Thoughts on Thoughts

Some thoughts come to you fully-formed. Swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fireyou know the drill. Blatant in its aim, assertive in its direction.

Some thoughts come unbidden. Hiding inside the deepest crevices of your mind, toppling the structure once it comes out and disrupts the precarious balance you have tried to haphazardly form and keep over time.

Some thoughts you chase, harder the more fleeting it is. Some you are able to commit to writing, others you catch in your dreams, forgotten upon awakening.

Some thoughts you repress to keep the skies clear and blue. Belatedly, you realize that they were comforts in their own terms, as you’re more accustomed to this dark, lumbering cloud of doom and gloom than any bright sky might make you think otherwise.

Some thoughts you burn, desperate to be forgotten, buried, but still, the ashes remain.

Some thoughts feel like a reprieve.

Some thoughts feel more like sensations, surprising in their vividness and confounding for the mere senses.

Some thoughts feel like they’re not yours at all. As if some entity formed it and gifted it to your mind, completely foreign, unexpected, and not you. Sometimes reckless, most of the time brave. Or maybe stupid? After all, bravery can just be the lack of ability to assess and manage risks.

Some thoughts are irrational but when did logic even win out against the stubbornness of the mind? As if being aware that these thoughts are illogical ever helped.

All these thoughts and how come they are all about you?


Sorry! I didn’t know how to end this “piece” so I opted for the cheapest trick in town, the lovesick route. Hehehe

Thoughts on Thoughts