But god, I could have kissed you

While I was on Spotify (when am I not on Spotify?), I was, as usual, trying to discover new-to-me artists via the Discover tab. And once again, Because you listened to Hippo Campus led me to this wonderful indie-pop band, BAD BAD HATS.

Right from the start of the album opener Midway, I knew I’ll love this band and their songs. I haven’t been kind and into indie-pop acts with a female vocalist with those airy, childlike and sweet vocals for so long. Twee! Yes, that’s how it’s called. But even though Kerry Alexander definitely fits that bill, I really dug what I initially heard so I continued listening to their debut LP Psychic Reader. And guess what, I haven’t stopped listening to it! WHY DID I ONLY DISCOVER THEM TODAY?

Go check them out by listening to Midway!

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