Weekly Round-up (1): July 29 – August 4, 2017

gif of the week!

So I thought of doing weekly round-ups from now on, which will include any media I consumed for the past week, from Saturday to Friday. I also aim to talk about them, especially kdrama episodes I’ve seen for the week, all in one post. I’d be glad if you end up getting some recommendations but I’m only doing this as a form of a media journal (to make it easy to write reviews later on). And fine, an actual journal too. Here goes!



Faded Heart by BØRNS: New single!!! So excited for the next album but that won’t happen until 2018 but I’m willing to gobble even just crumbs. New music is new music!


WINNER released two music videos for their comeback!!!!!!!!!!1111 (Mino bb, the things I do for you.)



New Journey to the West 4: I’m only home during weekends and my sister and I have been watching New Journey to the West these past weekends together. We started with the third season and now, we’ve finally caught up to the latest episode then, Episode 7. It has become somewhat of a bonding time with us two. *cheesy* I’m sooooo having NJTTW withdrawals every time I’m not home so watching it with my sister is always the highlight of my week.

New Journey to the West 2: Since we’re all caught up, we took it to see the second season, and we managed to watch the first three episodes. I proposed starting with the third season because I was afraid that it wouldn’t be that fun or funny with just four members but I was wrong. Still enjoyed this one! And now we get why they call Jae-hyun the new crazy one because he is indeed crazily smart and sneaky. Ha!

Knowing Bros Episode 85: My sister is a big EXO fan (well, actually she’s just a big Chanyeol fan) and she asked me to download this episode for her. Bored with no new episode of New Journey to the West yet, I ended up watching this one. I don’t know ANYONE from EXO so this is the first time I’m seeing their faces + learning their names + watching them. Suffice to say, Baekhyun rubbed me wrong. Haha! Chanyeol and Sehun were good-looking. And I like Kai too. But maybe it’s because everyone kept on teasing D.O. and he only smiles and talks so little that he’s my fave. His glare is really something though. Haha! Sugeun is soooooooo funny, my favorite of the hyungs.



Forest of Secrets: Perfection. I felt so empty after finishing this one (in just five days) because WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE NOW?!?!?! What’s gonna be the sacrificial lamb AKA the next kdrama that I’ll watch which will never ever live up to my high standards now that I’ve tasted perfection?!? (I’ll talk about Forest of Secrets more with my review.)

Oh My Ghostess: And Oh My Ghostess ended up the sacrificial lamb. Although I wouldn’t really call it a sacrificial lamb as I did a complete 180-degree turn from anything legal/corruption and tried this comedy. There would be no things to compare so you’re safe, Oh My Ghostess. Anyway, PARK BO-YOUNG IS AMAZING. Sometimes I feel like she’s really possessed by Kim Seul-gi because she captures Kim Seul-gi’s Soon-ae completely. Then I remember that she’s just THAT good. I didn’t know I could love Kim Seul-gi more but here I am! I didn’t know she could do dramatic well too and I’m pleasantly surprised. She makes Soon-ae so endearingly sassy and spunky yet vulnerable too. Looks like I’m gonna really like this one.

Falsify: I’m happy that I’m caught up with this drama. At least I’m following at least one drama on this current crop of shows. Good thing it shows every Monday and Tuesday, so I can watch them during the week. I can’t watch Wed-Thu dramas right away because I go home on Fridays so there’s no time to download them. So I end up watching them a week late. (Sorry, Reunited Worlds.) Anyway, I’ve been voicing my worry about watching Forest of Secrets after the first week of Falsify and inevitably comparing them. I was so impressed at the first four episodes of Falsify but Forest of Secrets was just so completely in a different league that I feared that I wouldn’t be able to appreciate Falsify after. I’m glad to report that that isn’t the case and I still like Falsify. I did notice that it feels like the usual kdrama but I shouldn’t take that against the show; Forest of Secrets is an outlier. There’s an increasingly irritating character (Kwon So-ra’s chief prosecutor) because of the actor’s over-the-top acting but I’m not yet entirely pissed so I hope I can extend my patience. I like where the plot is going because while we sure have an overarching arc, we get different cases too, which are integrated to the bigger mystery. I sometimes see Chief Kim in Namgoong Min’s portrayal of Moo-young though so that’s kind of a bummer.



Oldboy (2003): Fuck this movie. For one, I didn’t know that it was violent and a mindfucking one. But it was so good. So so good. I was really surprised that Yoo Ji-tae is here! So I rejoiced when I saw him so young. Haha! Anyway, the hype and awards and praise and acclaim for this film are all well-deserved. GAH. Kept thinking about it even days after I saw it. FUCK. Such a twisted revenge thriller.



Lucky in Love by Kasie West: I tried reading it last Sunday but I just can’t help but compare it to Jennifer E. Smith’s Windfall, which I loved. I loved Windfall‘s voice and I don’t know why I feel so distanced from Lucky in Love‘s Maddie. The love interest in Lucky in Love is better than Windfall‘s though so there’s that. I ended up dropping it for now and I hope to pick it up again soon.

Sour Heart: Stories by Jenny Zhang: I started reading this months ago but kind of forgot to pick it up again (I’m still in a reading slump and I can’t seem to finish any books). I finally picked it up again because I was reminded that it released last Tuesday. Haha!



Yes, I saw LANY perform with Charlie and Inah! THEY’RE AMAZING. Charlie and I are planning to watch three more of their shows this Saturday and Sunday. Hee!



I enrolled for three units of thesis this semester. This is it. I need to graduate by June 2018 and publish a paper too GAH

Still no work but soon!



I blogged about my chronic Second Lead Syndrome here. And that’s the only post I had for the week. T_T Will do better next week!



How about you? What are you watching or reading these days? Any recommendations for me?

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