Weekly Round-up (6): September 3 – 9, 2017

waking up only to realize you’re in a bunny suit

and that you’re a slutty bunny inside

I’m doing weekly round-ups now, which will include any media I consumed for the past week, from Sunday to Saturday. I’d be glad if you end up getting some recommendations but I’m only doing this as a form of a media journal (to make it easy to write reviews later on). And fine, an actual journal too. Here goes!




Been preparing for Taeyang’s concert by listening to the setlist! I even made this Spotify playlist to make it easier for all. ACK I’M SO EXCITED

Demi Lovato also released a song so OF COURSE I’M ON THAT



Get ready because I’ve seen A LOT of variety shows this week.

Knowing Bros: Oh, Lianne (my sister; I mention her so much I should just name her) and I saw a couple of episodes this week. We’ve seen Episode 58, which had Rain and EXID’s Hani, Episode 83 with Yonghwa and Zico, and Episode 50 with SHINee, in that order. Rain’s episode was SO HILARIOUS, we were laughing pretty much every minute. They even played ssireum! I’ll definitely watch that one again and again. I wanted to watch Yonghwa’s episode because Mino mentioned feeling upset at Hodong for not giving him a warm welcome when he went and Hodong explained that he ended up pressuring Yonghwa because he paid too much attention to him. So I wanted to see that in action and omg, Hodong pressured Yonghwa so much! Yonghwa performed poorly that Zico shined the most in this one. And Heechul because he’s even better than Sugeun at the song guessing game!!! As for SHINee, I’m not a big fan anymore and they’re kinda boring honestly but I still had fun, due to Hodong mostly.

Wizard of Nowhere: Good lord, I slept at 4am because I binged this one. It was midnight, I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d try this one. I already had the available episodes with WINNER’s Jinwoo downloaded but prior to that, I’ve only seen clips. I was curious how different Jinwoo’s dumbness was from Minho’s and I just wanted to see their different styles in variety. Plus, it’s a travel show and I like those. I didn’t expect that I’d watch four episodes in one sitting and I ended up raccoon-eyed when I woke up after only four hours of sleep. Haha! This was so fun! Not funny-fun like New Journey to the West but it’s just so fun to watch them try to hitchhike and sell their OWN belongings to have money. And all the miscommunication. Haha, lbr, I just love seeing celebrities facing hardships. Georgia’s such a beautiful country with kind people too! It made me feel that I HAVE TO GO TO GEORGIA. The last episode was the beginning of the new trip and I NEED THE NEXT EPISODE NOW. I’m glad though that while I initially planned to see this just for Jinwoo (because I’m now a fan of WINNER due to Minho), I’m enjoying it so much. I’m having a major crush on Uhm Ki-joon though, it’s kinda getting out of hand HAHAHA He’s just so cool~

I Live Alone: Lianne and I watched Taeyang’s episodes! I’ve seen most of it due to clips on Youtube and I was asking her to watch the whole thing with me. She wasn’t interested that much with Taeyang but I ended up telling her what happened in most of the clips and when we got home, she asked if I wanted to see it. OF COURSE. Hahaha my strategy worked! Taeyang isn’t the funniest or the most talkative one in Big Bang but good lord, I loved seeing him being himself. And with Dae and Ri. I got a bit emotional when he said that he loves being with his members because he feels young again, as if he’s a rookie in 2006. They played like middle school kids, honestly. As if they weren’t almost 30! These boys, I just love them so much.



Sadly, I wasn’t able to watch Falsify this week. I’ll just binge it since finale week is this week too.

Hospital Ship: I can’t even say that I’ve really seen the first four episodes of Hospital Ship yet since all I did was skim it for Minhyuk and to get the general gist of the story. I AM VERY SQUEAMISH OKAY. I think I’ll watch it properly later. I DO ALL SORTS OF THINGS FOR MY BIASES HELLO MINHYUK



Fuben na Benriya: I BINGED THIS ONE! I saw the first two episodes last Sunday and I adored what I saw. THIS IS SO HILARIOUS. Then I binged all the remaining 10 episodes last Wednesday. I didn’t go to school/work because I had dysmennorhea and what a better way to cheer me up (and counteract these pesky hormones) than to watch a comedy, right? Although that might haven’t been the best decision too because I ended up laughing so much while I was having cramps. HAHAHA This was such an oddball comedy yet it was SO heartwarming. Will definitely make my rewatch stash. OKADA MASAKI HELLO



Blame WINNER but they were on two magazines this month so I posted about them being in High Cut and Vogue Korea.

I also FINALLY reviewed one of my favorite kdramas (it’s weird to call it that because it’s just a two-episode one), Splish Splash Love.



How about you? What are you watching or reading these days? Any recommendations for me?

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