KDrama Review: Splish Splash Love

I can’t even remember why I decided to watch Splish Splash Love back then. Maybe it was because I’ve loved Yoon Doo-joon since he debuted as a member of B2ST (now Highlight) and I wanted to see how he acts since I heard he was funny. Maybe it was because I was curious about Kim Seul-gi’s comedic chops. Maybe because time travel will always be a catnip for me. Maybe because it was only two episodes, I mean, some movies are longer than that and I can sit through them. Maybe it was a combination of all these. But the one thing I for sure can say is how watching Splish Splash Love is still one of the best kdrama decisions I’ve ever made. What a perfect little thing. More squealing and some more gifs under the cut!

First, why can’t there be more episodes?!?!?! But then again, I think it worked really well because it’s short. I think my heart grew bigger with all the giddiness Splish Splash Love gave to it. I also saw this with my sister and she’s not a big kdrama consumer. But she adored this one to bits. Because it’s so adorable and cute and it is an eternal source of joy.

Both Doo-joon and Kim Seul-gi were amazing, both in the comedic parts and the more emotionally taxing and dramatic parts. After seeing this one, I vowed that I’ll watch everything with them (PREFERABLY TOGETHER I NEED MORE OF THEM TWO EPISODES ARE NOT ENOUGH HELLO UNIVERSE CAN YOU HEAR ME GIMME MORE OF THESE TWO TOGETHER) that I can get my hands on.

Despite being only a two-episode drama, Splish Splash Love won me over and is seated at the top of the list of kdramas I can watch again and again with its perfect blend of comedy, romance, time travel, and poignancy, as well as its smart plot. A high school senior traveling back in time to King Sejong’s time, teaching him math and anatomy and astronomy and everything under the sun while pretending to be a eunuch? I can gobble that up for 14 more episodes, just sayin’. It’s such a perfect little thing.

The plot was simple and the ending was apt for the story. I love how Kim Seul-gi’s character forever changed history and how she gained a newfound confidence and resilience in the present. <spoiler>I usually don’t like ~reincarnation~ endings in time travel but Splish Splash Love was so good at it that I didn’t mind at all. In fact, I loved it! Because maybe everyone in the past had a counterpart in the present.</spoiler> There were tons of comic relief in here, such as all the crossdressing fiasco and the king being shocked by pens and camera phones and selfies. Hee. SO CUTE WHAT A PERFECT LITTLE THING

Splish Splash Love is testament that you don’t need tons of episodes to give a full story, with characters who feel real and who are so charming and relatable I wanna pinch their cheeks and be their friends. I don’t know how they did it but this drama felt so complete! Full characters, full plot (and a smart and well-planned one at that!), and emotionally resonant too! GAH WHAT A PERFECT LITTLE THING

And I’ll never stop recommending this one and singing it high praises to the heavens. And I know you’re tired of hearing it but IT IS A PERFECT LITTLE THING.

Sorry if my review isn’t systematic and if it’s all over the place. MY HEART IS ALSO ALL OVER THE PLACE WHEN IT COMES TO THIS DRAMA. GO WATCH IT PLEASE AND FANGIRL WITH ME


  1. As far as time travel dramas go this is high up there. I remember deciding to watch this not knowing what it was about other than knowing it was short. And boy was I surprised. This pulled of more in such little time than some dramas do in 16+ episodes.



    1. I completely agree. It’s a testament to how a short run shouldn’t be an excuse for lousy writing and plot and flimsy characters. If all time travel kdramas were like this then kdramaland would be a better place.



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