KDrama Review: Ex-Girlfriend Club

I binged Ex-Girlfriend Club last June (I know, I am very late with writing about what I’ve seen, hence the creation of my weekly round-ups) after reading and getting convinced by javabeans’ review on Dramabeans. It was a low-commitment series, with only 12 episodes. It’s also available on iflix so it was easily accessible. So how was it? My thoughts on the show under the cut!

I had low expectations of Ex-Girlfriend Club, knowing that the drama’s supposed original run was cut short into 12 episodes. The official reason was to make the plot tighter but that kind of decision almost always implies that the ratings aren’t good. Which probably means that the drama isn’t that good, right?

But I digress because I adored this one! I think the shortened run was advantageous to the drama because the plot indeed became tighter. Although, being a kdrama junkie, I could easily spot the parts where there was supposed to be more originally. Especially with the bits when the second male lead pursues or interacts with Song Ji-hyo’s lead female character.

I don’t wanna sound like a broken record because the review on Dramabeans is far more detailed and cohesive than I’ll ever be able to so I urge you to read that one. And because after watching this drama, I agree to all the points in that review. But let me tackle some things quickly.

First, the comedy. Oh, on that front, this was gold. The ex-girlfriends were hilarious. I think the directing and editing played a HUGE part in making this show as comedic as it was. Some scenes, like the hair-pulling among everyone and I mean everyone — the three ex-girlfriends, the female lead, and eventually, the male lead too — was funny. But not that funny, until the director made the decision to continue the scene and not cut it. It went to gutbustingly funny because it felt like it wasn’t ending! HAHA And that scene where they were all hiding in the room??? This was definitely a rom-COM, and yes, emphasis on the comedy part.

Because of Ex-Girlfriend Club, I ended up loving Ryu Hwa-young, and she ended up one of the reasons why I eventually took the challenge of watching the 52-episode Father is Strange (which I love!)But greater than me adoring Ryu Hwa-young is my newfound allegiance to Byun Yo-han. THAT SMILE AND THOSE EYES CAN MAKE ME DO ANYTHING. Exhibit A:

At first I was unsure if I’d like him, BUT HE IS SO LOVABLE AND ADORABLE. Both his character and the actor himself. Actually, I liked everyone in this drama, even the second male lead. That director was a jerk but he was so charismatic! (I still haven’t kicked my thing for bad boys.) The ex-girlfriends were dynamically different and their personalities played off so well, both when they were biting each others’ heads off and when they were working towards the same goal.

Ultimately, the reason why my enjoyment with Ex-Girlfriend Club was only surface-level was the romance. My heart ached for Song Ji-hyo’s character when she learned, directly from Byun Yo-han, that she wasn’t an ex-girlfriend. That for him, they shared nothing. I really felt for her. I was unsure how the romance would work and how would Byun Yo-han eventually sweep Song Ji-hyo out of her feet after what he said.

But he did. OH, HE DID. However, while they were initially platonic (with obvious romantic feelings for each other), to me it still felt too platonic until the end. I know that some love aren’t as electric or passionate as how most rom-coms present it and so, I don’t think the drama was unrealistic in that. I just felt like, this is a romance drama but it was too platonic-feeling. Song Ji-hyo and Byun Yo-han had chemistry but they didn’t have sparks. I don’t know if it was because Song Ji-hyo looked so closed off? It’s not that I didn’t ship her with Byun Yo-han, but in my opinion, she had more chemistry with the second male lead. I don’t know if the shortened run meant that the romantic scenes were cut off and if those scenes would have made it more romantic and swoony. Either way, I hope that the romance aspect was handled and executed better. (Byun Yo-han, Y SO CUTE THO)

But everything else? Adorable and funny. I’m also glad that they cut the run because even with the twelve episodes, some plot points were getting repetitive, such as the loss of funding for the film company. The drama’s strength was definitely not the plot but it was populated with such vibrant characters that I loved getting to know them and joining them in their world.

And that’s it for me! Sorry if I wasn’t able to provide the names of the characters, I can’t remember them and am too lazy to search for them. Haha!


  1. I loved this show for the same reasons.. It was a fun refreshing watch and I didn’t have to use my brain too much… Didn’t care much for the director though… The girls were hilarious and it made me see Byun Yo- Han in a new light after Misaeng!



    1. ObsessedMuch! You’re here! On my blog! Thanks for visiting!

      Anyway, I haven’t seen Misaeng! I know, I know, I have to. And after watching Ex-Girlfriend Club, it got higher on my priority list. (But I’m so distracted with all the shiny new dramas!)

      I agree that it was perfect for brainless watching. I do get why you don’t care about the director. I do think I’m in the minority that I thought he was interesting. Haha!



      1. Hahha… had to check it out obviously! Good thing I saw it when you posted because I am gradually trying to not check out all wall posts! 😛

        So, for me, Misaeng is one of the shows I watched and appreciated but would never go back to them! I loved each episode but I didn’t have that burning desire to watch each episode… I am in the minority, I know! But it was too “quotidian struggle” genre to keep me riveted! So I would say, shiny new dramas are awesome! 😀

        Actually that director guy came on Running Man once! Hilarious episode and he showed quite a lot of chemistry with Ji Hyo.. So I guessing if the show ran for it’s original no of episodes, I would have come to appreciate him too.. But good thing it was cut- one of the few times that a cut made the show better than before! 🙂


      2. Hmm, I think it’s the first time I’ve encountered someone who’s not raving madly to the heavens about Misaeng. Haha! I don’t usually watch workplace dramas so I’ve been wary of it despite all the raves. I guess I still need to temper my expectations despite the hype. Haha!

        They weren’t crackling with chemistry but I could just feel it under the surface. Oh, I might check that Running Man ep out. Haha!

        I’m glad it was cut too! Because I wouldn’t have seen it if it was a full 16-episode drama. Or I might start it but not be able to finish it. Hee.


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