Manhole: Feel So Good releases The Beatles-esque Poster

With each passing day, I get more and more excited with Manhole: Feel So Good, the upcoming drama from KBS set to replace Seven Day Queen on its Wednesday-Thursday timeslot. I went from absolutely zero interest in it to pretty much NEED THIS NOW after I saw their pen-pineapple-apple-pen teaser, which while reveals nothing about the plot, sets the possible tone of the drama. The cast’s willingness to look insane felt such a breath of fresh air, especially that the current dramas this season are serious ones. The poker faces just nail it all the more. I admit to watching this teaser a lot of times and still laughing at it. Check it out below!

Manhole: Feel So Good is a timeslip drama with Jaejoong as the male lead who ends up going back to the past through a manhole. The plot already cracks me up! His bestfriend, played by UEE, will be married soon and he slips back in time to prevent that from happening and to win the girl of his dreams. However, his trips to the past inevitably affect the present. So basically, it’s the comedic version of Operation Proposal, right? I AM SO READY FOR THAT.

I love the poster, by the way, with its bright yellow color and the Abbey Road-esque style, complete with retro outfits to boot. Below is the second teaser and I really hope that Manhole ends up a good drama because I am so ready to laugh and be entertained by it. The second teaser gives us actual scenes from the drama and they look cracktastic. Jaejoong emerging from a manhole already had me in fits of chuckles. Manhole: Feel So Good premieres this August 9 on KBS.

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