Bye, Wookie HUHUHU | Film Review: Fabricated City (2017)

Ji Chang-wook has left for the army today (ANDWAEEEEEEE) and I decided to send him off by watching his latest film, Fabricated City, which was a blockbuster success early this year. I’ll be mostly babbling about the film so if you have nothing better to do then go read my thoughts on Fabricated City!

Going into Fabricated City, I only knew that Ji Chang-wook’s character was a gamer and that he ends up being a suspect in the rape and murder of a minor girl, and that the members of his team/party in the game he plays ends up helping him uncover the truth and clear his name.

So I didn’t expect that he’d be imprisoned for a while! I was wondering when will his team actually help him because for a while there, he was so helpless. Well, not really, because apparently his character Yoo was a national athlete so he tried to appear like he was getting beaten up in prison but actually he was able to avoid getting dangerously hit.

Because this is Ji Chang-wook and he’s considered a bit of an action star in Korea, we get TONS of fight scenes for him. And I mean, tons. In-game, inside the prison, car chase scenes, fight scenes, chase scenes, EVERYTHING. Ji Chang-wook does what he does best and it makes for a thrilling ride of a movie. The directing and editing for the final chase scenes was hands down fantastic and gripping. Helped by his members, we get such a long yet still an adrenaline-pumping sequence of him trying to escape and clear his name.

I also love the villain in this one, not because he was made human or even because of the actor’s portrayal, nope. Because how he did his business going around setting people up for crimes (Yoo’s was clever, as is everything else) they didn’t do was so freaking cool and amazing. I don’t want to spoil you but I really didn’t expect it so I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled.

The characterization was admittedly, so-so. We don’t know much about everyone, even our protagonist. So while I was enjoying the ride that is this movie, I admittedly don’t care much for anyone. The director and the scriptwriter seemed to focus only on delivering a high-octane ride for us and they did that but they ended up failing to develop the other components of the film. I guess we can’t have it all. I wasn’t truly disappointed with that though because I only wanted an action film (and to see Ji Chang-wook’s pretty face) so just don’t go in expecting layered characters. (They were kinda fun characters though! One is a great hacker because of course, a team always needs one, another one’s a techie dude, and there’s an old man too. Haha! And there’s an amazing cameo from Kim Seul-gi! WHY DIDN’T SHE HAVE A BIGGER ROLE, I AM PISSED.) And oh, it also takes suspension of disbelief because cars go falling from a couple of floors off a building and the car ends up fine. They also take a lot of liberty with the technology because I don’t think that’s possible yet? Nothing big though that would take you completely away from the film because everything’s still so packaged nicely that you’d want to get swept along the ride.

One qualm I do have about the film and that pretty much took me out of it is this sequence:

I get it. Yoo turns off the light and then throws rice and based on how the rice falls/hits, he gets a picture of where his enemies are. And that’s cool, yo, but what is with this directing choice? WHAT IS THIS LAUGHABLE SCENE? It is so not executed in the ~cool~ way I think the director was aiming for. I really ended up laughing because of this. I only showed 10 seconds of it but I think it goes on for 20 or 30 seconds? HAHAHA

And that’s all for Fabricated City! Bye, Wookie. You’re rocking the buzzcut really well. And I like you with those fuller cheeks too! See you (and your face and body and hot kisses and snuggles) in 21 months! Please don’t take too long in choosing your comeback project, okay? Also, be a good boy. (And date Nam Ji-hyun when you’re out of the army, pls. HAHAHA)

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