KDrama Review: Noble, My Love

I started Noble, My Love because I had serious Sung Hoon withdrawal after watching the first two episodes of My Secret Romance and just needing more MOAR MOAR. (Recaps for My Secret Romance as soon as I get my lazy ass working!) It didn’t help that Noble, My Love was available in Netflix and was only 20 episodes long, with each episode only clocking at 15 minutes. That’s what, only 5 hours of my life? So it didn’t seem like such a big commitment. And let’s be real, 5 hours of Sung Hoon is going to be worth it.

I mean, the drama introduces Sung Hoon’s character with this? Right? All worth it. Read on for my word vomit on this web drama! (Not exactly a review.)Netflix has the plot synopsis to Noble, My Love as “Though he’s succesful in business, CEO Kang-hoon is a cold malcontent, until a chance meeting with a sweet veterinarian shakes up his life”. That’s pretty much how I would describe it too. Sung Hoon stars as LEE KANG-HOON, CEO to the Korean branch of D.O.L, a clothing company. He’s pretty much the basic arrogant, workaholic chaebol you know from every other kdrama. Rainbow’s Kim Jae-kyung plays CHA YOON-SEO, a kind veterinarian based in Dalsan-ri, who’s always looked down upon by her peers (except for her friend Jin-kyung) because her practice is in a rural place.

I should warn you though, this web drama is chockfull of clichés. What you’d expect and predict would happen would definitely happen. Plot tropes include: contract relationship! Falling ending up with a kiss! Cohabitation! Opposites attract (rich vs. struggling | prickly vs, kind)! With that said, don’t expect anything groundbreaking in here because this is mindless fluff with eyecandy. And I appreciate it for that. If you’re the type of person who’d want everything explained and nothing glossed over, who’d want logic and reason to prevail, then stay away from this one.

I mean, Kang-hoon gets stabbed and he requests Yoon-seo not to take him to the hospital because what? Because he doesn’t want his family in the US to know and get worried? At first I couldn’t help but go ??? WHY ??? IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE ??? on this but I learned how to just go with the flow and enjoy the show. Yoon-seo ends up treating Kang-hoon and well, Kang-hoon falls in love with the kind and beautiful Yoon-seo.

The acting was serviceable on both ends and I think both Sung Hoon and Kim Jae-kyung were able to portray their roles well. While not nuanced, the acting was believable and made me feel the emotions I was supposed to feel. When our couple was happy, I was happy too. When someone tries to get in their way and separate them, I get irritated and want them to survive all obstacles hand in hand.

Despite feeling the swoon from Kang-hoon (especially when Sung Hoon drops that I-WANT-YOU gaze that would make anyone weak in the knees), he definitely rubbed me the wrong way because he comes across as manipulative and controlling. He keeps on blackmailing Yoon-seo and bullying her so she’d do what he wants. Oh, I know, this is kinda normal in kdramaland, where we’re peppered with so many jerks and assholes who just don’t know how to show they like/love someone and instead makes their love interest’s life miserable. With that knowledge, I was able to tamp down my irateness and just go with the flow and appreciate Sung Hoon as Kang-hoon. Heh. Nothing abs can’t fix!

I already saw it in My Secret Romance but Sung Hoon definitely has great comedic timing. Without veering from his macho and stoic character, he still got some laughs from me just by his delivery and facial expressions. Kim Jae-kyung made me smile and laugh a lot of times because she just inhabited her kind and nice but feisty Yoon-seo character. She tends to overact (big eyes, exaggerated expressions) but I think it serves well for her role and the comedic tones this show has. The situations she gets into were also prime opportunities for laughs.

As for the plot, I wish the storytelling was tighter but it didn’t really bother me because I can forgive it because it only has 15 minutes per episode. And while sometimes we keep on going in circles (how many times did Kang-hoon had to bully Yoon-seo???), more interactions between the two equals HAPPY DIANNE so who the hell cares, right? Hahaha!

As for the romance, I felt it all. The swoon, the happy, the sad. Sung Hoon and Kim Jae-kyung had chemistry and it made me giddy to watch the romance between Kang-hoon and Yoon-seo grow. From bickering to tying her hair because she can’t, COME ON. Oh, oh, the kisses left a lot to be desired. I mean, they’re at least 30 years old! Would they kiss like that? Just lips touching lips? *sigh*

Inspite of its flaws, I actually liked Noble, My Love. I consider the five hours I spent on it time well-spent. Sung Hoon and Kim Jae-kyung were able to make me care about their characters, which ended with me rooting for their characters and wanting them happy. Lee Kang-hoon’s secretary was also such a delight as he was hilarious (he’s also Sung Hoon’s character’s secretary in My Secret Romance!). Plus, Mal-raeng, Yoon-seo’s cat, was cute! As all the dogs in this show!

I don’t know why but I enjoyed this one. My review/word vomit lists flaws and I sound like I’m complaining but I just want you to manage your expectations. But really, I had fun the five hours I spent with this one. I guess I just needed some fluff and THAT’S WHAT I GOT. I do wish you’d watch this one too so I can spazz with someone!

P.S. Also, gah, Sung Hoon is made to wear suits. Or anything. Or nothing at all.


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