UHM KI-JOON

Here’s a bit of a picspam but I LOVE EVERYTHING IN THIS PHOTOSHOOT. Dane DeHaan graced GQ Italia as its cover and HELLO LUCIEN CARR (in Kill Your Darlings) VIBE

G-Dragon also heard my wish and FACIAL HAIR WHAT A RARE POKEMON

That’s all for this round! Hearts to you care of Doni!

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