This Life is Our First [Because This is My First Life] releases posters!!


WHAT A CUTE AND LOVELY POSTER AND WITH TWO OF MY FAVORITES TOO! If you’re following me on Twitter, you might have seen me sharing every bit of promo material that comes my way when it comes to this drama. LEE MIN-KI IS COMING BACK TO KDRAMALAND AFTER YEARS AND I HAVE TEARS IN MY EYES BECAUSE THESE POSTERS ARE ADORABLE. Two more posters and drama info under the cut!


Jung So-min plays Yoon Ji-ho, who’s homeless. Meanwhile, Lee Min-ki plays Nam Sae-hee, who has a house, sure. Except he has to pay for yearsssssssss for it and at this point, he only owns the entryway. Ha! In a stroke of practicality, he rents out a room in his house. YES, THIS IS GONNA BE A COHABITATION ROM-COM. I AM SO EXCITED.

Watch these teasers!

Lastly, the drama wouldn’t focus just on their romance as the third poster shows. One couple’s starting and the other one has been together for seven years. So the show will show all these stages of relationships.


GAH I’M SO EXCITED I JUST CAN’T HELP IT. It’s been a decade (literally) since Lee Min-ki headlined a drama. His cameo in Shut Up Flower Boy Band was very memorable but it is JUST a cameo. This fan needs a whole drama! And Jung So-min is so adorable and a talented actress too so YAY!!!!

This Life is Our First [Because This is Our First Life] premieres this October 9. I’VE MARKED MY CALENDAR, MARK YOURS TOO! (I think I’m gonna livestream this one THE HYPE IS SO REAL LEE MIN-KI BB. I wished that you’d come back to kdramaland this year AND YOU REALLY DID THANK YOU)

[Also, I set a posting schedule of only posting on MWF but this came out today and I HAD TO SHARE THEM.]

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