Weekly Round-up (2): August 5 – 12, 2017

This dance at the end of We Got Married as a Job is so cute!

I’m doing weekly round-ups now, which will include any media I consumed for the past week, from Saturday to Friday Sunday to Saturday (changing days now but this post would cover eight days so I can shift to the new schedule of this post being up on Sundays). I’d be glad if you end up getting some recommendations but I’m only doing this as a form of a media journal (to make it easy to write reviews later on). And fine, an actual journal too. Here goes!



This acoustic version of Island by WINNER sounds better than the original! I hope they officially release it because I need the whole song! MINO BB! My sister can’t take him seriously because all she sees is his fail-y self in NJTTW but I love bb even more because he’s so full of swag onstage and then he’s a complete fail in New Journey to the West. Hahaha!



New Journey to the West 4: Episode 9! My sister went to the apartment in the city last Thursday so we didn’t wait for the weekend and watched it already. Jaehyun just kills it, you guys. He’s so insanely coy and smart at missions. Too bad he didn’t get to eat because that’s not the back of the neck, dude! But really, he was so sly. Kyuhyun too! How did he accomplish that mission, I seriously don’t know. Anyway, my sister and I had so much fun watching the bokbulbok (game of luck) because HAHAHA. Coupled with the amazing editing of Na PD’s team and it’s just so funny. I can’t believe this season is almost over. Noooooooooooooooooo~ Andwaeeeeeee~

We Got Married (GongLee): Good lord, Jonghyun is so embarrassingly forward. They both look good though! Individually and together. I’m excited to see them get closer to each other. (I actually already did, I’ve seen clips.) I know WGM is apparently heavily scripted but I don’t care because this couple is so cute and mushy and I want to see them together for a long time. I’m only on the sixth episode (out of 24) but I’ve already seen a fourth of their whole run and I just don’t want it to end huhuhuhu.

Knowing Bros Ep. 87: My sister is stanning BLACKPINK these days so she asked me to download this so I did and because I was also interested to know BLACKPINK, I watched it with her. Meh, I’m done with this show. It’s not that the BLACKPINK members are boring but the show’s format is just so meh. Maybe because I’m not Korean so I don’t get all the puns and all the fun in hearing everyone speaking to each other in banmal but the latter half of the show is just. so. boring. The games? Snooze. I was happy for a bit that it’s now available on Netflix (some episodes only) but now I don’t even think I’ll watch it UNLESS I’m a fan of the guests? Or if it’s a really funny episode. Nope, I don’t even need it to be hilarious. I just need it to be entertaining. Oh well.

New Journey to the West 2: My sister and I are slowly slugging through this one. I’ve been too focused on my kdramas that we ended up not watching NJTTW as much as we did before. I think we only have 3 episodes left though then we’ll watch the first season with Seunggi. We just saw how Jaehyun hid the ostrich egg and stole Sugeun’s duck egg for the wake-up mission and HAHAHAHA WHAT A SLY ONE. Everyone couldn’t believe it! (Me too, honestly.)

Youn’s Kitchen: We only saw a random episode on TV when my sister and I were checking out what’s on tvN. The concept is so simple but good lord, we got so stressed with that girl ordering a vegetarian bulgogi noodle and they didn’t know what to do so they took soooooo long in preparing it. I was so scared that the customer might get into a fit! All in all, it was an entertaining episode but I don’t think I’ll seek out or download this whole show.



Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to continue watching Oh My Ghostess but hopefully next week!

My Only Love Song: I’ve seen up to the third episode of this web drama. I wanted to watch it primarily because TIME TRAVEL (catnip, yo) and because Charlie has been telling me to do so. But after the third episode, I figured that I’d enjoy this more if I was a fan of the pair. I mean, the feelings would be maxed if I was already shipping them, right? Then this drama would feel like fanservice to me. Haha! So that’s why I stopped with this and watched their We Got Married stint first.

Manhole: Manhole has finally premiered and YES. I didn’t love the first episode as much as I expected to, primarily because the show’s just establishing our characters (we have a lot) and the dynamics. Plus, Pil (Jaejoong) didn’t do anything but whine and go around the neighborhood so we could get introduced to the other characters. But after I’ve seen the second episode and Pil has gone back to high school, I’M ALL IN. I chuckled to myself a lot of times and I just love how committed Jaejoong is in acting the absurd and wacky. I’m so excited for next week’s episode. Bong Pil changing the past makes him into a mobster in the present? HAHAHAHA SIGN ME UP

Falsify: We’re finally getting our characters into the right places so the plot can take off! I’ve been waiting for this plot development because our leads are all so haplessly helpless in this corrupt society that I want them to finally help each other take down the baddies. So to see them FINALLY doing so gave me such satisfaction. While last week I had problems seeing Namgoong Min’s portrayal of Han Moo-young as his previous roles, I’m glad to report that I didn’t feel that way this week. YAY! Make no mistake, our protagonists are still down in the dumps but at least they’re together in the dumps? Haha!

Be Positive: So, uhm, yes, it looks like I’ll be going through everything EXO’s D.O. (Do Kyung-soo) is in. This week alone, I’ve seen a movie of his and this web drama. I admit, I now have a massive crush on him. He is so cute and SO GOOD AT ACTING. Every role is different and he injects such likability to his characters. He really inhabits his character, which I learned from his stint in Knowing Bros to be true, because he said that it takes him a while to get out of character. Anyway, about this web drama. It’s short, only 60 minutes in total. I didn’t expect much so I wasn’t disappointed. It’s simple and straightforward and it’s just easy watching. You could do without watching it but since I wanna see Kyungsoo’s face, I think I might see it again. Haha!



We Got Married as a Job!: Perfect drama to get me back to watching jdoramas. I was surprised at how much I ended up loving WGMAAJ. For one, there’s no actor hook for me. I admit to watching mostly dramas of ikemens but I am just a sucker for contract marriages that I gave it a go. (And I remember that I actually liked Aragaki Yui from Code Blue even though I expected to not like her character.) Then it became such an honest relationship and so cute and adorable too, especially since the guy is such a beta male! I also love how it tackled SO MANY THINGS, from how housewives are taken for granted and just assumed to perform all these tasks. From homosexuality to the condescension to old single ladies to large age gaps in a relationship to gender roles and all sorts of things. I didn’t expect to get anything than a contract marriage but I did!



So I Married an Anti-fan (2016): Last Sunday, my sister was at the apartment and I ended up having an EXO education as I saw the Knowing Bros episode with EXO as guests (AGAIN) with her. I finally admitted that I like Kyungsoo (D.O.) so I spent Monday downloading his movies and Chanyeol’s too because he’s my sister’s bias. Anyway, we ended up watching this movie (Chanyeol’s) because my sister wanted to see it in HD (she’s such a trash, she saw a camrip last year) and so I can judge who’s the better actor between Chanyeol and D.O. Chanyeol was okay, I think he did fine with his character but his performance was not moving, mostly because of the script of the film. The characters were half-baked and the film failed to show the natural progression of their attraction and thus, their relationship, so I didn’t really connect with the romance.

My Annoying Brother (2016): We chose to watch this one first because we heard that Unforgettable was a tearsfest but NO ONE TOLD ME I’D ALSO CRY WITH THIS ONE. It’s not heartbreaking all the way through BUT STILL. I knew this was a comedy-drama but I thought that the drama part would be Kyungsoo’s character going blind (not a spoiler, that’s the plot) but *sigh*. I really was not prepared for the torrent of feelings. D.O./Kyungsoo was amazing in this one. His acting really has nuance, which Chanyeol hasn’t tapped into (yet?). The film, while common in plot and emotional beats, was buoyed primarily by the chemistry of D.O. and Jo Jung-seok. They were both so amazing.

Baby Driver (2017): I FINALLY SAW BABY DRIVER! It was so slick and a high-octane heck of a ride. The music was absolufuckinglutely perfect and incorporated so well that I give mad props to the choreography and the editing team. SO SO GOOD. Everything was well-timed and every cut sharp. The car chase scenes were amazing GAH. My only qualm with this is the characterizations because they seem dull. Sure, Baby has intent, motivation, quirks, wants, needs, etc for him to be a full character and yet I felt so distanced.

Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B (2016): This one is a Filipino film and it’s premiering this August 16. Please, if anyone from the Philippines is reading this post, please watch it. I highly recommend it. The acting, the cinematography, the script, the plot, everything was topnotch and intelligent! (Well, except for Martin del Rosario’s acting, which while not cringe-inducing, felt a bit unnatural. He’s not bad, he’s just not that good. So, his acting was still serviceable.) I love how it also has social relevance and how it incorporated the mythos of the manananggal (a supernatural creature who eats human hearts and gets its body separated in half). Highly recommend!

Veteran (2015): Once again, with Veteran being mentioned at New Journey to the West probably at least twice every season, I finally had the urge to watch it. Maybe I ended up expecting too much but this one didn’t fire at all-cylinders for me. I think the two-hour runtime was longer than how it should have been. The acting was on-point, especially Yoo Ah-in’s turn as a coke-sniffing, violent chaebol asshole. His turn as a villain was surprisingly good. I was really scared of him and how unhinged he is! I do wish the movie had a tighter story because I only found myself invested and caring halfway through the film. The first half, which established the main characters and put them into place, took so long that I ended up pausing a lot of times to go on Twitter. Haha! But once the second half started, it was ALL GOOD.

The Throne (2015): Who cried in the wee hours of the morning because of this? THIS GIRL. I admittedly had a hard time at the start of the film because I do not watch sageuks and find it hard to do so. But Yoo Ah-in is here and after watching Veteran, I thought it’s finally time to see why he’s so popular and critically acclaimed in SoKor. I mean, I loved him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal but he only shot to stardom after this movie, Veteran, and Six Flying Dragons. And after watching both Veteran and The Throne (Sado is its title in Korea), I can understand why. The anguish, the love, the “crazy”: he was so good at portraying it all. His take on Crown Prince Sado was so heartbreaking I didn’t know I’d end up bawling at 3AM because of this. IT WAS SO PAINFUL.



Charlie and I continued to see LANY at three more shows! They were so perfect and amazing HUHUHUHU Love them and the experience! LANY is so great live that all the effort to see them was worth it.

Charlie and I were also able to buy tickets for G-Dragon’s concert here in the Philippines this September 1! YAAAAASSSSS SEE YOU, JIYONGIEEEEEEEE~



Thoughts + recap on the first episode of Manhole!



How about you? What are you watching or reading these days? Any recommendations for me?


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